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Lura (luraj2612) | 38 comments Mod
Okay, so do you have any ideas? It's fine if you don't; I have loads of ideas. ^_^

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I can come up with one but I want to hear yours. So what are your ideas?

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My favorite idea, one that I have been wanting to do for a while, is this:

A tournament is held to choose a bodyguard for the princess of the elves. To (almost) everyone's surprise, the drow who has been held prisoner in the castle dungeons for several years is allowed to enter the tournament. He wins. Possible romance at some point between the princess and her bodyguard.

I have others if you don't like that one. ^_^

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I love it! (Is there going to be magic and dragons?)
It's funny cause in a story I'm writing it has a similar idea.
(Go to the group "Young Adult Roleplay and go to outside writing. My story is there. Made the first chapter in the summer. It's just the plot of the first chapter, not the final version:)

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There will definitely be magic! Dragons can happen, too. ^_^

Great minds think alike. ^_- I shall have to look up your story sometime. (I may not be up much longer today. It's almost noon and I've been up since 9 last night.)

Where/when in the story do we want to start?

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At the beginning:{o

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Ellessar wrote: "At the beginning:{o"

Smartalec. Which beginning? When he's captured? With the tournament?

Sorry for the delayed response. I was sleeping. (I've been sick, so I'm sleeping a lot.)

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Maybe at the tournament?

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Okay. Sounds good.

So, characters?

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Lura (luraj2612) | 38 comments Mod

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Sorry, I've been busy:) Ill also be busy on the weekend, but can maybe RP now.

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I'm not going to be on tonight, except maybe for an hour or two later (about 4 or 5 hours from now).

I'll try to at least get my character up then. What info do you want on characters? I usually do at least name, age, species/race, and appearance. I can do a lot more detail than that if you want, though. Just let me know. ^_^

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Also Weapons (if any), History, and personality. I'll see u later then:)

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Works for me.

Sorry I didn't post last night. When I finally got home, I finished reading my book (The House of Hades) and went to bed. I'll get my character posted shortly. I just need to find an appropriate picture. ^_^

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Name: Mayala Akayne Brightfire

Age: 189

Race: High Elf


Personality: Mayala is a sweet girl, if a bit spoiled. She is innocent and trusting to a fault.

History: Mayala is the only child of the king and queen of the elves. She has been sheltered her whole life. She knows very little of the world outside the castle, and less about romantic relationships.

As her coming of age approaches, her parents are seeking a bodyguard for her. There is to be a tournament the week before her 190th birthday, the traditional age of adulthood for high elves, to determine her guard. The tournament has been advertised throughout the elven nation; hundreds of knights are expected to attend and vie for the honor.

Weapons: Can use dagger, long sword, and long bow. Usually carries three daggers hidden on her person: two throwing daggers and one for close combat.

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(Sorry I sec. It might not be ready till tomorrow, cause my wifi might turn off)

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Lura (luraj2612) | 38 comments Mod

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(I'm just going to use my usual character:)
Elessar Calafalas
Night Elf
180 (18 Elven years. 10 yrs= one Elven year. So if your Elf was 19 it would be 190 instead of 119. ((Doesn't have to be, it's just the way I use it:) )) )

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Appearance: My group Profile pic. It doesn't work on this, but its that hooded dude:) Medium dark brown hair, stubble (shaved beard), dark brown eyes.
Weapons: Sword that splits into two longswords, Longbow with spikes on them. A bunch of small daggers. 8 Throwing knives. A normal dagger, a revolver, Magic.
Personality: Quiet at first, and may come off as rude, but once he gets to know you he is actually very nice and caring.
History: Read my story:)

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Ellessar wrote: "(I'm just going to use my usual character:)
Elessar Calafalas
Night Elf
180 (18 Elven years. 10 yrs= one Elven year. So if your Elf was 19 it would be 190 instead of 119. ((Doesn't have to be, it's..."

((I like that 10 years = 1 Elven year, so I'm using it too. ^_^

Can you get us started?

Just as a warning, I'm probably not going to be around much for the next week. I've got a temporary job and will be working Monday through Friday [I may be on at night some, I may not. Depends on how tired I am.] and maybe Saturday as well. I'm going out of town next Saturday, too, so I may not be back on here until next Sunday [a week from today]. ))

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Ellessar wrote: "Ok."

