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message 1: by Summer (last edited Nov 24, 2013 03:22PM) (new)

Summer Yaxley (summeryaxley) | 85 comments Hello, I want my description for my book changed please.
No copies have ever been out and it hasn't been published yet.
Thank you!
- Summer Yaxley.

Book link:
Maybe Always

Here is the new description:

Seventeen-year olds Gemma Danes and Aleks Adamovich have been inseparable since the innocent age of four. He barged unexpectedly into her life and hasn’t stopped looking out for her since.
Even when he was young he was the best looking person Gemma ever laid eyes on and just became more breathtaking every day. Attraction like that flattened out to something more than friendship though, however hard they tried to provoke the feelings they both felt.

Desperate not to get caught when an accident occurs with them both physically involved, they can’t stay around their prior life any longer. Gemma has fears about leaving home and Aleks worries about not being able to pursue his dreams. But as hard the choice will be, they have no other decision, they’re suddenly on the run, away from their family, friends, and life all left behind in a mist.

With the consequences of their past chasing them, they have to be able to stay together and hold each other steady and strong, making sure neither of them fall down, no matter what life throws there direction.

message 3: by Summer (new)

Summer Yaxley (summeryaxley) | 85 comments Could you please place the gaps in between the paragraphs

message 4: by Vibcholerae (new)

Vibcholerae | 3 comments done

message 5: by Summer (new)

Summer Yaxley (summeryaxley) | 85 comments Thank you both!

message 6: by Summer (new)

Summer Yaxley (summeryaxley) | 85 comments I just noticed a typo in the beginning on the first paragraph. Can you change the "olds" to "old". Thanks again!

message 7: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments fixed

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