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Name: Regina Silvia Fancourt
Gender: Female
Blood: Pure Blood
Age: 17
» Birthday: September 18
Position: Student
House: Ravenclaw
» Year: 7
» Quidditch: N/A
» Position: Student
» Wood: Pear: The golden-toned wood of pear produces wands of splendid magical powers, which give of their best in the hands of the warm-hearted, the generous and the wise.
» Core: Unicorn Hair: Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard.
» Length: 12 1/4 inches
» Flexibility: Slightly Springy
» Description: Regina's wand is light gold in color. The handle thins as you travel to the tip, making for a perfect fit for the hand. It is decorated by various spheres and smooth curves. Etched in the wood are various constellations and runes.
According to Ollivander,longer wands tend to be drawn to bigger personalities whereas shorter wands suit people whose character lacks something. This bit of information pleased Regina very much when her wand chose her. It took Regina and Mr. Ollivander about seven attempts before getting this wand in her hands. The second Regina wrapped her fingers around it, stars, constellations, and galaxies were projected around them, twinkling and constantly changing.
It didn't take long for Regina and her wand to become comfortable with each other. Because of the wood and core combination, Regina was able to cast spells and charms easily, some that were even a level or two above her. Regina and her wand have come to the point where she no longer needs to speak the spell in order for it to be cast. There is an unspoken bond between Regina and her wand.

