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message 1: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
If you would like to recommend a book, please do so here. This is also a good place to discuss the recommendation.

message 2: by Kristal (new)

Kristal McKerrington (kristal_mckerrington) | 2 comments SECRETS ALWAYS COME OUT!

Jason is the lead male in the saga called "Calling You Home." Its based around Jason's life when his wife's passed on and he has an infant to raise. Nothing is going to be simple. A real cowboy facing real problems in a small town.

Book 1:
Calling You Home by Kristal McKerrington
Calling You Home

Book 2:
Remember Me Calling You Home by Kristal McKerrington
Remember Me: Calling You Home

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick Coles | 1 comments I just finished Artemis by Andy Weir. It's not as good as the Martian, but still a good read if you like his style.

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