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((why bashfully?))

"can i draw in here?" Lily asked with a laugh, stepping aside so she could see the room.

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"So why is it called the drawing room?" asked lilly confused. Her family wasn't rich or poor, just in the middle. But they never had a drawing room, or gallery.

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"Oh, pffft, that makes since- this has now been christened the living room." decreed Lily pretending to break a bottle on a wall. Lily sat next to him on the same sofa and put her feet in his lap, as she turned her back to face the arm of the chair.

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Lily simply put her legges back onto his, while saying, "dirty rotton legs? really?"

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"Im hungry. So let's go to the kitchen. Then maybe i can find someone who appreciates my feet." she said indignantly. Lily got up and waited for Sirius to lead.

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