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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Time to test your character out

*Setting: The Light Music Club * (K-ON CLUB)
Of course wait until you've made your character if you have made your own. If you have made your own-please post a picture of the appearance!!!

Make sure your all sorted out

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee Nodoka walks into the dance. Why on earth did she agree to come? She has so much to get done!

message 3: by Ray (new)

Ray | 146 comments Mod
YUI: Nodoka! You came! you really came! *hugs and hands here a cup of fruit punch*

message 4: by Dee (new)

Dee Nodoka smiled at her friend's enthusiasm. The least she could do was try to enjoy herself even if she'd much rather be elsewhere. Accepting the punch, she asked, "So what exactly is this dance you brought me to?"

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Yui timidly looks up from the floor to Nodoka and then steadily takes two steps back..she steadies herself on one foot, and lifts herself to a bounce. With a stern and sinister expression, she lifts her head to the ceiling and points to the large banner expanding across the ceiling! She shouts: " The K-ON club party meeting!"

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
"Megimi!", screams Yui as she runs over to her, "You made it to the party too!" Yui smiles at her.

message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee Nodoka watched as Yui, always the social butterfly, flitted over excitedly to Megimi. Perhaps she should be more excited. Everyone else seemed to be. Finishing the glass of punch, she follows her excited friend over to Megimi.
"Hey," she says.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
As Nodoka approached Yui, she'd pulled out her newly polished, red guitar! *WA BAM*
She'd immediately began to jam on it - The Song "Cagayake Girls" to be specific!

She eyed Nodoka and had begun to sing!
Haven't I gotten better!!!!!!!!

message 9: by Dee (new)

Dee Nodoka chuckled. "Indeed."
She pulled out a harmonica. "Did you know I played?" she asked before blowing into the instrument.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
*stands back and a huge grin explodes from her face*

"You--you Nodoka!!! I thought we were never to keep secrets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*runs to corner and begins to nod her head to the beat*

message 11: by Dee (new)

Dee "Well, it's not a secret, anymore, is it?" Nodoka asked with a sly grin.
She played the harmonic wondrously, amazing music escaping, perfect for the dance.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
"Yes, that's true," says Yui turning back to her from afar. "Hey... you should--" she had a crooked smile, and had begun to raise her eyebrows, and widen her eyes. "You should--" she started again, and her eyes came to be the size of one pea, her brows as pencil lines, and her grin, even more crooked. "You should," she says in a whisper,"join the K-ON club"

message 13: by Dee (new)

Dee "Hmmm..." Removing the harmonica from her lips, Nodoka pretended to look extremely opposed to the idea.
She looked at her fingernails pensively. "Convince me."

message 14: by Ray (new)

Ray | 146 comments Mod
"oooooooooooooooohhhhhh!" Yui screamed. She had fainted for exactly ten seconds on the floor. She jumped up and rubbed her eyes and bumped slightly into Nodoka.
"Nodoka-san," she said in a low voice. "Mugi makes cake!" She gave her a blank stare as if it was only obvious that that should be her motivation to join - when she saw no flicker of want - Yui said louder, "MUGI" (While holding mugi). "makes cake". She looks at Nodoka, "It's fun" *pause* She thought, " we create songs and sing and Mio creates the songs and we perform onstage!!!" She stared at her- and kept staring even when she slightly looked away.

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Dee Nodoka looked back at Yui.
She did sort of want to join, but was it a good idea?

"I'll think about it," she said putting the harmonica back to her lips, and playing another song.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Yui's stare did not subside. She did not want to give up on her friend, Nodoka, but she could think of nothing else but the cake Mugi had just layed down for the guests...she had begun to drool and he eyes grew wide...but she was certainly appalled at what she saw standing beside the cake."A boy?," she said. "How--why is a boy at the K-ON club party meeting?...does he want to eat cake?...is he good at the guitar...is HE going to replace me?" She quickly took Nodoka's hand and ran towards the table. "She saw a crest on his jacket- it said "Bleeding Eyes of Poison". She automatically said, "THE BOYBAND?"

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Dee ((I don't get these references.))

A boy? Nodoka smirked; she hadn't seen a boy in a long time, and was this one a looker.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Princess Dee wrote: "((I don't get these references.))

A boy? Nodoka smirked; she hadn't seen a boy in a long time, and was this one a looker."

((Oh-we have 2 bands in this group- boyband and girl band- the boys made it up - you can check at them under boy's group discussion))

Yui was fired up - "How could he stand over the cake like this- it's mine!"

((We can move this role playing to the "boy and girl role playing time" if you want- a lot of people are already role playing there))

message 19: by Dee (new)

Dee ((Ohhh...))

