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Dana Smythe | 273 comments Mod
Okay everyone, here we go - The Halifax Stone...

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Dana Smythe | 273 comments Mod
The marketplace was teeming with people. Men and women, crates and barrels, livestock and wagons all struggled to move through its narrow lanes, while the vendors fortunate or clever enough to have permanent stalls called out wares at the top of their voices. Above and behind this was the sound of endless arguments, echoing throughout the massive square, as the quality and prices of goods were fiercely and calculatingly debated.

Everyone for thirty leagues had abandoned their hamlets and villages, traveling the long highways until they reached the city of Shael. There they all found their way to the capital’s great market, eager to sell their wares and see what had arrived on the foreign ships.

The marketplace was always busy, always full of strangers and townsfolk alike, but on this day the throng was even greater than usual. The winter rains had lingered for weeks, and by the time the spring muds were dry enough for travel, it seemed like the entire world was ready to give way and go mad if they couldn't get out and see and do something different.

Ayla wove her way through the crowd with a practiced deftness, trading a copper coin for an apple at one stand without even breaking her stride. Her path was dappled with light and shade, as she passed below the awnings draped over the various displays. Though garish in color and haphazardly placed, the awnings were always a welcome respite when they came, for the warm spring sun beat relentlessly down upon the crowd gathered in the market that day.

Ayla paused beside a cart piled high with bundles of coarse cloth. The cart looked sturdy, and the owner looked distracted, so she leaned against it as she bit into her apple. As she chewed, she studied the crowd around her, looking for one face in particular. If he didn't show up, she thought to herself, she was going to have his hide.

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Wick tensed, waiting as a group of bumbling yokels passed by with their baskets of raggedy spring vegetables. For a moment they completely blocked his sight and he swore under his breath in frustration. Then they passed by, and he relaxed. The woman was still there, leaning against the back of old Eckleson's cart. And more importantly, her coin purse was still there as well, hanging from its strings in a tantalizingly heavy way.

A slim, supple knife appeared in Wick's hand, and he tightened his stance, bracing himself for the coming lunge. The knife was finely honed, and would cut through the leather strings like a dream, he knew. Left hand knife, cut, right hand pouch, push back, roll under cart, run away, Wick recited to himself as he stared at his target.

He had almost begun - had in fact actually started to move - when his gut instincts rumbled at him, and he froze. A moment later, he was glad, as he always was, that he had listened to that internal warning, for a figure had emerged from the crowd and was approaching the woman. Settling back into the shadows, Wick waited and watched.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Sadia waved at the passing carriages. "Apples? Sweet, succulent apples!" She yelled with increased desperation. A few passers-by gave her apples a glance, but they clearly were not impressed with the pock-ridden fruit.

Sadia slumped against the boxes, closing her eyes in despair. The noises of the busy street grew quieter. Sadia fought off the exhaustion. She'd had barely an hours sleep last night, and the long trek into the city only added to her state.

Until a voice said from in front of her, "How much?"

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli stared in disbelief at the boy that had stopped at Sadia's store. Usually no-one bought her apples except her. That had been how they had become friends, best friends in fact. Kahli had been wandering around the marketplace and had seen a solitary girl selling brown looking fruit. A dare from one of the market boys had persuaded her to try the apples and as an act of defiance she had never bought any other stalls fruit again.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Soren Chychel smiled down at the stunned-looking girl. "How much?" he asked again. "Um, one silver for three," she said, jumping up and patting down her tattered peasant clothes, blush staining her cheeks. Soren grinned to himself. He suspected she'd upped the price because of his fancy clothes and rich air-she knew he could afford it. And the apple girl was not mistaken, Soren was son of one of the most renowned merchants there was. His father had raised him to become the next Chychel merchant, but Soren had always had a kind heart and never wished to enter the heartless business of merchanting.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Sadia stared at the shiny silver piece in her hand. This would buy enough wheat for her mother to make a loaf of bread! Sadia couldn't remember the last time she'd had bread.

