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Lily had dropped Sirius' hand when she entered the Gallery.

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Lily joined Sirius and 'aww'ed with him. "Look, its you and him. how cute!" Lily squealed quietly as she turned to the picture.

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"Oh please." said lily rolling her eyes with mock disapproval.

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"His hair loves to stick out in every which way." added Lily, about Sirius' comment of James.

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Lily laughed aloud, "I think we all know that its either me or Moony" said Lily throwing Lupin under the bus with her.

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((I want to make a girl for sirius!!!!!!!!))

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(( i am in agreement! feel free to tell me how you want her to be!))

Lily held her hand to her heart and pretended to swoon.

"You are so right, padfoot, my darling. You truly are the most handsome thing i have ever laid eyes on! Who can compare to your... attractiveness." Lily said feinting into his arms, with a hand on her forehead- in natural swooning position.

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((of course hahaha))

Lily stood up again, out of Sirius' arms. Lily smiled up at him and didnt reply. she walked out of the gallery, knowing Sirius would follow.

((you can post somewhere first.))

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((sure go ahead!))

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((ill clean up our spam!))

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