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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Please note: THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC RP THREAD. It is for an rp that is happening between

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Alright! So... We have:
Katie (she has to be involved if Travis is XD)
Possibly Myrick?

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments ((Sure :P He'd be with Hermes, since he's unclaimed))

Connor led his cabin towards the big tent set up in the center of the cabins, unable to hide his grin. "Alright guys, you know the plan. Go in, mingle, act natural, and wait for my signal. Oh, and try not to eat all the candy." Knowing his siblings, that would be extra motivation for them to purposely eat all the candy.

Myrick trailed behind the group with his hands in his pockets. Sure, he had made a friend or two during his stay there, but he still didn't trust the cabin as a whole. Something about the look in their eyes...

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Rowan walked beside Connor, smiling mischievously.

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Ellie walked alongside Connor. She wasn't exactly excited about being trapped inside a closed space.

Sadie made her way to the tent as she was invited to come.

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dyanne ((So can you... Aw screw it, I'll post but if I don't come back and you have to drag Hakuna to remind me to post 2 weeks later, don't be mad.))

Travis saw the huge pile of candy in the middle of the tent and grinned at Connor. "Connie, we'd NEVER eat all the candy. Swear on the river... Nah... Hey! FINNY! FINNY BOY! COME HERE! GIMME SOME OF YO MAGIC POCKET PIZZAZZ!" He hollered across the room.

Finn grinned as he saw Travs and then cocked his head, looking at Myrick. "Oi, hey, name's Finn, fancy an umbrella hat? I'd offer you candy, but I think we're good." He gestured to the pile of candy which Travis was now pigging out on.

Oswin stared hesitantly at the tent. It was a prank, she knew it, and felt it, but somehow wanted to be part of it. Irrational girl, she chided herself, but finally mustered an odd half-smile, a mischievous gleam in her eyes, and told herself she had 25 knives stuck in various places of her clothing and her invisibilty cap in her enchanted knapsack.

((Whoa that was long...))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Okay... Posting order:
Is that everyone?))

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corina (molteneyes) ((WOAH. that sounds hilarious XD and oops, I forgot about that list XD))

Adric walked out of his cabin, and stopped in his tracks when he saw a mountain of candy rising in front of the cabins. "What god sent these? I will praise him, or her, forever!"

Elvira was fiddling with her little whirring device again, and nearly tripped right over the candy. She backed up, still not looking up.

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corina (molteneyes) ((Yes! I should! Cat's heading your way, watch out :) ))

Cat hit a one-handed cartwheel as she came around the side of the Hera cabin, not knowing what it was she was about to cartwheel right into. She stood, and started balancing a knife, point down, on her finger.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Erika headed over to the large tent. She saw Myrick, and waved.

Alexis looked over at the giant tent. It didn't look like a book club... And seeing as Nikki was the one who'd told her about it... She was apprehensive.

Katie headed over to the giant tent. She wasn't sure about this at all...

Nikki grinned and muttered under her breath "this is gonna be awesome."

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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 9836 comments ((Did you park your Tardis on a meter?))

"Of COURSE this is going to be awesome!" Connor said. His eyes sparkled mischievously as he watched his brother practically wrestling with people for candy. "We should probably taken inventory of which cabins have gotten here.... I call NOT doing that!"

"Umbrella hats, huh?" Myrick asked slowly. He glanced over at Erika and grinned. "I'll take two."

Darby entered the tent. She didn't want to be her, especially if it was being run by a Stoll but as soon as she heard "candy", her willpower crumbled. Of course, she had at least 20 knives in her pocket in case someone tries to take a Kit Kat from her...

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((Oh ok ;) ))

Rowan touched her finger to her nose. "Nose goes! I'm not keeping inventory!"

Zach rolled his eyes at the odd two. "I'll do it. Since I don't eat much of it."

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((Eep! Sorry!))

Zach nudged Lily-Ann. "Saw that!" He exclaimed.

Rowan was gathering the cabins together, helping out as much as she could while sneaking a few pieces of candy every so often.

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Ellie stood in the corner silently. She bit her lip and stared at her feet, her chin wobbling. She really wanted to get candy, but she was scared that she would get trampled.

Sadie looked over at the candy.

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Travis made a run for all the candy and then pouted. "What, that's it?" He asked, although he had 3 vons bags literally stuffed to the brim with candy.

Finn was promptly knocked over by a blur of silver. He stared up and saw startling blue eyes. "I swear, how is it that every time we meet, you end up almost killing me?" He then laughed and pulled himself up. "No, scratch that, how come I like you so much although I'm quite sure you're an assassin in disguise?"

Oswin sighed, put on her cap, and warily walked into the tent. The least she could do was to observe these bumbling baboons on sugar, and she was pretty sure this was the turn the prank was going to take.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Erm... WHY DO I HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISIONS???????????????????????????????????????????????
Going in order is slow, to be sure, however if we abolished the posting order, things are probably going to get insane...))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((BTW, I deleted all the spam... We used to have 5 pages. Now we have less than half of a page XD))

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((Just choose.))

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