She glanced up at the boy's face. He looked about her age, perhaps a bit older, but he was so tall and she so small that Sadia had to crane her neck to look up at him.

"What's your name?" he asked, holding out a hand in greeting as was custom to Shael. "S-Sadia," Sadia stuttered, touching her own palm to her heart and then to his. "Nice to meet you, Sadia. I'm Soren Chychel," the boy said, and sauntered off into the marketplace, grinning at Sadia over his shoulder.

Sadia blinked.

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Ayla straightened up abruptly. There he was - flirting with some little riff-raff of the market, as if he had all the time in the world. That spoiled son of a devil's merchant was going to get her killed at this rate.

Ayla had just started moving towards Soren when someone grabbed her elbow in a strong hold. All of a sudden, the organized chaos of the marketplace exploded into turmoil, as several things happened at once.

The person who had grabbed Ayla's arm tried to twist it behind her, and she instinctively responded by spinning about and kicking into him - hard. He went reeling back into the cart full of cloth, which overturned onto some passersby. Screams and shouting rose and swelled, and Ayla turned back, meaning to grab Soren and get away. At the same time, the little appleseller went flying as a young boy erupted from the shadows behind her, lunging towards Ayla with a knife.

Ayla was reeling back, trying to brace for the attack, when out of nowhere the air was filled with smoke, thick and sweet. Everyone began breaking away, coughing and choking. Through the smoke, a voice could be heard.

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The Magician had been about the leave the market when the fight had broken out

He was weary from his journey, his blond hair was tangled and his expensive traveling clothes were dusty from the road. He had been looking forward to a few hours of sleep before having to become Master Heron once again.

No such luck. When the first punches started to swing around him, he tightened his hold on the pouch that hung on his side and started to slip unnoticed through the fighters. He just had to get to the shop and put the object in a safe place. Then he could rest.

He was almost out of the marketplace when he felt it. Sharp and bitter, resting heavy in his throat. Magic. He hesitated, looking back, trying to see who was using sorcery.

Someone slammed into him, snapping him out of his reverie. It was a tall and burly man and he hit the Magician's side, where his ribs were still healing. A wave of sharp pain washed over him. He was nauseous and his legs were shaking. He fell against the wall, his head spinning.

The man got another good hit - to his face this time. The Magician barely had time to think. He used a quick spell - simple but effective enough. Thick, white smoke spread in the air, its scent sticky-sweet. The man started coughing and eased off. Around him, the fighting stopped.

He inhaled some of the smoke and nearly doubled, then cast another spell that would clear the air he was breathing. He had to chant to make sure that one held, which was frankly embarrassing. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had to chant to cast such a basic spell. He guessed that spoke volumes about the shape he was in.

He kept chanting, his voice amplified and echoing through the market as he as he checked that the object in his pouch was still intact. He inhaled deeply and broke the spell that kept the air around him clean, then left the marketplace as quickly as he could. He waited until he was at a safe distance from the market before he let the smoke dissolve.

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) From her vantage point on the roof of one of the ramshackle buildings surrounding the marketplace, Kahli had seen everything.
She had seen the thick mist that had shrouded the fighters, and stopped them in their tracks. She had seen the tall, pale man fleeing the smoke. She had seen the way the smoke had avoided him.
Always on the lookout for an adventure, she followed him. Dropping down from the roof and staying close to the shadowed walls she tailed him through several narrow alleyways to... A dead end. A sense of dread in her belly, she turned to face the tall, pale figure she knew was behind her. Waiting.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Sadia struggled upright, clutching her ribs where the boy had elbowed her. The smoke was slowly dissipating and Sadia's streaming eyes saw the wreckage around the marketplace. Chickens and geese cluttered the streets, and bruised fruit rolled around in the dirt. Including Sadia's fruit, which she'd spent hours picking and carrying in to market. She stormed over to the young boy who had caused the confusion. "You RUINED my FRUIT!" she screamed, livid, raising her hand and giving him such a slap to the face that he fell to the ground.

