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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Heyyyyy!!!!!!


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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Heeey ;)

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Never Say Never, Darling

My name is Peter, Peter Pan, I'm sure you've heard of me. Well the thing is Neverland had never existed before her. Not in the regular world that is. It was just a place where children went when they had nowhere else, or when they didnt want to be home, or when their imagination ran wild. It was a fable, a child's tale, but really it came to life with her. With Wendy Darling. She came to Neverland at a very young age, brought her with imagination, only to wake up the next day in her bedroom. Everything exactly the same as it was before. Well you see she was here, but because Neverland is made up of imagination she came here through her dreams. No one actually comes here, not physically. Aside from me. I'm the lonely boy that never grows up. I have no one to share my adventours with because once she leaves all her imagination goes with her. There is just me and a bunch of trees to whack at. Wendy Darling is my only hope, she is the only girl I've ever gotten so close to before, that I've ever actually been able to feel. But as she grows older her memories fade, she doesnt remember me. She doesnt remember being here with me, being in Neverland, or the fairies, or the mermaids, or the indians. There's nothing but me waiting and waiting and waiting for her to go to bed one night and ... remember.

Wendy Darling is a girl with a normal life - two brothers, a mother and a father, a very best friend (Killian Jones), and a dream after high school as an artist. But she went to bed the other night and dreamed a boy who turned his head so quickly in her direction it seemed like he could tell who it was just by the crunch of soft footsteps. Wendy had awoken quickly but knew that the look on his face was one she would never forget. Like he was seeing her ... again. It had been the scarest dream in her life and for some reason there is a heavy sense of deja vu that comes along with it. But she can never figure out why. Killian tells her she's just stressed having to babysit her brothers all between school and work and all. But as hard as she tries to tell herself that must be it, there's something wrong. There's something familiar.

message 4: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Okie doke, here we are!

message 5: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Awesome sauce. I've really been wanting to do this one so I'm excited!

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Me too! Me too! Okay so who's who?

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Uh .... 0.0 Ugh I hate this part of a roleplay. I ... I uh ... I don't know xD

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Mal! It's your plot! You decide!

message 9: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
But I don't know. I think both roles sound really cool :/

message 10: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Mal! Choose! Choose! CHOOSE!

Lol please?

message 11: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ugh - okee fine - I'll flip a coin >.>
I shall be Peter Pan <3

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Okay! So I'm Wendy! So charries?

message 13: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Short charries alright? :)

message 14: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Yes!!! Lol I hate long ones!

message 15: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Awesomesauce, I just hate taking so long on characters when the photo alReady takes up my time, ahah xD

message 16: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ps how old do you think they'll be (yes I'm aware Peter doesn't age, just wondering)? :)

message 17: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments I'm the same way lol

Uhhh 17?

message 18: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Okee ^^

message 19: by Kit (last edited Nov 24, 2013 07:52PM) (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments What format should we use?

message 20: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Uh ... Name, age, appearance (anything you want under that), other?

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Kay Kay!

message 22: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Dude I have found the perfect picture for Peter xD

message 23: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Ooooo!!!! I'm still debating between two pictures lok

message 24: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
I usually end up doing that but I'm on my ipad and there are only so many pictures you can find on google, lolz

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Lol I use weheartit :)

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
That's what gets me in trouble >.>

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Lol :)
The struggle is real!

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Name: Peter Pan

Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Ginger
∞ Lonely
∞ Playful
∞ Fidgety
∞ Dependent
∞ Spontaneous
∞ Bold
Peter doesn't remember being born, he's not even sure he has parents. He must just be a figment of children's belief - like the tooth fairy. After all that's where the fairies of never land got their fairy dust, when they were around anyway. It seems that before Wendy Darling thing were frozen during the day and came back in the spirit of children's dreams. It's like he's slit into a million different Peter's and then stuck in one dimension suddenly. It's so confusing. Point being he doesn't understand why or how it's possible but it is because it's happening. Everything around him is fading, it's like the beauty of the trees and the Sky and the water and just everything was dimming in color as she grows older. It's miserable.

message 29: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Name: Wendy Darling
Age: 17
Height: 5'3
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Wendy was basically born with a brush in her hand. She has always loved painting, even as a child. She used to paint everything she saw, that is until she had the dream. When she was eight she had a dream, so realistic, so fun, so...everything! That she couldn't get it out of her head. So she drew, and drew, and drew. Her parents just thought it was her imagination and let her draw. That is until she would constantly talk about 'Peter' and 'Tinkerbell.' They grew worried that she wouldn't let go of her imaginary friends and was sent to see a therapist for some time. After a few months, she stopped seeing the doctor. And not too long after that she stopped entirely talking about it but she never stopped drawing. Two years later, she got a neighbor, Killian Jones. And soon she didn't have time to draw much, and without the drawings she slowly forgot. It wasn't too long before she made new friends and a while later when she knew she wanted to be an artist. So all her drawings from when she was younger were put away, all but forgotten. The entire situation was forgotten that is until she had a new dream. A dream where a boy that was so familiar but she was certain she had never met before. So she draws, and draws once more....

