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James appeared in the lounge of his home.

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Lily appeared beside him and stepped back. "This is beautiful." She said looking around.

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He nodded. It was but he didn't really pay any attention to it anymore.

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"So, is this a secret house? Do I have to not tell anyone?" She asked him brushing a stray hair behind her ear.

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" Most people know I live in a mansion with extensive grounds but don't tell anyone anything you see here or the location." He said. He chosen a secret keeper yet so the place could still be found.

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(( Goodnight))

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"I promise!" Said Lily excitedly.

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" Good," he said smiling.

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"Could we eat something? " Asked Lily bouncing out of the room to find Sirius.

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" Yeah sure. Just ask one of the servants or house elves to make you something," he said.

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"I shall."Lily replied skipping off to find Sirius, or a house elf- whichever one came first.

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Lily got distracted by the stair case leading down to the first floor. She went hastily down the stairs and found herself in the place where she last saw James.

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"This is where i last saw him..." commented Lily.

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((Haha yeah....))

Lily nodded and sat next to Sirius on the coach.

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