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Wick cringed on the ground, instinctively curling inwards to protect himself. A moment later he relaxed, as he realized what had happened. Slipping his knife into his boot, he hopped to his feet again and gave the girl a push - not a big push, but just enough to get her out of his face.

"Fish rot," he said disparagingly. "That fruit was ruined way before I got here." He energetically brushed the dirt from his clothes and added, "And thanks for getting in my way, too."

He kept up the dusty display with one hand, while with the other he surreptitiously slipped the coin purse he'd stolen from his target into his vest.

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Zyrah glanced around the side of a stall that was piled high with bread. The owner was still coughing slightly, even though the smoke had long since dissipated. She herself could still feel a prickling sensation at the back of her throat.
It had been strange, the smoke. Seeming to come out of nowhere, it had masked the beginnings of a fight. Zyrah had noticed a boy leap at a girl with a knife before the mist clouded her vision.
Not to say that there had never been disturbances in the market before, of course. There was constant yelling, arguments and chaos in general. But something felt different.
And usually there were no up-turned stalls, products rolling across the square or a few injured people. Zyrah spotted a bunch of apples rolling everywhere. She leapt from her hiding place and grabbed a couple of apples. They were a little bruised, but otherwise okay. She wiped an apple clean of dust and sunk her teeth into the fruit. Only then did she realise a thin girl with dark hair, watching her with reproachful blue eyes. Zyrah felt guilty. Judging from her thin frame and worn clothes, she was poor. And I'm eating one of her apples. , she realised. She walked over to the girl, and placed the other, uneaten apple on the counter.
"Sorry," she muttered, and darted away.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Sadia blinked, gazing after the retreating girl "Hey, wait a second..." she said, dodging around the boxes and beginning to climb over the wreckage of a carriage. "Who are you?" she yelled after the girl.

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The Magician had noticed the girl following him almost as soon as he had left the marketplace. She seemed harmless enough, but he couldn't afford her finding out the link between his two personas. He just hoped she was just what she looked like - simply too curious for her own good.
He led her to a dead end alley, hid in the shadows and waited until she had gone past him to slip behind her.

She turned to face him, dread in her wide, blue eyes. He had been right, then. She wouldn't pose a threat. He took a deep breath and tried to put on a charming smile, though the left side of his face throbbed painfully when he did. "Hello, girl", he said, "May I ask why you were following me?"

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Maya | 48 comments Turning when she heard the apple-sellers voice, Zyrah tripped over a box. She fell hard, scraping her hand on a rock. She stood up, brushing dirt off her rugged pants. She examined the rock at her feet.
It was a strange pale blue colour, but she swore it had been a normal grey when she first saw it.
Curious, Zyrah picked it up. It sat on her palm, the blue swirling, deepening to the colour of midnight.
Suddenly she felt a cold tingling sensation rush over her body, like someone had poured water down her spine. Then the world around her melted into black.

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli froze as the magician spoke. "Hello, girl", he said, "May I ask why you were following me?"
Caught, damn it. Regaining some of her confidence and trying to pour as much of it in to her words as possible, she spoke.
"You're a magician" she said, and before he got a chance to answer, the space between them rippled and seemed to open into a rift in the air. The crack opened wider and spilled an inky darkness that polluted the space around it. Gravity seemed to bend and change around the rift, she felt pulled, drawn to it and could see that the magician was too. Just before she could reach out and touch it, a girl tumbled out and the crack closed, leaving Kahli grasping at empty space. The magician looked shocked and started rummaging around in his bag.
"Who are you?" Kahli gasped.

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Ayla stumbled out of the smoke, still coughing. Her eyes were watering and her throat burned, but she didn't hesitate. A second was all she needed to survey the shambles that had been made of this corner of the market square, and a second after that she was moving forward again.

She seized Soren's arm in a relentless grip, and began pulling him away from the scene. "Damn it," she said, speaking low so that only he could hear her. "If you'd just been on time we could have avoided all of this."

She dragged him out of the market and into a nearby alley, looking over her shoulder to make sure that they were not followed. Once she was satisfied that they were unobserved, she turned back to the merchant's son and pierced him with a gimlet gaze.

