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Chat here.

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Please please invite your friends

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The person I have for James or This guy?

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Guys I just bought sour gummy worms!!!!!

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Yummy :)

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They are delicious! I'm watching NARNIA!!!

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Which one? :)

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First one!

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:) Cool:)

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i KNOW!!!!

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» I can't promise I'll be super-active, but I'll try to create a character or two! (My group is just a pain to keep maintained... :/ But I'll do my best to be involved!)

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haha i understand!!! (partly because i'm in it hahaha)

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Jess who do you like better for James? The guy that I have already put as his face claim or the link that's in a few posts above?

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He's hot :) Who is he?

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no idea haha.....

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:) Lol :) Have a character in mind for him?

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james? i was thinking you could use him hahahaha.

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Oh :) I''m being blonde :) Yes he would perfect for James

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haha its ok! YEAH!!! Lilly approves!

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so i have them down as dating is that ok?

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James is done and thats fine :)

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Anyone on?

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Louise (silverfangi) | 4 comments Yeah hiya :D what'sup?

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Not a lot :) Roleplaying and making characters :) you?

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Lilly wants to rp with James.

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Okay Where to? Btw The Potter mansion is also The Order Hq

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Let's be on a date at a coffee shop?

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Sure :)

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You start please.

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Okay :)

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Goodnight :)

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Louise (silverfangi) | 4 comments Hiya :D

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Hey :)

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Have y'all seen "book thief"?

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I do NOT cry at movies, but that was the first movie to make me cry.

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I agree, but you should still watch it, it's super good!

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Meeeee tooooo

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Yep :)

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james should join them.... haha

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Lol :)

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