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Conan the Liberator
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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Not a huge fan of this series. But I had long thought that the lone 'Conan' tale I have ever enjoyed was called 'Conan the Liberator'. I now suspect I am mistaken. The truth is I can't definitely say what the title was.

All I can say for sure is that the narrative finds Conan wandering into a strange 'capital city' somewhere. It is ruled by a cruel dictator--and he finds himself drawn into a political movement seeking to overthrow the tyrant.

The leader of the movement is a lean, wiry, shrewd, charismatic conniver who wields a rapier as his weapon. Can't recall his name, but he has a sister who is trained in the occult arts; and he uses his sibling to help the rebellion succeed.

At one point in the story, Conan agrees to lead a street-to-street battle with the tyrant's forces in one quarter of the city (rather like a 'Casbah' environment), while the rest of the coup unfolds elsewhere. Its quite an exciting tale.

But I need to get the story I have in mind correctly paired with the proper title. Halp


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Justanotherbiblophile | 1729 comments Looks to me as if you have the correct title:

But you were probably confused because it's not a Howard Conan tale...

Which I got to that link because I know the first Conan story was about Conan-as-King, so then did a search on the chronologies, and lo-and-behold the story you named showed up just prior to the Phoenix story, and the summary looked good. But, I s'pose I coulda just searched on your suggestion?

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Conan the Liberator aha! So is the book in that Wiki link the same as this one, in my shelves?

Justanotherbiblophile | 1729 comments Dunno, compare summaries, maybe?

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Ok Feliks--I have to ask--what did you rate 1 star, and why is it important to you? (I am fascinated by the screen names people pick for themselves, and periodically just have to ask the story behind one.)

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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) You've called my attention to an oversight on my part. I need to raise the rating on this fun little book. It was well done for the kind of book it is. I will give it a 2 or a 3.

Username. Well...what was it the duc de la Rochefaucauld said about unremittingly bad men..?

"Evil has its heroes as well as good.."

My namesake had one virtue: he cleaved firmly to his ideals. He didn't waver. He balked at nothing. There's something in that.

Justanotherbiblophile | 1729 comments Ummm, so I'm assuming you're not talking about: Feliks Zemdegs (Australian Rubik's Cube speedsolver).

So, uh, which Feliks did you choose your name after? I'm assuming it's in a book :D

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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) eh? I must not have understood you. Its surely not possible that you've never even heard of Feliks Dzerzhinsky, the Butcher of the Lubyanka? Jesus wept.

No, not a character in a book, unfortunately. Would that it were.

Justanotherbiblophile | 1729 comments Nope, I'm American. They don't teach us history over here. I've had to learn all my history by hook and by crook.

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