"What were you thinking?" she demanded. "Do you even realize what you've done? We've missed our chance, thanks to you! The stone was supposed to be in transit through the market this afternoon, but after this we'll never be able to intercept it!" At the end of every sentence, she jabbed him in the chest with her finger to emphasize her point.

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Maya | 48 comments Zyrah felt weak and cold. She remembered a weightless sensation, and darkness, shadows so intense they made her head spin.
She was dimly aware of people standing over her, but the black spots in her eyes made it hard too see who they were. She knew she wasn't in the market anymore: it was too dark, too quiet.
A man and a girl came into focus. They were both blond, but the girls eyes were blue, where the mans were a stunning shade of turquoise.
Zylah's numb hand twitched, and the stone that she hadn't realised she had been holding rolled onto the ground.
Immediately, the mans eyes flicked to the stone.

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The Magician looked down at the girl who had gone through the portal. He wasn't sure how or when she had taken the Stone from him, but he had more pressing concerns at the moment.
The girl hadn't just taken the stone. She'd used it, and she'd survived doing so, albeit being badly weakened. She must be special in some way. Maybe it was magic or maybe it was something else and he had to find out exactly what.

When the girl let go of the Stone, he swiftly bent and picked it up, careful not to let it come in contact with his bare skin; his day was being horrible enough without him being sucked into a desert or something similar.

He turned to the other girl, the one who'd followed him. "Help me carry her", he said, "we can't stay here."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Still stunned from the appearance of the girl, Kahli obeyed the magician. She had met magicians before but this one was different. More powerful and almost... inhuman. he waked with a kind of catlike grace that Kahli had not seen in any of the other magicians.
She picked up the girls legs and helped him carry her through the maze of back alleys to a small, dingy doorway. The magician lead the way inside and she followed him, still carrying the girl.
Despite the dingy façade, when Kahli staggered through the door she found herself in a palace.
"who are you?" she asked the magician
"WHAT are you? What is this place?"

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"I am a magician, they call me the Magician, and this is my home." He laid the girl in his arms on the ground and turned. "Mag, Tane!" he bellowed.

The siblings came rushing down the stairs. Tane was first, his black hair unkept, ink staining his clothes and his skin, the lacing of his shirt done wrong. Mag was close behind him. He raised an eyebrow. "Explain."
Mag grimaced. "I wanted to look like a princess in a story: pretty and dainty. And I somehow ended up looking like you in a wig." She pulled at her blond hair. "The sad thing is that I look a lot prettier this way. You make an excellent princess."
"Thank you. I really missed the constant barbs at my masculinity."
She laughed. "I aim to please." She walked over to him and pulled him into a hug. The contact made his ribs throb painfully and he hissed. Mag pulled away. "Are you hurt?"
"Probably just a bruised rib."
"I'll have to take a look at it." said Tane. He was standing awkwardly, his eyes flicking from the Magician to the girl who'd followed him, to the one lying on the ground.
"Who are they?" asked Tane.
"That's what I want to find out." He nodded in the direction of the unconscious girl. "Take her to a room and treat her. She's probably exhausted from using too much magic. You know what to do. You", he turned to the one who'd followed him, "follow me."

He led her to his study, a large room overflowing with magical items. He gestured to a red velvet couch. "Sit, have some tea. There's always some in the silver pot." He turned his back to her and started rummaging in his cabinet. He found a vial of healing oil and started spreading some on his face. The smell was foul, but the oil was very efficacious. "Why were you following me? Because I am a magician is not a sufficient answer."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli blinked. "well, I've spent my whole life in the market and... while that's fun, nothing really happens there. I spend most of my time either helping my family or just watching and thinking from a rooftop. I want to see more of the world than just Shael. I dream of adventure."
She blushed, feeling uncomfortable under his piercing gaze. She had just shared her deepest wish with a complete stranger. Even Sadia did not know this.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Soren rolled his eyes. "Sorry, Ayla," he groaned. "I know I did wrong, but I'm sure we'll be able to steal it from the Magician. Or something. If you stop being so serious, it'll be fine."