Appearance Continued: Regina has a head of fiery red hair with gold, orange, and blonde undertones. She likes to keep her hair natural which is straight with some waves. She has it cut a bit choppily and is layered. Regina has large, almond shaped eyes that are the color of chocolate. Overall Regina is a slender, but healthy girl. She stands at five feet six inches, and weighs approximately one hundred and thirty pounds. She moves with confidence and ease for she is very comfortable with herself. Her skin is light with some rosy tones. Her cheeks and nose are sprinkled with light freckles. She has full, dark lips, a slight button nose, and an ovalish face. Her eyebrows are very defined. When she smiles her eyes light up and her cheeks always blush. Regina's tone of voice is generally calm and light-hearted. She speaks though with intelligence, clarity, and confidence. The pitch of her voice is a bit below average and can be very soothing. She has a light-hearted laugh and a smile that lights up her whole face.
Personality: Like all Ravenclaws, Regina is a clever and resourceful girl. She loves to read and learn new things. She feels that the more you study something, the better you are, but also knows that you need to go out there and do things to improve your skills as well. She has a wide range of knowledge that expands past the stereotypical book smarts of Ravenclaw students. She also has common sense. She knows what is possible and what is not and doesn't let her desires skew her perception of reality. Even though she is 17, Regina is wise. She makes good decisions and always thinks of the consequences before acting on impulse. Her main focus when making decisions revolves around how it will effect her and those around her. She is most concerned about the well being of her fellow Ravenclaws and appoints herself responsible for protecting them and keeping them safe. She is a bit of a worry wart when it comes to her friends, and can be a party pooper, but also the voice of reason. She is their protector and prides herself in that. Even though Regina keeps an eye on her friends, she also values her alone time. Most Ravenclaws are all that creative, but Regina has a bit of an artistic side. She usually spends her free time writing in a journal or just short stories that pop into her head. She also spends a lot of time studying her star charts and the night sky. Most nights she can be found at the top of the Astronomy tower gazing at the stars. She especially loves the stories from the constellations' histories. Regina's social life is nothing remarkable, but she does have a small group of reliable friends. When with her friends she is actually quite funny. She really opens up around them and isn't afraid to let loose. The side of her that is exposed the most is her scholar side. She isn't afraid to ask questions and usually questions pretty much everything. Although she does not do it intentionally, Regina can be a bit of a know-it-all which does bother some people. She is also a perfectionist and pushes herself to excel in every aspect of her life. Although she is mostly serious, she does have a lively side which is rarely exposed to others. She gets easily excited about school and other educational topics more then the average person, but doesn't pay much attention to what others think of that. She tries very hard to be an individual and to not let what others say phase her. She is a strong, independent young woman, who always speaks her mind and isn't afraid to be brutally honest. She does not have a huge temper, but does get annoyed very easily, especially by ignorance or extreme innocence.
History of the Fancourt Name: Regina's family name comes from the famous astronomer and inventor Perpetua Fancourt. Perpetua was a former Ravenclaw herself and showed a great interest and talent for Astronomy. She invented the lunascope which aided wizards with moon charts.
Childhood: Regina is the youngest of two. Her only sibling is Agatha, her sister who is six years older than she is. Regina and Agatha usually got along as children. There were always moments when they would fight or disagree about how playtime should be spent in which their parents would have them separated for a while. Both girls, especially Regina, showed an extreme interest in magic at young ages. For Christmases and birthdays Regina always asked for books that covered a wide variety of topics including magical creatures, spells, and magic history. Her parents both agreed that it would be beneficial for the girls to attend muggle school until their Hogwarts letters arrived on their eleventh birthdays. Although Agatha objected highly, Regina didn't see a problem with it. She enjoyed going to muggle school and the subjects they taught because they were so different compared to her magical studies. Even though her immediate family is small, her extended family is quite large. Her mother is one of nine and therefore Regina has many cousins and her father is one of four. Most summer and winter holidays were spent with the family, traveling. When Agatha got her letter, Regina was only five. Like any younger sibling, Regina was jealous. She too wanted to get her wand and her robes, and to pick out an animal companion. Agatha took great pleasure in rubbing it in young Regina's face. After Agatha went off to school, it was just Regina and her parents. To make it up to her, they took her on frequent trips to Diagon Alley where she became a regular at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. As she reached the age eleven, she continued her muggle and magic studies.
Years at Hogwarts: Agatha and Regina were only at Hogwarts together for one year. During the sorting ceremony, Regina was extremely nervous. Even though her entire family had been sorted into Ravenclaw, she worried excessively about the possibility of being sorted into another house. To make her fear worse, she was a hatstall. When her name was called to have the sorting hat placed on her head, she waited for almost five minutes before the hat called out Ravenclaw. Extremely relieved, she joined her sister and fellow first years at the Ravenclaw table.
Regina's first year was nothing out of the ordinary. She had high expectations for herself which she fulfilled easily. She was one of the most skilled witches in her class. She was especially gifted in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Years two through five were quite similar. She studied hard, was constantly reading, and always managed to get the highest marks on every assignment, project, and exam. She was a true Ravenclaw. She perfected silent spell casting her sixth year, but still prefers to say the spell out loud when practicing. Regina never had any serious complications with other students or professors. Sure she didn't get along with everyone, some from her own house, but she never got into any serious trouble.
Regina especially loves Astronomy. She guesses that her love of the stars and planets comes from her ancestor Perpetua. Astronomy is probably one of her favorite classes and one of her best. If she can't be found in the library, she is probably located somewhere in the Astronomy tower. She also does independent studies of the stars and has charted many constellations and planet movement that is not covered in the class.
Although she does not play, Regina is very fond of Quidditch. She and her friends never miss a game and always support the Ravenclaw team by wearing blue and bronze.
When stressed about schoolwork or family, Regina often seeks out guidance from Helena Ravenclaw, the house ghost. Because she belongs to the Ravenclaw house, Helena is very fond of her and is always open to discussion.
Some of Regina's favorite places in Hogwarts include the library (naturally), the Astronomy tower, and the school grounds. If she is upset or needs to cool down after an argument, she usually seeks out refuge in one of these locations.
» George Fancourt, father, 48, reporter for the Daily Prophet, former Ravenclaw
» Amelia Dasher Fancourt, mother, 46, Ministry of Magic:Department of Magical Education, Former Ravenclaw
» Agatha Fancourt, sister, 23, Ministry of Magic: Witch Watchers, former Ravenclaw
» Name: Perpetua
» Gender: Female
» Age: 13
» Appearance:

» Description: Perpetua, or Petty, as Regina often refers to her, is an old, lovable feline. She appears to be larger than she actually is because of her many layers of striped fur. Regina rescued Perpetua from being left on the streets by the owners of Magical Menagerie. No one had been interested in buying her for months and they no longer wished to provide for her. Regina took the old girl in and the two bonded instantly. Because of Perpetua's laid back behavior, she made the perfect companion for midnight reading.
When at Hogwarts, Petty spends most of her time lounging either in the common room by the fire, or curled up on Regina's bed. It's rare to see her out and about on the grounds for she is more of a team motivator then mascot. Whenever someone enters the Ravenclaw common room she is there to great them with a friendly meow.
Petty gets her name from Regina's ancestor, Perpetua Fancourt.
Other: Her patronus is a wolf

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Position: Student

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