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Hey! I made it ;)

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A H Hi!

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A H ...

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hey! so do you have an idea? :)

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A H Ya, here's some(The numberings weird):

10. Spy partners (Romance
11. Teens who find out they have superhuman powers. (Romance)
12. Master/Slave-girl
13. An assassin goes undercover into the palace undercover as a peasant so she can assassinate the king. She falls in love with the kings oldest son, the prince.
14. Runaways
15. Summer camp(Either 2 campers or counselor/camper)
16.Band Member/Fan
17. Rival Love
18. Historical love. (Peasant/Royal, Rebel/Government, Civil war time:African American slave/White owner.)
19. Geek girl and the jock boy that always used to pick on her are both grown. At a school reunion, sparks fly.
20. A teen guy volunteers at a teen detention center, there she meets a girl with massive troubles, as she tried to kill her mom. Slowly they start to bond and develop feelings for each other.

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ohh, I like 13, 15 and 19!

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A H Should we do doubles?? And can we do 13 and 15 then....?

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Ok! Do you want it to be camper/camper or counseler/camper?

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A H Counselor/camper....which charries you wanna play?

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Hmm, I don't really have a preference. You can decide. :)

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A H Ok, can I be the assassin in 13 and the counselor in 15?

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Sure! Do you mind if the camper I'm playing is a girl? Because although I don't mind playing a guy, I would like to be a girl in one of them :)

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A H Yeah...u can be the girl in 15 and I'll be the girl in 13.

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Awesome :) You wanna make characters? I hope you don't mind that I only do the basics...

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A H Uh....can you make them first?

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I'm so sorry, ive been super busy! I'm working on nh characters right now.....

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Name: Coral Wilson
Age: 17

Name: Prince Jace Wellington
Age: 20
Appearance: Dark messy hair, blue/gray eyes, sharp features, hard jaw

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Oops, sorry, auto correct! I meant Ruchi!

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A H ((oops....sorry:( ))

Name : Agent Rowena Williams
Age: 20
Appearance :

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A H Name : Mark Jackson
Age : 22
Appearance :

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((its okay :) so you mind if you start?))

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A H ((K, i'll start!))

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A H Rowena was sitting on the sofa, reading a book when Agent Joe called her. "there's a new task for you", he said, without any greetings. "I'v sent you an email. Look through the details and call me at one", he said and cut the call. Rowena logged in and started going through the files.

Mark was pondering over the open file before him. The profile of Coral Wilson was in front of him. Strange case....tried to kill her mother, he mused, thinking about ways to handle the girl.

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Jace sat in his office. he heard a knock on his door, and turned to see his father opening the door with a creak. "Father," he greeted him formally.

((I thought we were doing camper/counsler?))

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A H Rowena looekd through the details and smiled satisfactorily. This will be interesting she thought and called up Joe. "It'll be done",she said.

((oops....I made a mistake:P:P Can u start this one?))

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A H Rowena looekd through the details and smiled satisfactorily. This will be interesting she thought and called up Joe. "It'll be done",she said.

((oops....I made a mistake:P:P Can u start this one?))

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"You know what I'm going to talk to you aboutm.." The king trailed off. Jace sighed. He did know. He was going to tell him that he was getting old, was eldest son he would be king. How he was going to need to find a wife. He'd put it off for too long, and now he was getting forced into it.

Coral waved goodbye as her mom drove away. Finally. She turned, and stared to walk up to her cabin. This was her first time doing to this sleepaway camp, and she was grateful for the freedom.

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A H Rowena started getting ready for the trip. She booked her flight, day after tomorrow, packed her few belongings - clothes, toothbrush, project details, guns and everything required for an assassination. She called up Stella, her colleague, to inform her about the new mission.

Mark went over the list of names of all those who would be coming to camp that season. Keeping down the list, he called his secretary to enquire whether everything was read or not.

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