Okay to what?? The whole post above?

At any rate, can you please start us off?

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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered around the courtyard, cheering for their favourite knights. The Princess Mayala was getting her bodyguard chosen today. Everyone was excited. Including Elessar who viewed the whole thing from a prison window.
((Can it be that the knights and potential bodyguards battle to the death in 1 vs 1 tournaments? The winner is the new bodyguard?))

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((Not necessarily to the death, but yeah, that's the general idea. Shouldn't your character be in the tournament, though, not just watching from a distance? Or is he going to come in later?))

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((He makes a bet that he's going to win, and he has to fight, because he made a deal with someone, so the prison guards had to let him fight, so they let him out and he goes in the fight.

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((That's cool. ^_^))

Mayala covered her face with her hands as yet another blow landed in the current match. She spread her fingers just enough to watch. That one half-elf knight, the one no one liked, was kind of cute; it would be a shame for him to lose so early. She knew him to be a talented swordsman.

He recovered quickly, parried the follow-up blow and landed one of his own. She removed her hands from her face and clapped for him. She blushed when he looked her way. No one knew she was intrigued by him. He was not one of the knights who frequented the castle or attended royal events. She didn't really know him, therefore he intrigued her.

Though she did not know it, the same would be true of any man not in her normal sphere of influence. Any man she did not know would intrigue her. Some more than others...

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(He's full Elf, not half. Sorry to correct:)
But it's me who's fighting now?)

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((Um, no. I know your character isn't an half-elf.

Besides, your character was originally supposed to be drow, not elf.))

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((Oh, yeah:3
Got mixed up with another RP:)
Ok. I though u just thought I was a half elf and...ya.))
Elessar wanted to fight.
"Hey! You!" He called to a guard.
"What is it, you scum?" He growled back.
"How much would you bet if I went out and fought?", Elessar asked.
"Id bet any money that you'd lose, but I'd say 'bout 50 gold."
"We'll I bet that I'm going to win in that fight."
"What if ya lose?"
"I'll stay here fifty extra years."
"You have a deal."
"Then shake on it."
They shook hands.
The guard realized something.
"Wait a minute! You're a prisoner! You can't leave!"
"Took you THAT long to notice?"
"Yeah. I won't let you leave!"
"But you shook on it!"
"Oh, yeah..."
The guard opened the door and let him out.
"I'll be watching you!", Called the guard.
"Ok then!"
Elessar ran to the main floor and lined up to fight.

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Ellessar wrote: "..."

((This is really freaking annoying. Please don't do it. It may take me a while to reply, but I will reply. If it's going to take a few days, I'll let you know. By the way, I was SLEEPING then.))

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Mayala continued to watch the current match, oblivious to the newcomer.

Her father, however, was not. He frowned when he recognized the prisoner. He sent a page to question the guard on duty and find out why the man was out of his cell. He tried to focus back on the match playing out before him, but couldn't stop his mind from wondering elsewhere. The prisoner had been an assassin sent after him by his most powerful political opponent. He could potentially make a good bodyguard, if he could be trusted. Big if.

Mayala joined the crowd in cheering as the half-elf knight won the match. He'd knocked out his opponent, who was now being rushed to the castle healer. She watched the man as he walked off the field, only averting her gaze when he began to pull off his armor. She had no way of knowing he wore clothes beneath his armor; all knights do, that armor gets hot in the sun.

There was a brief break as the sand of the fighting circle was raked uniformly flat once again. Then the next pair entered the arena.

((Your character can fight now if you want.))

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((OK. Sorry about the late reply, it's just cause Christmas Eve and all:) ))

((How about, since there is more than one winner, all of the winners go in a final battle and the winner of that is the final winner.))

Elessar stepped out of the tent that had all of the gear and weapons. He was temporarily blinded by the bright light.

His opponent walked out out of his tent, revealing himself to be at least seven feet tall. He must have been a half giant or something. They drew their wooden swords. They were wooden, but could break bones. They were hard and rough. You could easily get slivers.

A horn blew and the match started.

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((Wait a sec. You did that thing too. When I didn't reply you said *Poke*.
I said "..."))

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((No problem. ^_^ Both the hubby and I are sick, so I've been on the computer more than usual today... Got a little work done on a story, though, so that's good.

