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Good. ^Are u an Elf too? :)

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(Elf ranger:)
So... What theme?

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I'm eating a late lunch, sorry. I'll be able to in a few minutes.

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I can now. So... What's our story idea?

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(Wow, you sure love detectives:) I have an idea: The exact opposite of detectives, but it would have them in it. It's criminals trying to rob the biggest, safest bank in the world. It would have traps and stuff:) We could also play as the detectives or cops trying to catch them. Like playing two people at the same time.

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Maybe they get caught but on purpose, and escape because of a scheme to fool them. ( I was inspired by the movie "Now You See Me )

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A movie.

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Ok then. Maybe you could be the detective and I could be the theif?

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James Riordan.
Age 24
Has a Revolver (HandGun)
Favourite Color: Sea Green.
Personality: Cunning, Witty, Quick and Smart Aleky.

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(YA, I read PJ ^_^

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Ok. Tomorrow. (I will be a bit busy tonight:)

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James stared at the bank, which was two hundred feet tall and half a kilometre wide. The biggest bank in the world. James and his friend were going to be the first to rob it.

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(Do they already know each other, or do they meet and team.)

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