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What do you wanna do?

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I like plain romance. Quick question, can I be the girl? I'm bad at guys.

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Okay! :)

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I'm back!

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Not really, sorry.

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What are your ideas? Sorry, I'm out of it today.

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I really like the first one! Haha that kinda happened to me because there was this guy in Florida that looked like Ryan Gosling except I'm 13 and he was like 25 XD!

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19 maybe?

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You don't have to haha and that's good.

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Name: Alyssa Jarretson
Age: 19

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You there?

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The appearance didn't work. The link got attached to the word and it's fine.

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He's super cute! Let's start.

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I'll have her family show up at the hotel.

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Alyssa and her family entered the hotel, carrying all of their bags. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and looked around, sweaty slightly from the hot Florida weather.

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"Hi!" Alyssa smiled at him.

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"Yes we do." Her mother answered.

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"We're staying for around two weeks!" She smiled at him.

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"Thanks!" She took the key.

"Alyssa! Come on!" Her brother, Brandon, dragged her to the elevators.

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She waved at him as the elevator doors closed, taking them to their floor.

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She went to the hotel room.

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She walked down to the lobby to avoid the constant unpacking.

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She found him in the lobby and walked over.

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"Hey," She sat down by him.

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"Yeah, I do. The ocean is really pretty!" She grinned.

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She blushed and grinned widely.

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"No." She shook her head

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She smiled at him. "Thanks!"

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"Sure!" She grinned widely.

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She grinned and blushed slightly.

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"I'm from New York." She grinned.

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"It's really nice!" She smiled.

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"Okay!" She grinned.

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"S-sure!" She smiled

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She kissed him passionately.

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She grinned against his lips.

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She sat in his lap and deepened the kiss.

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She grinned widely.

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"I'm Alyssa!" She smiled brightly.

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"Thanks, Colt!" She grinned and wrapped her arms around him.

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She sat in his lap and pecked his lips.

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Alyssa grinned widely.

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She grinned and rested her head on his chest.

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"Thanks!" She grinned.

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She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

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She moved her hair away from her neck.

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"Alright!" She nodded and got up slowly.

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She pecked his lips. "I'll be at the pool most of the day tomorrow." Alyssa grinned before pulling away and stepping into the elevator.

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