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School year:
Side: British army/german army, Hitler's inner circle, Death eaters, order of the Phoenix, light , dark
Appearance: picture no anime or cartoon only real people and a description
Dress style:
Personality: two paragraphs
History: Three paragraphs at least

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Meredith Schneider | 1 comments Name: Shaliana Battlechase

Nickname: Shay

School year: 5

House: Ravenclaw

Job: seeker

Side: Order of the Phoenix
Appearance: Shoulder length caramel hair, blue eyes, freckles, 5ft 1in, tan, and skinny.

Dress style: She likes to dress in casual cloths jeans and blue and silver shirts(for ravenclaw of course)

Personality: Shay is kind, creative and studious. In her free time she likes to read and sketch. Even though she doesn't get angry easily you don't want to get on her bad side.

She is very aggressive especially when playing quidditch and during duels. She is strong and likes to show off her spells in the ravenclaw dormitory when ever possible.

History: Shay's parents are muggles, but her aunt is a witch. When she got her hogwarts letters. Her aunt came and took her shopping for robes, school books, and a wand. Her aunt taught her how to ride a broom and cast some simple spells. All without her parents finding out. Her first year at hogwarts was tough she was the only first year on the quidditch team and she didn't have many friends her age. She was teased because she was a bookworm an because she was a "nerd" and she always got 100% on all her assignments. As her quidditch team won more games she became more popular she made friends in her year and the rest of the year went great. Ravenclaw won the quidditch that year and they also won the house if the year. Shay won most of the points for her house though. Eventually after she got home from her first year at hogwarts her parents found out she was a witch. They were not happy about it they made her go live with her aunt. Which wasn't that bad because her aunt was a witch. But shortly after she left her parents died in a car accident and she was stuck with her aunt. She never even said good bye to her parents they didn't want her.

Likes: Butterbeer
Bertie botts every flavored beans
Alohamora spell

Dislikes: chocolate frogs
Blast end skwuts
Avadakadavra spell
Death eaters

Stengths: duels

Weaknesses: silence

Pet: barn owl names Oscar and a snowy owl names Jasper.

Mom: Lucy
Dad : Jeff
Both dead now
Aunt : Judy
No siblings

Crush: Jamie Campbell Bower

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Could you please post her under Hogwarts characters and also her crush wouldn't be around as this is set in the 1940's unless someone used him as a name of a character

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