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Have you fallen in love with Montana yet?

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message 1: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth | 21 comments I recently found myself watching a show about Rodeo and cowboys. And it suddenly hit me that I have fallen in love with everything Montana, Cowboys and Rodeo.
I'm enjoying reading all the Montana Born Books and the Copper Mountain Christmas Stories.

message 2: by Janine (new)

Janine (jbrowe) | 38 comments This time last year, if someone had mentioned Montana to me, I'ld be like, I'll just stay here. But, after reading the book, hearing all the descriptions and seeing the pictures, I am ready to hop on the next plane there. Another thing is I have always kinda considered myself a city girl. But, I am starting to fall in love with small towns too. I love the fact people are so close and always have someone to count on if needed.

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