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Sara *Maybe It's Maybelline* (sexymagesticunicorn) | 81 comments Mod
Things that weren't told in the character templates that you want to speak of in here!

Sa-Human rights! | 9 comments Sabah has severe social anxiety disorder, which is the reason why she isolates herself from the world and only stays close to her sibling, Salem, whom she trusts and is the only person she's willing to get close to. She also has tourettes syndrome, and she always has strange shoulder jerks are the strangest times.

Her sister is a different case from Social Anxiety disorder and is very confident in herself, but she also has tourettes syndrome, apparent when she has random eye twitches.

Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 23 comments The Tsukasa family is rich - like, filthy rich. And shall I emphasize the filthy part? For some reason, when Yakumo and Ame were 'reincarnated' into humans, they were placed in a family where the father was the head of a mafia organization. Don't ask how it happened, but it did.

Even though their family is FILTHY rich, Yakumo and Ame decided to live on their own in an apartment not far away from the academy for a little 'peace' in their lives.

However, Yakumo doesn't have to inherit the business - he is thankful for that - since the Tsukasas have an elder son away in college for the time being.


Ame, even though she's really sweet and caring to lots of people, tends to burden herself a lot with being a perfectionist. So make sure you stay out of her way when she's doing a project or something~ XD


Yakumo made a vow when he was younger to protect Ame with his life, so he's very very very - did I mention very? - protective over her since he kind of knows their past. And the two faries from before that live in their apartment? They used to serve Yakumo and Ame in the celestial kingdom.

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Sa-Human rights! | 9 comments Sometimes Salem and Sabah would unintentionally switch powers. This could happen randomly at any time, but both sisters have learnt how to control each other's powers. It happens often, but when it happens, both sisters would usually feel nauseous for a few seconds, and then have a eye color change.

While both of their eyes are dark brown, you can tell if their powers have switched by looking at their eyes, which would have turned either green or blue, the eye colors of their parents.

The switch would usually last up for at least three days, and at maximum two weeks. However, the siblings can switch powers at will, but most of the time it's unintentional. Though the downside?

Both would sometimes explode stuff...

So yeah.

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Sara *Maybe It's Maybelline* (sexymagesticunicorn) | 81 comments Mod
Annabelle has a very, very heavy accent when she gets flustered, sad, or angry. It's like a mix of a British accent and a French one and she usually has a hard time with words when her accent switches.

When her accent switches, it makes her even more flustered, which makes her words even harder to understand, and it will soon lead her to speaking her language.

Sa-Human rights! | 9 comments I based Sabah and Salem off my personality. Sabah represents my calm, bright, mellow, energetic and happy side, while Salem represents my cool, stubborn, serious, elegant and cold side.

Both have their bad sides, but in the end, put them both together, and they make me.

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Sara *Maybe It's Maybelline* (sexymagesticunicorn) | 81 comments Mod
Annabelle still cuts to this day. They're everywhere, wherever she can hide them, she'll cut. She's attempted suicide far too many times for it to be healthy. She covers the cuts on her arms with her tattoos.

Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 23 comments Contrary to what Ame believes, because she has a lot of potential power within her that she hasn't used, she gets sick easily if she doesn't regulate her outcome. However, it would be disastrous to let it all go, so Yakumo has to help her regulate it without her knowing by giving her herbs.

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