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The Charleston girl Rhett refused to marry.

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Sandy Who was she? I'm wondering if she was Belle Watling?
I'm just guessing, I haven't finished reading the book yet. ;)

Tytti I don't think it was ever mentioned, granted it was over 20 years ago when I read it. I don't think Belle was from that kind of a family.

Jessica She is never named.

Iris She's just a girl that he got surrounded by scandal. I don't think she is of any real importance in the book, other than to show us and Scarlet up front what a cad and scalawag he is.

Sandy Thanks all, you are right. They shouldn't be the same person.
Based on Rhett's own words:
Why should I marry a boring
fool, simply because an accident prevented me from getting her home before dark? And why
permit her wild-eyed brother to shoot and kill me, when I could shoot straighter?

While Belle was intelligent.

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