He stepped back, expecting Ayla to explode and yell at him.

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"You idiot," Ayla hissed, stepping back and glaring at Soren. "This isn't a game. And this isn't your father's counting house, either."

She closed her eyes for a moment, desperately trying to summon enough patience to explain the situation to her young fool of a partner. "We have a buyer," she said eventually. "A buyer, you understand? Do you know what happens in this sort of deal when you keep a buyer waiting? When you don't deliver on your side of a bargain?"

Her anger overtook her, and she punched the wall behind Soren. Her leather gloves took the brunt of the blow, but it stung enough to diffuse some of her fury. "Look," she went on a moment later. "You have some way of tracking the Magician's whereabouts, don't you? That's what you said originally," she added dangerously. "Did you lie to me?"

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The Magician smiled. "Adventures, little girl? Let me tell you this: adventures aren't nearly as glamourous as they sound. If you're lucky, you return battered and bruised. If you aren't, you don't return at all. Are you sure you want that?"

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) "Yes" Kahli said. "Better to die young but fulfilled than to live a long and boring life and do absolutely nothing worthwhile."
Despite the magicians words she remained firm.

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"Very well." The Magician smiled. "And what do you want me to do? Teach you magic? I could, if that's what you want", he paused, taking the girl in, "for a price."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli's eyes widened. "You would do that?" Kahli had followed him without a real plan or aim. She hadn't been expecting him to be so forward.
Suddenly suspicious of his motives, she asked
"What would this price be?"
This was Kahli's greatest wish but she still wouldn't sell her soul to the devil.

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Soren glanced away, unable to meet Ayla's eyes. "I didn't lie," he said uncomfortably. "I have... a way."

He didn't like to admit it, but he was scared of the older girl. Ayla was so tough and smart, it seemed like nothing could bypass her.

They'd first met through Soren's father. Ayla had been a customer of his father's cruel merchanting ring, and he had got to know he that way. They had become... not friends exactly, more business partners, though they were so unalike Ayla's nature sometimes made Soren wonder if he could continue.

They'd started up a little business, a sort of detectives, and when a customer came in and said he wanted them to intercept a stone, they had agreed even before he offered the ridiculous sum of money. Soren had always liked adventure.

As for the contact, Soren had had a brief fling with an assistant of the Magician who hept the stone in his possession. With a few words, he could get the servant girl to feed him inforation.

The reason Soren felt so uncomfortable about it was he felt like he was using her. The servant was a nice girl, and didn't deserve to be tossed away like a piece of trash.

"Yes," Soren answered, pulling himself together. "I'll get the information."

His conscience could wait.

((Is it okay, guys? I can change some of the history and stuff. Sofia- I had an idea that Soren could have dated your servant girl (can't remember her name, sorry) and he can use her to get info, but I don;t know. I can change it if you'd like.))

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He smiled. She was smart, at least. "You won't be able to use your powers against me. And you either have to give me something extremely valuable or you will have to help me with a series of difficult and life-threathening tasks." He started rummaging through his drawer and found a sheet of paper and a bottle of ink. "In exchange, I will give you magic lessons for a year and a day. We'll choose wether or not to continue at the end of that time." He wrote the contract down and handed it to her. "Do you agree?"

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Ayla leaned back and her shoulders relaxed slightly. "Good," she said meaningfully. "Then get to it."
She waited while Soren finished pulling himself together and started walking off into the market once more, then called out after him. "And meet me at the Blue Maiden at sunset."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) "Life threatening tasks?" Kahli said. "Thats fine with me, but what happens to my family?"
She had been expecting something like 'a lifetime of servitude' or 'to give me your soul'. This deal didn't sound to bad if you liked adventure.

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Sofia | 135 comments Mod
"What about your family? You can still see them, or live with them, if that's what you're wondering." He grinned. "You might want to keep these lessons a secret from them, though. I don't think they would approve."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) "then I accept your terms" Kahli confirmed.