Nodoka realized Yui wasn't pretending. "Excuse me," she began to say to the boy.

((Okay. That's fine by me.))

message 20: by Ray (new)

Ray | 146 comments Mod
((cool- we can still role play here too if u want))

Yui stared at him as he began to part his mouth to say something

message 21: by Lloyd (new)

Lloyd (LloydThePyscho) | 40 comments "Um who are you guys and why are you eating our cake?", said Adrian.
Adrian scratched his head he than whispered something to the other guys.
"Yeah this cake is yours come on guys we got songs to make."
"Christian run!"
Christian and Adrian turned around to see Azuliano being chased by a cafeteria lady.
"I have a bad feeling about this!"
Christian than ran after the lady, Adrian just stood there and finally sat where the girls were.
"HAND THAT CAKE OVER!", he said with a smirk.

message 22: by Dee (new)

Dee "What on earth?" Nodoka said aloud as the boys ran about.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
She looked around in astonishment. Her jaw to the ground , how could this punk claim her cake - K-ON's cake! "Hey -we've worked hard for this to even happen! We've got experience!!! K-ON gets better every minute because of our hard work - what makes you think you can eat Mugi's homemade cake?" She looks to Nodoka for reassurance, and her shocked face turned into a frown. Yui then began to cry. Ritsu also began to cry while Mio looked on in awe at Yui

message 24: by Lloyd (new)

Lloyd (LloydThePyscho) | 40 comments That's when that same boy (Lloyd me) came in and he quickly grabbed the cake and took it. Next he grabbed Yui's guitar and Adrian's guitar and ran off with the guitars and cake.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
"Nodoka!" Yui screamed. She instantly fell to the floor- face planted. "My gui- my gui- guitar," she said in a low voice. Her eyes became wide, for this seemed a lot to take on "I polish it everyday, I even cuddle with it!" How could--how?" She got up stiffly and her hair draped over her face like a curtain drapes over a stage before the climax. "Let's go get him, I got your back," said Ritsu. They high-fived, and sprinted towards Lloyd.

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Lloyd (LloydThePyscho) | 40 comments Lloyd ran as fast as possible when he bumped into Mio.
"I'm s-s-s-sorry!", he said blushing.
"T-That's okay."
"THERE HE IS GET HIM!!", yelled Yui.
It was too late Adrian had left.
Lloyd than grabbed Mio and they both hid in the school basement.
"W-W-W-Why d-did you do that?"
Lloyd shurgged but than he dropped his things and grabbed her hands.
"I've been dying to tell you but.."
That's when they were interrupted by The girls and the boys.

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Dee Nodoka stood, shocked by the scene in front of her. Regaining some composure, she bolted after Lloyd.

message 28: by Marcuz (new)

Marcuz Lorenanzo The 3rd III  | 12 comments Lloyd ran as fast as he could when he tripped over Christian.
Lloyd got up and ran. As Christian got up he got stampeded by the girls and the boys.

message 29: by Ray (new)

Ray | 146 comments Mod
"Charge!!!!! The thief's got Mio!!!" She bolted towards the basement all the while accompanied by Ritsu, Azusa, and Mugi who was holding another cake as she ran. "Mugi!! Another? How--"
"I had another one just in case," said Mugi in her usual gentle voice. Nodoka bolted right next to Yui and had the boys following after Adrian. "Nodoka! Isn't it terrible?" asked Yui when she saw that annoyance grabbing hands with MIO! "THE JERK!!!!!"

message 30: by Dee (new)

Dee "Yes it is! What are you doing?" Nodoka said as she skillfully tripped the other boys.

message 31: by Lloyd (new)

Lloyd (LloydThePyscho) | 40 comments "Hey why are you tripping us?"
"For revenge is never the solution, just wait and sit back and let God do the work."
Everybody turned around to see Nick Chavez the monk in the school.
Everybody bowed down except for Azuliano who was scared of monks.
Suddenly it got silent when....
Lloyd bumped into Nick.
"THERE HE IS GET HIM!", screamed The girls and the boys.

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Ui, Yui's sister came bolting in front of Lloyd- she senses her sister's displeasure and by the angry look on her face Ui saw from afar, she could see that this boy was bad news. She kicked him right in the jaw- he fell to the floor and Ui grabbed Yui's guitar and ran and gave it to Yui. "Ui-san," said Yui with all the love in her heart. Yui did not let go of the guitar.

message 33: by Dee (new)

Dee "I was just trying to get back the guitar," Nodoka said, face reddening.
"Oh, good you got it," she added seeing Ui give it to her sister.

message 34: by Dee (new)

Dee ((I don't have a problem with it.))

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