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"Kinkey? What a lovely name." she told the house elf. "May I have some chocolate chip cookies, please?" she asked respectfully.

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Kinky came back with a plate of cookies for Lily, then scuttled off. Lily turned to Sirius, "Kinky?" she mouthed with a questioning smile.

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"Arnt you sweet." Laughed Lily.

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((Sorry haha))

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"Hey, sirius, could you pretty please go to the cafe and pick up some more coffee? Ill pay you back?" she asked him, batting her eyelashes with a puppy dog face to boot.

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"Good puppy." said lily ruffling his hair again. "now go." she said making a shooing motion.

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"What took you so long?!" Demanding lily rushing records Sirius. She latched into him in a hug, "I thought.... Something happened- never mind." Lily mumbled.

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(( ;D ))

"Of course I was worried about you! Ou could of been attacked or something." Lily said pulling away obviously Sirus was fine- at least he still had his sarcasm. "What's her name?!" Lily asked excitedly.

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"That's a cute name. Muggle?" Asked Lily raising a brow with a smile.

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"Oo I want to meet her! We should go on a double date- ill set it up. What's her address?" Lily said taking out a pen and began searching for a price of parchment.

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Lily huffed. "Well now I know who I'm not hiring a as a private investigator." She commented playfully. "Well it looks like we will need to snoop around town tomorrow." She added nudging Sirus in the arm with her elbow.

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"Haha" giggled lily as she walked away to sit at the table. "So Sirius daarling, did you remember what I sent you out there for?"

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Lily took the box eagerly and rushed to the coffee pot. She dumped in the coffee and boiled some water? "Do you want any?"

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"I'm not sure I haven't seen him since we got here...." Lilly trailed off. "should we go look for him?"

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"Living room?" Suggested lily drinking a sip if her coffee.

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