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Sofia | 135 comments Mod
The Magician smiled. "Very well." He took a small knife from his desk and handed it to the girl. "Sign the contract and drip a few drops of your blood on it. I'll do the same. That way, none of us will be able to break it."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) As she slit her palm, Kahli wondered if this was a sensible thing to do but she quickly righted her thoughts. This was an opportunity that she would not get twice. Wincing a little, she let a drop of blood fall to the page. The magician did the same.
as the droplets touched the page they were instantly absorbed.

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The Magician folded the contract neatly in half and filed it into his drawer. He straightened and turned to look at the girl, raking his fingers through his disheveled blond hair. He felt very weary again, all of sudden, and his side throbbed. He wondered if Tane was finished with the other girl yet, so that the boy could treat his ribs. "What's your name? I can't keep calling you 'girl' forever."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) "Kahli" She said.

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Sofia | 135 comments Mod
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kahli." He stood. "Come with me." He led her to the east wing, where the bedrooms were located. He paused at an open doorway, looking into the room to see Tane curved over the girl who had used the Stone. She was passed out and he was pressing a wet cloth on her forehead, muttering to himself. They boy must have heard their footsteps, because he looked up and held up a finger, motioning for them to wait outside.

A few minutes later, Tane left the room, wiping sweat from his brow, pushing his ink-colored hair from his eyes with long, pale fingers. "She's resting", Tane said, "I don't know for how long she'll be unconscious." He paused, then shifted his gaze on Kahli. "Who is she?"
"Her name's Kahli", the Magician answered. He hesitated. "She's my new apprentice", he added.
The boy smirked. "Hoping to have more luck this time around?"

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli blinked.
"May I ask exactly what happened to the last apprentice?"
She looked questioningly at them both.

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Sofia | 135 comments Mod
Tane laughed. "Nothing bad happened, don't worry. The last apprentices were me and my sister and we were a bit of a disappointment on that front. She has just one power and I have shown no attitude to magic whatsoever." He smiled ruefully. "I have to chant for half an hour just to light a candle."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) "Oh.". Feeling relieved, Kahli peered into the bedroom.
"Who is she?" she asked, watching the girls sleeping face and wandering into the room.

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The Magician sighed. "I don't know", he turned to look at Tane, "What shape is she in?"
Tane shrugged. "It could have been worse. Judging by the looks of her, she must live on the street. And I... I remember how that was like. The strain might easily have killed her. She's lucky."
The Magician nodded, narrowing his eyes. "Or there's more to her than meets the eye", he mused.

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Wick leaned against the stone wall and crossed his arms. It felt like he'd been waiting for hours, but the sun hadn't made any progress across the sky. If he had to stare at that doorway any longer, he'd go crazy.
And yet he had to. That was the door she'd gone through, he was certain. The girl who had taken the stone from him.
The fat coinpurse in his vest pocket didn't matter anymore. The only thing that mattered was that stone. He could sell that for a fraction of its value, and still have enough to live off comfortably for the rest of his life.
And with the price on his head, the extra money would really come in handy...

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Maya | 48 comments Opening her eyes, Zyrah found herself in a bed. This immediately let her know that she wasn’t home. Home for her was a little nook between two stone buildings, her bed a pile of tattered fabric. Some nights when she lay cold and uncomfortable, she wondered why she had left her family. But then she remembered the way it was in the mansion, with her annoying brother and selfish father, and she was able to ignore the discomforts of being homeless.
Then Zyrah noticed a girl sitting beside the bed, her nose in a book. Zyrah had the feeling she’d seen her before. When…?
The stone.
It all came back to Zyrah then: the market, the stone, the strange people she didn't know. Zyrah was certain the girl sitting next to her was the same one that was in the alleyway.
"Who are you?" Zyrah asked.

