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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Wooooo

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A god! XD
What's plot setting shall we have?

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Ok, so we can do something fantasy wise or something Highschool, I think. I personally quite like the Gang prompts, but often others don't. I can play the innocent one in the relationship or the 'badass' one, I don't mind.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments GANGSTERS!!! Badumbadumbadun... BATMAN!!!


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Yes, you are fabulous.

Ok, so they are in opposing gangs and one gets captured. Simple as that. Do you want to make your charrie first so I can base mine around it, or the other way round?

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Step one: I'm back.

Step two: I can make my character now. The picture has to wait though. Do you mind if it is anime?

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You know I don't! Plus, I won't be able to create for now, im on my phone.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments I'm also on the phone! Brofist! *le epically brofists phone screen*

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Yush! Hehe

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments So characters later okay?

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Name: Tyson 'Ty' Ryans
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Tattoos along his arms, but on his body is multiple, crisscrossing scars of twisted flesh. These litter his back and front.
On top of these he has three scratch marks near the bottom of his back.

Personality: TBRP'D
Ty's older brother is the leader of the gang 'Red Plague' . They're attire is black clothes and a Plague Doctors mask, and some where on their bodies a Red satin band is tied. Only when on the job of course. Ty never really liked his brother, or approved of his profession, but having a brother at the head of a gang is a plus... Mostly. But Ty has to keep fit or he will die. And so exercises regularly and is very good with weapons, especially small guns.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Woooo!!!!

[[ credits to dA artist. I practically typed in: Levy Mcgarden Genderbend.. And wheee... Levy's from FT by the way!! *skips away* lalalalaaaa..]]

Name: Levi (often mistaken as Levy) Creed

Age: 19

Gender: Male


(just change that red thing to an awesome orange coloured thing..)

Personality: .. To be found through roleplay.

History: Levi has always been mistaken as a girl ever since he grew up. Due to his hair and his appearance, he became known as Levy to bullies and Levi to friends. His brother and he formed a gang at some point of their lives and after naming it Sapphirates UnisonRaid (yes, it is together without spacebars.) Levi became a better fighter and a rather valuable member to the gang. Other enemies soon learned that if they hurt either Levi or his brother, pretty much the entire UnisonRaid gang would attack.. And they'd go back with so much injuries.

His brother (Note, this is Lucy Heartfilia gender bent)
Name: Hibiki "Hibi" Creed
Age: 21

Gang information: Members of UnisonRaid have to have any coloured wristband that is always on their right wrist. Any single colour. The way to identify their two leaders is by the blue hair and the blond hair as they are the only people with those hair colours. Their weapons are concealed in a genius way. Their own wristband can become a weapon, should they have stashed any small knives in it, or as what Levi uses, a violin bow, yes, a violin bow with a sword inside. Ingeniously, Hibiki's weapon is simply his mind. He is the strategist of the gang along with some others.

- Should they have powers in another dimension or universe, it is possible that Hibiki's powers is something called Archive, as he can form an instant computer that is.. magic.. and can.. access any data.. Yes..
- If so, Levi's powers would go to illusion making, as it's pretty much obvious he can do such things if he is able to conceal a sword in a violin bow.
- Levi is a little immune to sleep drugs, able to wake before the desired time.
- Hibiki is also not quite so protective of his brother, and sometimes members question if he even thinks of Levi as a sibling.
- .. Sometimes Levi is glad to have Hibiki, sometimes.. not so much.

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Epic much. Now I feel inadequate. P.s I may change his appearance...

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Okay. XD I love my characters.. XD

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So, should one gang, which ever one is stronger, kidnap the others charrie? I dunno, that just seems like w cool place to start or progress to as the first plot point.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments I guess.. Levi seems like the type who is vulnerable.. Just saying.

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Ok, so should we start just before the kidnapping?

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Up to you. Would you like to start first?:D

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I have to hop off now, but sure I will do it tomorrow!

