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Book to Movie Adaptations?

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Saf -- Do you agree with books constantly being turned into movies?

Here's my view!: http://originalbooker.blogspot.co.uk/...

AgCl depends on the book i guess. Movie adaptations aren't all bad, its nice to actually have a visual of what you've only been imagining at one point sometimes. Other times they're just a waste of time and money. Its just a matter of perspective.

Lauren I think it can go either way. I adore the HP films but they aren't a patch on the books. I might be in the minority since I don't want to watch a shot-for-shot remake.
I like little deviations as long as the heart of the story isn't changed.
There are times when even that can work. Howl's Moving the Castle anime is very much different than the book but I love both on their own merits.

I think TV adaptations can work better than film since they tend to take their time and won't rush the storytelling.
But fast paced novels such as The hunger game series lend themselves to the film market in ways other books can not.

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