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The Dark Prince-Emma V. Leech

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Zuleika A. I am surprised that this book doesn't have many ratings. I really enjoyed reading this story. It's very good if you are looking for a quick read. I don't know much about this author and her works, however after reading The Dark Prince, it made me want to read some more of her pieces. I understand that this is the first part of four total book. So I am on to the next one. Interested to see how everything maps out between the characters.

Varsi Appel Hi! Yes, this is the first in the Dark Series. The entire series to this point is available only on Wattpad, which probably accounts for the few ratings. Along with the 4 books in this series, there are 3 short stories (A Dark Tale, A Dark Desire, and The Dark Promise) there is also an Interview with a Dark Prince which is available on wattpad and her website . Emma is an amazing author and I am head over heels in love with her, her books, and her characters! She also has another series apostate from these, yet still related and set before the Dark Prince, The Key to Erebus (on Wattpad and a free download on kindle, Smashwords, & B&N) and a new sequel, The Heart of Arima (also on kindle, Smashwords, B&N)

I know I sound like a walking advertisement! But I am really passionate about this author. I read a LOT and she is one of the best that I have come across in AGES!

I would love to discuss The Dark Prince or any of these books with anyone who wants to. They are just amazing!

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