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Saber (sailorsaber) As Asuna walked in to the house and turn on lights. "Come in" She said to Kirito. She headed to the kitchen to make some food.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She cook some dinner and came in and put the food on the table. She saw Kirito on the couch. "Dinner is ready" She said smiling at him.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She open the pot up and started making a plate for him. "I would never make something bad." She said bragging a little. She handed him the plate. "Here"

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Saber (sailorsaber) She laughed as she saw him eat. She make her a plate and started eating too but not as bad as him. "so how was your day?" She asked starting a conversation.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She nodded. "that's why I couldn't be a solo player. It would the same all the time" She said after she took a bite of her food.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She shook her head. "No, I didn't mean it that way" She said getting worried. "I was just saying.." She began to eat more food to make her shut up.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She swallowed her food. "Thank goodness." She said quietly. "I'm glad. I don't have a problem with you being a solo player." she smiled at him.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She smiled. "Sure" She nodded as she yawned.

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Saber (sailorsaber) Asuna walked walked into their room and yawned on the way there as she got in the bed. She pulled the covers up to her.

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Saber (sailorsaber) She fell asleep too.
((Ok, See you later))

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Saber (sailorsaber) Asuna woke up and walked to the kitchen, getting ready to make breakfast.

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