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Why didn't Alex cut a deal with Cinder?
Bob Bob Nov 24, 2013 08:49AM
In the final scene as Alex is exiting the Castle, he comes face to face with "Captain America" as Cinder enters the room. Cinder tells Verus to get out and Alex leaves. One wonders why Alex didn't try and cut a deal with Cinder to spare " Captain America". Here was a choice that Alex perhaps could have said " Cinder I would consider it a favor if you would spare his life, I would owe you one." Alex just left without really trying to negotiate with Cinder. Any thoughts on this scene?

I didn't assume that Cinder was going to kill "Captain America"; he's not as nuts as his partner. Also, Alex had given CA plenty of chances to back off the hunt and he didn't take them; if he was ambivalent about the fate of someone who had repeatedly attacked he and his friends and blew up his home/shop, I don't blame him.

And Cinder knows that CA's group was planning to come after his partner next (likely endangering him in the same way Alex's friends were),so if he didn't show CA mercy, I don't blame him either.

Alex had repeatedly told the group that they were making choices that would have lasting impact on their lives (and it wasn't like they were making choices about schools/jobs, they were choosing to kill)even if they thought the reasons for their choices were valid.

One of the things I enjoy about this series is the way Alex can project forward to see what might happen. Because of his magic he is supremely qualified to 'lecture' on how choices a person makes impacts what will happen in their lives. And he knows he is living proof as he lives with guilt over the poor choices he made when he was young.

I don't think Verus is a bit of an Anti-Hero and the end of the book shows him embracing the part of the Dark Mage that is in him. Not that I think he will become a villain but he accepts that he cannot approach the world in the way that Anne did. He has never played by the rules and if he wants to survive, he can't start now.

what i never understood in the books was wether or not magicians of a certain type of magic can cast other types of magic through focuses.
cause it never shows that anyone can do it.
but i don't understand how there are magic items otherwise.
the series is great, btw.

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