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A H What do you wanna do?

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A H ok.

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A H Can we do a romance rp? I have some ideas.

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A H Here are some ideas-

10. Spy partners (Romance
11. Teens who find out they have superhuman powers. (Romance)
12. Master/Slave-girl
13. An assassin goes undercover into the palace undercover as a peasant so she can assassinate the king. She falls in love with the kings oldest son, the prince.
14. Runaways
15. Summer camp(Either 2 campers or counselor/camper)
16.Band Member/Fan
17. Rival Love
18. Historical love. (Peasant/Royal, Rebel/Government, Civil war time:African American slave/White owner.)
19. Geek girl and the jock boy that always used to pick on her are both grown. At a school reunion, sparks fly.
20. A teen guy volunteers at a teen detention center, there she meets a girl with massive troubles, as she tried to kill her mom. Slowly they start to bond and develop feelings for each other.

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A H You'll be the guy rite...?

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A H Can we do 12?

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A H Maybe early 1700s....and okay, u can play the slave and I'll be the master. Charries?

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A H Can I make mine 2morrow?? Have to go now...

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A H Okay...I'm jut amking my charrie.

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A H yep....

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A H Name : Emily Jackson
Age : 18
Appearance : Very pretty, long black hair, beautiful eyes and a breath-taking smile. Slim, graceful body.
Background : Belongs to a rich family in Georgia. Her father owns a publishing house and is one of the most influential persons in the country.

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A H U'll start..?

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A H Ben wrote: "need to go I'll be back in 15 min"


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A H Emily was in her room, trying to work the math problems when her gaze moved to the garden, where Peter was working. With a yawn, she continued her work.

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A H Emily shut her books and went sprinting down towards the main door. She wore her boots, and joined her father for the horse-ride.

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A H "Yes", Emily chirped in and gave him her dazzling smile. 'Is the horse ready/" she asked him.

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A H ((sorry...))

"Ok, make it fast", she said and stood there waiting, watching him disappear to get the saddle.

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A H Just when Emily and her dad were about to go, her dad got a call for some important business. He got down from the horse and told her, "Sorry, I have to go Sweety. You can take Peter with you". After her dad went away, she went in search of Peter.

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A H ((yeah of course...sorry, I was busy))

'Hey!" she called out, smiling and ran behind Peter. "Dad is going out, had some urgent business. he said whether you could come with me, for a ride?"

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A H Emily saw the look on his face, and feeling a wave of sympathy cross over her, she slightly touched his arm. "Don't one will know. And if anyone says something...I'll take care of it".

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A H Emily went behind him into the shed. She watched as he brought the horse out and with delight, mounted the horse. "Would you sit behind me?" she asked Peter.

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A H They set out, Peter sitting behind Emily. They traveled around the city, in the narrow, quiet lanes and Emily had a lot of fun. They got down beside a lake, to take some rest.

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A H "Thanks", Emily said, taking his hand and hopping down next to him. They went and sat under a tree. "So....tell me about you", she said innocently.

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A H "You don't go out...? To places. An your family?" she asked curiously. Even though he worked in her house, she realized she knew little about him.

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A H "When you were 9....", she said, astonished. "And go to places....I mean, like, visiting places, having some fun...", she said and shrugged. She didn't that what was normal routine to was like a dream to him.

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A H She slowly turned towards him. "You always work? You never rest?" she asked innocently. She touched his arm lightly. "You could come out with me sometimes, we could have fun".

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A H "Hey....", she said softly, "don't get mad at me please. I didn't know they treated you like this. And plus, you work for my family, so I can ask you to do anything for me, rite?" she asked cheerfully, not understanding the intensity of the situation.

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A H "Well....", she said slowly, thinking whether he was mentally retarded, "you could come out with me soemtimes...cause u work in my house, and I can ask you to do anything".

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A H "What?" she gasped. "You're planning to escape? From our house?"

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A H "But you can;t do that!!" she gasped. Then putting on a more srious tone, "I forbid you to run away. Do you have any idea what they'll do with you if they find out?"

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