message 30: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
She's awesome ^^
Oh but I had another idea - and feel free to say you don't like the layered dynamic - but what if over the years her and Killian ended up dating? I just feel like it might help with the character development and it won't be awkward or anything when we don't have Peter around since couples spend all their time together xD
Again I don't care if you don't like it, just an idea ;)

message 31: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Oooo I like!

message 32: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Yeah? ;D Did you want me to be Killian?

message 33: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Yeah! yes, please :)

message 34: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
I'll make him in a moment, I have to switch devices

message 35: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Kay Kay :)

message 36: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Name: Killian Jones
Age: 19

Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: (view spoiler)
☭ Protective
☭ Obsessive
☭ Hot Headed
☭ Romantic (Sweet)
☭ Defensive
☭ Opinionated
He's a nice kid with flaws of his own, eh, lots of them too. He grew up as a mistake, he would never be a kid in never land because he didn't have the capability to believe in figures like that. His life wasn't a living hell thank God. But his parents were never married before he was born, even after they didn't get married. Instead his mother and his father are very close, but separated because dad had found someone else to love and have a child with. The little kids name is Lily. She's probably about fourteen now. Anyway his dad comes over to the house when he has time and takes care of mom - who happens to be sick all the time. Always in bed with something. Killian met Wendy years back and before he graduated they had grown ... Very very close. Point being their a pair and he quite likes it. Killian goes to a local college half hour away and is over helping out his mom and spending time with his girlfriend all the time. It works out nicely.

message 37: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Omg...I love him!

message 38: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Thanks Crush! ;D

message 39: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Okay so how should we start?

message 40: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Uh well I we could start it just before she has the dream, like her and Killian are out on a date or he's helping out with babysitting or something. Or we could start when she's actually in the dream. Or she could have already had it and Killian's just like - what's wrong babe? And blah blah blah. Idk I pretty much stated the obvious situations xD

message 41: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Lol it could be after the dream and she's on a date with Killian?

message 42: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
That sounds good xD
I think I might be better for you to post, since Wendy is sort of the rps main focus character :3

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Okie doke :)

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stirring the straw in her milkshake, Wendy couldn't help but become lost in thought once again. It seemed like lately she couldn't focus much on things if she wasn't being kept on task. Sighing softly, she almost jumped in surprise when she felt the soft brush of fabric on her leg. Looking up into the eyes of her much taller boyfriend, she remembered where she was. The diner. After watching her school's homecoming game, Killian had taken her out to eat. And the old- fashioned diner was always the hot spot to go after events and parties. Probably the fact that it was open twenty four- seven and cops weren't around much. After all it was a small town and nothing interesting ever happened here. Glancing up at his eyes, she curled into his side a bit more, she knew she shouldn't take their time for granted. After all they had just dodged a bullet with her family almost moving and all. Her dad was a big shot lawyer and it made more sense to move into the city but the city meant away from Killian. "School sucks without you, you know? My best friend's gone and now all the boys seem to think I'm free game,"She teased him playfully.

(outfit- http://data3.whicdn.com/images/270234... )

message 45: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Killian wrapped an arm around her, his legs resting against the other side of the booth leisurely. His thumb ran around the rim of the milkshakes glass as they usually did. Honestly he never drank all of anything, it wasn’t anything people worried about though, especially people like his girlfriend. He looked down at her, tugging her playfully closer in return. “Yeah? Well if you want I can come back and tell them personally that you’re off limits. I can be pretty persuasive.” Killian chuckled, teeth grinning down at her. Ducking his head he gave her a kiss on the forehead, being much taller than herself. A lot of the time he couldn’t help himself but like her short stature. Although Killian had noticed that she had been a little distracted every now and again tonight, usually he and her were all into the football games – plus this was his first year in college so coming back to see the games were supposed to be the high light of his day. Well, you know what I mean. “Hey everything been alright lately?” he asked casually, taking a long pull of his milkshake.

message 46: by Kit (new)

Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Wendy smiled softly as Killian pulled her closer, he always knew how to comfort her even when he didn't know that she needed it. "You should, it would make my life a lot easier. You know having to turn down the temptation of all those boys is wearing on me." She ran a hand through his hair as he ducked down. "Honestly you are too tall for your own good,"She leaned back into his arm and sighed as he brought up the inevitable. "Yeah I'm fine I guess,"She gave a half hearted shrug, not really having the strength to lie to him right now. "Nothing that will interest you," She hated not telling him but he already had a lot of things to deal with and she didn't want to ruin their date. With Killian in college they didn't spend as much time together as they used to. "I'm sorry babe, I just have some thoughts in my head,"Taking a sip of his milkshake, a face flashed through her mind. God, why can't she stop thinking about that dream? It's not like it's really or anything. Shaking her head, she leaned up, meeting his lips with her own as her eyes fluttered closed. And as his familiar scent filled her, she felt just at home with him. "I promise you'll have my undivided attention now,"She licked her lips before whipping away the lip gloss on his lips with a soft laugh. "You taste like chocolate by the way."She winked

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Killian cocked his eyebrows in inquiry, eyes narrowed in the slightest because sometimes he wondered about this girl. Like he wasn't clueless, in fact he was pretty damn observant and this wasn't going to get away from him that easily. Though he couldn't help but smirk at her chocolate. Snickering beside himself Killian rolled his eyes and grazed his lips over her smooth cheek, easily bending his head down to do so. She says that he's tall but this is average height for a guy and honestly she was just short. At least that was his thought process. "Don't mock me, you like it." He said matter of factly, wiggling his eyebrows only a little before kissing her again. Taking his time before removing his arm from around her Killian dropped his feet away from the opposite side of the booth and onto the leveled tile. Leaning his elbow forward onto the edge of the solid table and sucking chocolate milkshake from his curvy glass. Swimming a hand through his hair he looked at her, serious again. "Really Wendy, I'd like to know how to cheer you up, something's on your mind. Might as well just tell me now, I'll find out sooner or later right?" He shrugged nonchalantly. Of course Killian was well aware of the fact that she would probably shrug it off herself and continued, "Then again we could go back to my place and watch a movie, you'll forget everything on your mind." He smirked suggestively.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Green eyes looked up,"I would love if I didn't have to look all the way up when I want to talk to my boyfriend." Wendy raised an eyebrow at him. But of course he was right, she liked tall guys and Killian was tall. It was one of the first things she was attracted too after they hit puberty. "Don't laugh at me,"She rolled her eyes but nonetheless leaned her head against his shoulder as he watched her carefully. She hated when he did that, like he was looking into her soul. She could never hide anything from him when he did that, and thankfully she rarely had too and it was never for long. "I'm serious Kill, nothing to worry about. I'm fine, but I hope that invite to your house still stands," A small smirk graced her lips as she drew figured on his chest softly. Placing soft kisses on his neck she winked teasingly,"It better still stands, besides anything you do usually distracts me," She looked out the window,"We should go it's getting dark out." Taking out her purse she pulled out her wallet. "Bill on me?" She cocked her head. They tended to get into a little battle of wits when it came to paying. He liked paying but honestly she had no problems with it. Her family had more than enough anyways.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Killian laughed in the back of his throat, rolling his eyes he leaned his head back against the booth. Closing his eyes as her fingers trailed over his chest, lips giving him fluttering kisses. He corked his lips upward and inched his eyes open. Killian looked down at her through half moon eyes and nodded his head. "Offer still stands, besides your parents won't mind right?" He didn't expect an answer as they usually didn't. He was a well off kid, perhaps they just figured that neither of them would go that far with one another. Hell he was a guy, don't say he hasn't thought about it once or twice before. Okay more than once or twice but don't go judging him. He edged out of the booth while grabbing his wallet from his back pocket. Taking out enough money to pay for his own milkshake, not wanting to bicker with her over it tonight. Besides if she wanted to pay every now and again than so be it. Being together was enough repayment on his behalf. Killian took her hand once she left her own share and pushed open the diners door with his free palm, nodding her out with a small smile. "So what do you say? My place tonight?" He rose his eyebrows in honest questioning this time around, fingers slithering between her own.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Practically in his lap, Wendy smiled mischievously at his half dazed look. "Well you know my parents, they think you are the perfect gentlemen that would never deflower their only daughter. If I'm still a pure flower of course,"She winked at him,"Maybe you'll find out one day." Soft murmurs made their way to her ear, making her on edge before she realized it wasn't the sound of a boy but of a women. Old women, moving off his lap she slid out the booth, she didn't need word getting to her parents that Killian was trying to "get it on" with her in a public place as her mother so awkwardly put it. "You men all the same with your wallets,"She to him with a smile as he pulled it out of his back pocket. Shaking her head, amuse she put down her own end as their hands clasped together. "Bye ladies,"She smiled at the old women before exiting the diner. "Your place,"She agreed as they walked through the streets together. "With a movie, popcorn, and ice cream?" Sure they just had a milkshake and some fries but movies always required treats. Anyways,"How's your mum? Doing okay?" She asked softly as she looked up at him. The subject of his mum was a complicated one and she often had no idea how he felt about it.

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