Sacrifice (Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult, #3) Sacrifice discussion

Voodoo, Witches and Vampires! Oh My!

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Siobhan I cannot wait for the third installment in this series! The ending to Endless Nights was such a cliff hanger and it left me wanting more (and more and more and more!) I can't wait to see what R.M. Gilmore has come up with for Sacrifice! Will we get answers to if vampires are real? Will she ever get with Cyrus? Or Mike? Maybe both? Will Tatum get that stick out of her ass? So many questions! I'd love to hear other fans thoughts!

Tonya The first chapter of Sacrifice, leaves even more of a cliff hanger lol. RM is such a damn tease!!! lol. Hope Dylan gets her boots waxed, poor girl needs it with all the crazy shit that finds her

Two Nerds With Words Hahaha - boots waxed - hee!

I have no idea what RM has install for Dylan. I hope getting some Cyrus action is on the cards though. I'm wondering how her friendship with her BFF will survive all of the drama.

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R.M. Gilmore Boots waxed - funny side story:

My husband must wear hefty work boots for work everyday. Once a year we head over to Red Wing and buy him a new pair. The sales girl, a thick and surly sort, is in a constant eye-bat coy-smile mode when we come in. It doesn't bother me, he's cute, and I'm cuter. Now, Red Wing boots are one of the best and should last longer than a year - if you get them waxed/oiled. I tell him once a month to go see his girlfriend and get his boots oiled. He blushes, of course, and refuses. In short, we spend $200 annually on boots because my husband refuses to get them waxed. Jeez!

Tonya Damn, sounds like my husband. He waxes his own boots for work lol. But he can't wear red wings and there isn't a place that will wax his boots for him, unless his next ship goes back to Australia and he ends up back in the red light district lol. But he just sits on the curb reading his kindle while the single guys get theirs "waxed" lol

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