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Mods chat here.

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Jess could you do me a favor and research places in 1940's Berlin and then add them under the Berlin folder :)

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Yes ma'am! I will when I get home of that's ok?

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That's fine :)

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k i did..... :D

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What do you think to letting people have more than one original character?

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Sorry, at Thor haha. I think we should just start with 1 character....

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It's okay. Was it any good? and hmm okay...

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Still at it haha

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:) Lol :) Well get back to it :)

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ooooooo baaaad giiiirl. hahaha

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Here :) Okay I need both your help. I'm stuck on the plot. I have some of it planned out and some posted but I'm not sure what else to add. Any ideas?

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i dont know............... its 5:00 pm her time though....

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let me seeeeeeeeee

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i think you should add stuff about Voldemort. like when we will meet him, how he will loose.

strategies of both sides should be updated as the RP unfolds. we need characters though....

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I know right.. i was just going to add a prophecy about Voldermort's downfall and then let it play out from there...

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I guess so..

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james needs to lighten up hahaha

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Yep :)

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what the heck is a speakeasy.

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A illegal bar, during Prohibition there were loads of them.

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goooootcha! we should add a topic for those! and a park...

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i made 2 speakesies.

could you make the park?

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Bye Athena :)

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Yep :)

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thanks darling!

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