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Nightlockiss?

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Love your profile pic.
I'll start writing now!

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Okays!!

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments LEOOOOOOO

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(( I'm just gonna take a guess that we're playing this in the past.))

Ty took a sharp intake of breath and closed his eyes. Today was his third mission, and by far his most dangerous. Ok, technically it was an 'assignment', but mission sounded better. He was to oversee the kidnapping of a rival gangs leader, or his younger brother. One was as good as the other. Ty looked nervously at the men around him. None of them respected him. They were only doing this because Ty's older brother and ordered them to. Weather they didn't like him because he was younger or because of his sexuality was a mystery to him.

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Natsu wrote: "LEOOOOOOO"

Yush... But imagine him as... not Leo.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments (( okays!! ))

Levi shouldered his temporary bag, walking out of where the headquarters of UnisonRaid was in. Their location would be classified so enemies could not hunt them. With his weapon concealed in a sheath on his back made to look like a poster case, Levi set off to get something for his brother.

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Ty himself had no idea how the driver was expecting to find the members of UnisonRaid. Were they just gonna drive around until they found them? But soon enough they were stopping. The men looked at him quickly before jumping out the car. Ty sighed. So much for leading it. The members started off towards two figures who appeared to be alone and unarmed. Ty himself knew better. He had researched their rival gang a little bit, but it was clear the others hadn't. They rushed in, expecting an easy catch of both the leader and his brother. They were, of course, going to be beaten. Ty couldn't do much but hang back and wait for an opening.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Hearing the rush of feet on the pavement, Hibiki and Levi turned around. "Hmm?" Hibiki tilted his head in confusion to why people were even heading that way. Levi recognised them as their rival gang's members and they both did the natural thing to do. The bluenette and the blonde siblings dodged the incoming people and didn't draw out their weapons. Why should they bother.. If they were just going to dodge attacks.

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A big burly one swung at Lui, but missed. In fact, for almost the rest of the fight all the did was miss. Until Sly, a natural assassin, glanced his bat of Lui's shoulder. It didn't make much contact, but was enough to push the blonde away slightly.
Ty couldn't help but watch and admire the brothers. They were good... Almost as good as him. He calculated a few things about them. Mainly that they were good at what they did, despite how young the gang itself was.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Levi saw HIbiki give him the signal they had come up upon. For Levi to run as if escaping. So turning on his heel, Levi ran the other way as he drew his weapon, attracting some more members. He had always been an agile type of person and he was swift on his feet. Usually this tactic worked, but they didn't really know about now. Their gang had always been known to be a little risky, taking their chances.

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Ty swore silently. He chastised himself for not expecting this, before taking off. But instead of chasing directly after the youngest, whom he assumed would be a better target, he veered off into a side alley. He scaled and old ladder to the roof and pursued from there. As he he went roof running often, he vaguely knew the area. Still, in this intensity Ty could feel his breath starting to shorten. Ty soon found an opening and, as Levi turned a corner Ty came to a stop. Levi had gone down what appeared to be a dead end with one ladder leading up to the roof.
Soon enough members of Red Plague were heard approaching. The only exit was up, and so Ty moved to a place where he could see but would not be seen. He expected Levi to come up, but the boy was full of surprises.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Levi knew this area well, as he had been here before. He saw the ladder but didn't really use it. Instead, using his running speed he ran up the wall and while on the wall, he did that thing where he ran and over his pursuers' heads and he continued to run, heading the other way. If they could catch him and cut him away from going back to Hibiki, that would be a surprise.

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Ty felt a grin break across his face. Oh yeah, this was more like it. Almost immediately after Levi cleared his assailants heads Ty pushed off. As he was running he though he might as well have some fun with this.
"How's it going down there?" He called down, keeping pace with the Levi.
He chuckled and leapt a small gap between two buildings.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments "Down here is great." Levi replied, focusing his eyes on the distance. He saw Hibiki in the distance and failed to see something like a ledge on the road he was running on, and.. He tripped. He landed on his knees with a slight yelp and started to get up, but he heard his pursuers return and they were gaining on him.

