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message 1: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Hi all,
since I started the group, I may as well start. :)
I am a 31 year old guy who has lived in Adelaide for a year and I love it. My partner and I just bought a place in the Barossa and are moving there in early 2014.

I write and have a few books out with many more on the way.

I look forward to getting to know everyone and you can introduce yourselves here! Happy reading!

message 2: by David (new)

David Chattaway | 5 comments Mod
Hi my names David and I'm 27 years of age. I love with my beautiful wife and little dog Hamilton in Prospect, SA. I have been writing my whole life, but really only started taking it seriously back in 2011. I have one novella published (Singing Sand) with its sequel (Quietus) on the way. I'm working on a trilogy of fantasy novels, with the first completed (draft) and the second underway. I love reading as well and would love to offer my services as a read-4-reviewer and/or Beta reader. Looking forward to hearing from this groups others members! Happy writing guys

message 3: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (shuangs) | 1 comments Hi all. I'm in my late 20s. I'm an on going book worm and also in the process of writing a fiction novel and a memoir. I'm living in the Plympton area, half way between the ocean and the city. :)

message 4: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Joanne, feel free to invite people!

Aussiescribbler Aussiescribbler | 2 comments Hi,

My name is David. I'm 51 and live in Brighton. I've written quite a few ebooks all of which are free. I write under two pseudonyms - Aussiescribbler for my humorous erotica and Joe Blow for my books on psychology. My erotica story Lusting While Dusting is in the top 100 most downloaded ebooks at Smashwords and my self-help psychology book How to Be Free has received over 200 five star ratings on U.S. I-Tunes. How to Be Free is the only book I've also published in paperback.

As a reader, I enjoy non-fiction books on movies and psychology. When it comes to fiction I like humorous stories and horror.

message 6: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Hi David and Nicole,
I have been in Adelaide a year now Nicole and love it here. It is rapidly becoming my favorite city in Australia, I hope you feel the same way as time goes on.

David, a lot of us publish on createspace which allows you to publish ebooks and also paperbacks with ease. I definitely recommend you check it out, its excellent that you are having success with your work.

We are happy to have you guys here, feel free to invite anyone you think will enjoy being a part of this group.



Aussiescribbler Aussiescribbler | 2 comments Thanks L.R.,

I use Smashwords for ebooks and Lulu for my paperback. I have friends who, like you, have had good experience with Createspace.

message 8: by Peter (last edited Jan 04, 2014 05:21AM) (new)

Peter Stone (sevensidedcube) Hi All,

I'm not in Adelaide but Melbourne's not that far away. At any rate, you guys always send your weather over to us, lol.

I'm an avid reader and also a writing, and have just published a dystopian novel, Forager which has been getting great reviews so far.

I'm really looking forward to 'Into the Still Blue' coming out soon, and am currently reading the 'I am just Junco' series.

message 9: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Hi Peter, nice to see you here!
Well done on your debut book, it sounds very interesting. Your cover is unusual but really well put together and I like it. Feel free to invite anyone that you think will benefit from this group and have a look at the other threads for events, author info etc.


message 10: by Peter (new)

Peter Stone (sevensidedcube) Thanks L.R.
The way the girl on the cover is dressed is actually an integral part of the story, and a relevant part of modern day Japanese culture, well, a sub-culture... It's all revealed in the book, lol.

message 11: by Peter (new)

Peter Stone (sevensidedcube) Hey All,
Hope I'm allowed to place this here:

Forager is currently free on

I would be ecstatic if you downloaded the book, and shared the link with anyone who may be interested.

And of interest, after just 43 copies were downloaded, it got to no.8 on the 100 FREE books on

If only it were that easy to get into the top 10 free list on the USA site lol. (I got rejected by Bookbub - again - so that's not going to happen anytime soon.)

I forgot to mention previous that the sequel to Forager was released a couple of weeks ago. Infiltrator by Peter R. Stone It has been getting fantastic reviews.


message 12: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Welcome Dominic, I am at Lyndoch so not far.

message 13: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Currell (Currell) | 34 comments Mod
Its beautiful here, I recommend it.

message 14: by Kristal (new)

Kristal McKerrington (kristal_mckerrington) | 2 comments Hi I'm Kristal McKerrington I'm 26 years old. I'm from Scotland and am a romance.

message 15: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Morgan (shazjmorgan) | 1 comments Hello! 🙃
Is this group still alive? I've been a member of Goodreads for over 10 years, and have finally decided that it's time to join some groups. Am hoping to meet some like minded booklovers, close to home. I am based in Adelaide Hills. 😀

message 16: by Anatol (new)

Anatol | 1 comments Hi there,

My name is Anatol, I am from Belarus and have been living in Australia for more than two years. My favourite books are Science Fiction and Popular Science. I live in Western Suburbs.

message 17: by Jules (new)

Jules | 1 comments Hi Everyone,
I'm Jules, moved to Adelaide a year or so ago and am near the CBD.
Like reading bit of this and that, especially those with loose or open endings. Cheerio.

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