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message 1: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Chapter Seven Discussion Thread

message 2: by David Sven, Mortal Sword..Meow (new) - rated it 5 stars

David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
It’s a bit clearer to me this chapter on the situation with Stonny and Harlo and the rest. Stonny, unable to stand the reminder of her rape has adopted Harlo out to Bedek and Myrla. Snell was the only child of the couple and hates Harlo for taking his parents attention. Stonny makes her living training snotty nosed noble’s kids swordcraft and makes sure to send money off to Bedek and Myrla as maintenance for Harlo – unfortunately Snell has been collecting the money and then keeping it – leaving the couple destitute with an extra mouth to feed.
This chapter, Snell stalks Harlo and clobbers him, leaving him unconscious outside of town. Harlo is found by an old shepherd who takes him and sells him to the mines.

Mappo isn’t having any luck with the priests of Burn. It seems that Ardata’s magic that healed him is resisting the protective spells and blood that the priests have been trying to put on him. Mappo ends up taking passage with the Trygalle Tarade Guild.

The Trygale Trade Guild recruit a couple of Bole brothers and a witch that they are both into. Gruntle also signs up as a shareholder

Murillio plans a change of pace – hoping to sign up with Stonny as a part time instructor

Rallick ponders how his and Vorcan’s return to the guild is going to play out. It seems the only way it can go is he takes out the guild leaders before they take him out and wait for Vorcan to show up and resume her leadership with him as 2IC

Torvald Nom takes his “laundered” money to Leff and Scorch and Kruppe – for them to pay the moneylender he just cleaned out. Leff and Scorch have been whittling down their list. Kruppe has wangled it so that the list gets reduced but those on the list still get away. It also seems that Torvald is none too keen to be reunited with his cousin Rallick – Crafty Kruppe gets him to pay for his meal in return for his silence.

And we get confirmation that the bard hanging out at K’rul’s bard is Fisher

‘What’s your name, bard?’
‘Call me Fisher.’

And a ghost in the cellar of K’rul’s bar tells Bluepearl that whoever is trying to kill them wants the temple for themselves

‘Someone’s trying to murder us.’
‘Of course they are. You’re squatting and they don’t want company. You should broach a cask, one of these. That will tell you everything you need to know.’

I wonder what's in those casks?

message 3: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
I am looking forward to this next section. There are some great arcs going on here. The Bole twins will add humour, as all that Mott lot seem mad as a cut snake. The wild witch of the woods will also no doubt have some interesting power, add Gruntle and Mappo to the mix and that is one bad ass wagon rolling through the warrens.

I am also interested in reading about the barrels and the connection between what is in them and what Humble Measure is trying to do. I remember what is in them, but for the life of me, can't remember the connection.

It is great to see Picker/Blend and Antsy again and the scene at the bar and subsequently waking up with no knowledge of what they had done to each other, apart from 'sore bits' makes for fun reading.

Sweetest Suffrence, Humble Measure, Precious Thumble.... Gods where does he get these names from?

Silvio Curtis | 403 comments Do you suppose those three characters are all from One Eye Cat?

Now since Anomandaris is circulating and well-known, except for the new verses, I'm a little surprised Fisher can go around incognito.

message 5: by David Sven, Mortal Sword..Meow (new) - rated it 5 stars

David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
Silvio wrote: "Do you suppose those three characters are all from One Eye Cat?"

Hmm...that's an interesting thoughts Humble Measure is for sure so maybe depending if those weird names are characteristic of the town.

message 6: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Sigh, so now there is another side story that SE has to write. One Cat history to give with the black swamp and Mott wood wars I want to read about.

Silvio Curtis | 403 comments Sure sounds like there's a story behind the city's name, at least.

Lori Lee, I can't even remember what is in the casks, so you're doing better than me!

Sumant Ya one nice fast paced chapter.Also who was that cat who was hanging with torvald the day he stole ?, looks like even cats are kruppe's agents the way he knew how torvald stole that treasure.

message 10: by Rob, Quick Ben (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
I find it odd that this book has much less in way of significant (to the world at large) events than the last book, yet I'm enjoying it a lot more.

Maybe because I like most of the characters more. The only slow parts in this book so far are Clip and his crew.

I was sort of guessing that Gruntle was going to sign on to the Trygale Trade Guild when both came to town. And Mappo in tow. This is going to be interesting..

Duffy Pratt | 354 comments As the narrator might say, this book makes you care about things that might seem inconsequential. By contrast, there are entire story arcs in Reapers Gale that were of fairly large consequence, and yet left many people not caring.

My first time through, this was my favorite of all the books so far. And on rereading, I'm enjoying it even more. Like Rob, the first time around I found it hard to get involved with the Nimander Clip story line. But this time, I'm really enjoying Nimander.

message 12: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
I am still not sold on Nimanders story arc. I did pay a lot more attention to it this time, but I still haven't 'gotten into it' like I had hoped. Arantha is the only one I have really enjoyed watching.

message 13: by Lori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lori I'm with Duffy - I'm liking this arc far more now. I'm also understanding the Clip arc so much better, hahaha last time I didn't quite catch on to the fact that the Dying God wasn't TCG!

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