I figured it would play out like a regular tournament, with a bracket and all. So the winners from the first round would advance to the second round. The winners from the second round would advance to the third round, etc. Until only one winner remains.

Roleplay post to come momentarily.))

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Ellessar wrote: "((Wait a sec. You did that thing too. When I didn't reply you said *Poke*.
I said "..."))"

((Yes, but I waited three days. Not thirty minutes. If I don't respond after three days, then that's fine, poke me (or whatever). Thirty minutes? That's a little crazy.))

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Mayala smiled at the half-giant currently headed into the arena to fight. He had been a guard at the castle for several years; they were friends. She gave him a discreet thumbs-up before turning her head to look at the other competitor.

It took her several seconds to recognize him. She frowned when she finally placed the figure in her memory: he was a prisoner! What was he doing here? She turned to ask her father only to see him deep in conversation with a young page. As she couldn't hear what they were saying, she turned her attention back to the match.

Her friend was huge, so had a longer reach than the prisoner. But the prisoner was much faster. His attacks flew like lightning. She couldn't help but be impressed with his skill.

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((Im a crazy guy:) I can't wait thirty minutes but can wait twenty days sometimes. It depends on my mood))

The Half Giant took a swing at him. Elessar swiftly ducked and struck him on the back.

The guy turned around a swung his sword again. Elessar uppercut punched the enemy, and, almost as if in
slow-motion, he fell back and hit the floor with a clunk. Knocked out.

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Mayala had to cover her mouth. Her jaw had literally dropped when she saw her friend taken down so quickly. They'd attacked less than half a dozen times each! She heard a soft groan and looked to her father. He'd apparently caught the end of the match and wasn't happy about it.

She leaned over to ask, "Why is he fighting? The prisoner?"

"His guard's an idiot. And no longer employed," the king grumbled. "But he's in the tournament now. Taking him out would cause too much disruption. If anyone asks, I approved this." He frowned before sitting back up and facing forwards again.

Mayala's eyes were wide with surprise. Well. She certainly hadn't expected that. She blinked a few times and managed to miss the beginning of the next match.

Try as she might, she couldn't keep her eyes from seeking him out in the crowd. She frowned at the deep cowled hood he wore; she couldn't see his face at all. He obviously had something to hide. Maybe he was hideously scarred. Or just ugly. With a gentle sigh, she forced her attention back to the match.

The rest of the round was a blur. Her eyes kept seeking out the prisoner, her natural curiosity overcoming her common sense. She wanted to know more about him. Who was he? Where had he come from? Most importantly, why had he tried to kill her father? And. Why was he fighting for the honor of being her bodyguard? Did he think to get close enough to the king to finish his earlier failed attempt? Probably, she decided.

The announcer rang a bell, signaling the beginning of the second round. The half-elf knight, Kregen, was to fight the prisoner, Elessar. She wanted the half-elf to win, but she doubted he had the skill to defeat the incredible speed of the prisoner. She frowned, leaning forwards slightly to watch the match.

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Elessar | 37 comments Mod

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((Hi! It's your post if you're back. ^_^))

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A half-Elf had his sword drawn, in the casual parrying stance. This would be easy. I faked a frightened look to make the knight think he could win. If the knight thought he could win, he'd get overconfident. "Weakling", the half-Elf spat. I waited a few seconds. I needed the knight to take the first swing. I said "What you waiting for? Come and kill me already!" With that, the knight lunged with his sword. His mistake. I darted to the side and hit him in the head with the but of my sword, knocking him out cold. A small stream of blood trickled from his head.

((Sorry that I was gone so long, and also sorry for changing from third to first-person writing. I just found out that I'm batter with first-persons)

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((No problem. I'm just glad you're back. I love role playing this story. ^_^ I think I might just try out first person for this. I've written stories in both first and third, including one that has parts in both. Which I need to rewrite again. Anywho...))

I hear the prisoner speak, but can not make out his words. Whatever they were, they sure made Kregen mad! I frown as he lunges recklessly; that's not like him. I've sparred with him before, I know he's usually more careful than that. But then again, she'd seen the way he looked at the prisoner. He really didn't like the man, and blamed him for, well, for several things he probably wasn't responsible for, at least not directly. The prisoner hadn't killed Kregen's mother. At least, not so far as I know. But that's the only thing I can think of that would make Kregen that angry.