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) Kahli started when the girl spoke and dropped her book. She hadn't been expecting her to wake so soon. The magician and Tane had quietly left the room a while ago, leaving her alone.
"Who are you?" Kahli replied. "What was that stone and how did you just appear?"
She peered at the dark haired girl scrutinously and stepped closer.
"Are you a sorcerer?"
the girl didn't answer immediately, she just lay there looking at Kahli.
finally she shook her head and answered. “What?”
Who are you?’ Kahli repeated.
“Zyrah,” she answered warily.
“okay Zyrah, i’m going to go and get the magician, now that you’re awake.” kahli said, and walked out, sparing a backwards glance at Zyrah who was now looking thoroughly confused.

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Sofia | 135 comments Mod
The Magician brushed a lock of wet hair from his eyes. He had finally had the possibility to take a bath and have Tane treat his ribs. The black-haired boy was now sitting on a plush sofa on the other side of the room, his legs folded under him and a book in his lap. He briefly looked up from his reading. "Stop fidgeting", he chided, "you'll hurt your ribs."

The Magician rolled his eyes. Which was admittedly slightly undignified for someone of his age and station, but he really couldn't care less. "You are such a mother hen, Tane."
The boy shrugged. "Someone has got to be the adult in his house."
The Magician smirked. "I was under the impression that I was the adult."
"You seemed so happy with that idea, I was loathe to snap you out of it."
"Witty comebacks, Tane? Your sister is a terrible influence on you."
Tane laughed.
The Magician held up an hand and shushed him. "I hear footsteps. It might be Kahli, I told her to tell me when the girl woke up."
Tane hummed. "Kahli, yes. Why did you offer her to become your apprentice?"
"Are you jealous? Don't worry, you and your sister are still my favorites."
"Don't use your tricks with me, you know they don't work."
The Magician sighed and paused for a moment. "There's something brewing and we need all the help we can get."

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sᴏᴘʜ|☂ (nowoffish) As Kahli walked down the lavish hallway, poking her head through doorways in the hope that she would chance apon he magician, she wondered how he had got the money for this place. It seemed unreal, a mansion squeezed inside a grotty old building.
"It's bigger on the inside" she whispered to herself and continued forward.
After twenty minutes of wandering down the twisting halls she was beggining to lose hope of ever finding the way out, let alone the magician.
She past an ornate antique vase for what seemed like the fifth time and gave up.
sitting down on the ground nd staring sullenly at the wallpaper, she noticed a corridoor that she had missed before. She stood up with new energy and looked around, confused.
Where did it go?
It was right there...
The corridoor had completly vanished.
Kahli tried to run her hands along the wall but the solid seeming wall gave way beneath her fingers and her arm fell through.
She only felt a slight tingle as her head and shoulders disappeared into the wallpaper, soon followed by the rest of her body.
She found herself in a dar hallway. Kahli reached back but found only solid wall. She was trapped.
She made her way down the corridoor and heard voices.
"-yes. Why did you offer her to become your apprentice?"
"Are you jealous? Don't worry, you and your sister are still my favorites."
"Don't use your tricks with me, you know they don't work."
A pause. Then a sigh.
"There's something brewing and we need all the help we can get."
Recognising the voices of Tane and the magician yet curious about thier conversation, she pushed open the door.

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Maya | 48 comments The blond girl left the room, leaving Zyrah confused. Are you a sorcerer, the girl had asked.and who was this Magician that the girl spoke of? Zyrah didn't even know that magic existed - or magic wielders, for that matter.
Her eyes examined the room. It was rather luxurious, with plush cushions and velvet curtains. Then her eyes landed on the stone.
It was sitting on the bedside table, looking innocent. Zyrah could've sworn it hadn't been there before. She reached for it, but then remembered what had happened the last time she had touched it. She drew her hand back, but her eyes were still locked on the stone.
Suddenly the stone started to shimmer, it's blue hues shifting to a colour lighter than the sky - almost the colour of mist. The colour seemed to peel itself off the stone, and a glimmering cloud of the whatever-it-was hovered beside Zyrah. It seemed to be solidifying... Into the shape of a-
A semi-transparent girl stood before Zyrah, just as the blond man walked in.

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