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Why was she "nice" to him that morning?
Jennie Jennie (last edited Nov 23, 2013 10:38PM ) Nov 23, 2013 10:37PM
I really enjoyed this book but was curious as to what other readers thought. The morning April gives herself an abortion, she was nice to Frank. Ordinarily, I would say that someone would do that to give the appearance of everything being ok or to leave their spouse with a good last memory of them, but given their history and how emotionally abusive they were to each other, I highly doubt this is the case. I don't have a solid theory yet so I was curious what others thought.

I felt it was to be Frank's last chance actually.
I think she thought, if I be the "perfect wife" despite him KNOWING the truth under my smiles, see if he is actually concerned about me or just concerned with upholding what i provide for him, does he care about my role or my person? And Frank failed.
One could forgive if he really thought she was fine, but he knew and as she put it, continues to live lying to himself and her.
He put his comfort above caring for her and that tipped her over the edge, I feel if he had taken the day off and stripped it all down and cared and listened to his wife, that would never have happened. She tried to care about her dreams and mental health in place of a supportive husband too, terrible tragedy. But i think frank showed himself as he truly is, not a desperate husband trying to make her happy and not knowing how, but someone who cared little for her REALLY but just wanted the package she provided.

I think April was so nice to him, because she wanted him to think he had won. In April's plan, he would return home in the evening, she would told him she had abortion, as to defy him. She probably would feel the master of her own life. She couldn't know something would go wrong...

I think that she was set on giving herself an abortion, so the nice behave towards him was a silent talk "I am going to do this in order for us to get back our lives, our marriage. I will do it, and when you get back, at the end of the day, it will all be fine, and we will be able to get back to the plan of going to Paris and live."

She felt trapped, in what society demanded her to be: a stay at home mom, kissing her hard-working husband at the begining and at the end of the day, keeping the house spotless, the kids fed, all in tip-top shape but like a hamster in a cage: spinning forever on the wheell, no hopes,no dreams of change or self-fulfillment.
So, the coming of this 3rd child meant that she would no longer change the spinn on her life, so the decided that even though Frank told her not to do it, she "claimed" her body and decided to go ahead, maybe thinking that it would all be easy, breezy andthat atmost, it would only mean a short passage on the hospital.

I think when you struggle with something, and finally believe you have made the only decision possible, an enormous amount of peace is felt. I think that's what she felt that morning. But as you said......caged animal.

I agree w/ Doug- it was her last chapter. The whole scenario was immature, but mostly how the cycle repeated itself w/ how their CHILDREN will now grow up, since Frank left the scene.

Probably to avoid raising suspicion but in saying that I think Frank should have been nothing but suspicious. Maybe that's what she wanted, maybe it isn't but she seemed to provide a fantasy world for him that morning and he was more than happy to accept it.

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