It's all over in a flash. The prisoner takes advantage of Kregen's recklessness and knocks him out in a single hit. I gasp at the sight of blood, frowning at the sight of him laying face-down on the ground. I glare at the prisoner as a team of men fetches Kregen to take him to the castle healer.

The field is cleared and raked flat once again. The next match flies by without my paying much attention. I'm not surprised by the outcome as both participants are men I know and have seen fight before. The knight Darius easily takes Reginald, one of the castle guards, down. I blush to feel the knight's eyes on me. I look up to see him smiling at me. He hopes for more than just the position of my bodyguard. I glance towards my father to see him smiling and nodding approvingly. Does he think...? Oh, I hope not. I have no interest in Darius, not that way. He's almost like a brother to me; we grew up playing together for goddess's sake!

One more match, which I miss completely while lost in my thoughts, then the round is over. There was supposed to be a half-hour break between rounds, but father apparently decided to do away with it. The combatants are given five minutes' respite, but then the arena is ready and the round begins.

First fight of the round is announced: the knight Marcus versus the prisoner Elessar. I smile. Marcus should have no problem taking out that horrid man. Then he can go back to the dungeons and the rest of us can get on with our lives. I would much rather have Marcus - or anyone else, honestly - as my bodyguard than some dirty, nasty prisoner!

((Wow. Well. That ended up a good bit longer than expected.))

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Elessar | 37 comments Mod
A knight named Marcus Everik stood towering before me. His gaze was a gaze of death, and I had to admit he was intimidating. I tried to intimidate him by yelling insults to him. He didn't reply. "Hey!", I said. Still no answer. He must've been a mute. A young noble wearing yellow tights and a fancy costume stood up on a pedestal and started counting from ten.
I prepared my sword.
"...5, 4"
I started shifting the sword between hands, I was getting nervous.
"3, 2..."
I stared at Marcus, and saw that he seemed to be enjoying how afraid I was.
I quickly dashed to the side, as Marcus lunged with his sword. He missed me, stumbling, but recovered quickly, and swung his sword in an arch. I ducked, but then fell on my back. A huge rule of fighting: don't be the one on the ground. Marcus raised his sword, but I rolled to the side. I slashed my sword at his ankles. He grunted in pain, causing me to get back up. I hit him in the back with my sword, knocking him to the ground. "It's over!", I said, pointing my sword at him, "just s-" Marcus had darted off of the ground and lunged at me. I grabbed him and flipped him over my back. (a Jiujitsu move) I went up to him and held my sword at his throat. "I win"

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I grin as I watch the scene playing out before me. Marcus's mute act seems to be annoying the prisoner. It is more than an act, though few know it. He took a month-long vow of silence two weeks ago after inuring me when we were sparing, as penance he said. I tried to talk him out of it, but he would have none of that. My wrist healed two days later. Yet he's still keeping his vow of silence.

Right now, I love him for it as I can see how it annoys his opponent. Of course, his speed and skill don't hurt either. It takes almost a full minute, but the prisoner bests him in the end. I clench my hands into fists. At the same time, I hear father's quiet groan from beside me. Neither of us wants the prisoner to win, but he keeps doing so. My only consolation is that I'm positive Darius will beat him in the final round, though he does have one other opponent to take down first...

I'm so busy fuming about the prisoner's winning yet again that I miss the start of the next match. I don't know who Darius is fighting... okay, just fought - that was over quick - but I'm certain he will win. Which he did, and in record time. Seems father and I aren't the only ones upset by the prisoner's winning his every match.

There is to be a half-hour break before the final round to give the combatants time to rest and recover from the previous round. During this time, father and I head out of our tent to talk to a few people. Before long, we split up. I seek out Darius and find him in the weapons' tent. Once I spot him, I head straight for him, not even bothering to look around and see if we are alone.

"Darius. You must win this next fight. I will not have that nasty prisoner as my bodyguard!"

"Aye, Princess, I know," he murmurs, staring over my shoulder at something. I'm tempted to turn around to see just what - or who - he's staring at, but I don't. I don't want to know who might have just heard me, especially as I did not spot the prisoner anywhere on my way here.

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I stood at the entrance of the tent. "We'll that hurt.", I said, then took a swig of rum.

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