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Ty halted almost immediately as Levi fell.
He scaled down a drain pipe and grinned at Levi.
"Don't worry" He chuckled.
"I'll save you"
That was an old joke between him and his brother. Kip, the brother, used to say that right after playing a prank on Ty.
Anyway, He grabbed Levi by the hand and ran down a crack between two impossible close buildings. It didn't matter if Levi knew who Ty was or not, he wasn't about to give the boy a chance at escape. Even though he had remarkably cool blue hair...

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Levi knew he felt suspicious of this boy and he slowed him down by purposely digging his heels in. "I need to get back to my brother.." He said like an innocent bystander. Except th fact he had just done an impossible stunt..

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"Ok, Ok, we'll go through here. It's a short cut back to the road. Where is your brother?" Ty asked, pretending to be as innocent as Levi was trying to be. "But we gotta go quick. Those mediocre gang guys are faster than their tubby bellies make them out to be."

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments How does he know they are from a gang? Immediately Levi thought. He knew his surroundings perfectly well and as they were going to opposite way of where Hibiki was. "My brother is the other way." He said, trying to pull away.

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((Suhryy, I have been creating charries!))

Ty grabbed his arm tightly. "Ok, we'll go this way" He said, retaining his smile. But now there was a warning glint in his eyes. The passage was to narrow for Levi or Ty to try any tricks, but Ty knew Levi might try to run. In fact, he was expecting it.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments If only Levi had known what was going to happen if he ran. Unfortunately he didn't know and after breaking away at last, he made a dash back out the alley, scraping against the walls a little which slowed him down. It appeared litter and a few sticks thrown down by birds perhaps was there and he stumbled, unable to regain his balance.

(( it's okay!! ))

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Ty ran after Levi and saw him unbalanced. Slowing down all he did was push on the boys shoulder at Levi fell down. To stop him running Ty dropped and straddled him. Ignoring how... intimate the movement was in the tiny ally way Ty looked down at the blue haired boy and smirked.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments "Hey!" Levi said in protest, trying to escape. He could sense that Hibiki was coming over, by hearing the sounds of fast footsteps. However they went directly away from the alley like Hibiki had searched for him elsewhere.

(( I am lately so bad to my characters.. They go though a lot of bad experiences. If I ever turn my back on them I guess I'll be killed.. XD ))

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((DEATH BY TRAY IT SHALL BE... Wait what.))

Ty placed his hand over Levi's mouth. "Shut up" He hissed. He had one of the gang leaders now, he wouldn't want to loose him now. Plus this angle... "You know, I like this angle" He smirked down, shifting his weight.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments Levi's eyes narrowed at Ty as he pieced out whatever had just happened. Upon hearing the last part said, he grew uncomfortable because even though he actually was attracted to the same gender, this wasn't the best position to be when someone was sitting on you. Sitting in a way.

(( this is one reason why I miss you!!! XD wait. WHAT TRAY!? I'd rather die by barrels..)).

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((BROF- *Is squashed by giant Barrel*))

Ty snorted as the footsteps receded. He wanted to get moving but if he moved he knew Levi would be up and off in a second. But Ty had come prepared. The Red Plague gang were known for their interesting.. herbs. Aka Drugs. Quickly, using one hand, he pulled out a cloth and vial. He placed the cloth on the ground and tipped the contents of the vial sloppily onto the fabric before placing it across Levi's nose. The drug on there was similar to chloroform. Hopefully Levi would be unconscious in seconds.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments (( NOOOOOOO!! *smashes barrel* He just came back!! How dare you kill him!! *is talking to broken shards of wood* ))

Levi did not expect that coming but he managed to hold his breath, although he had accidentally breathed in some. Tensing up as he looked at Ty with the expression that said, "God damn it." He knew that Red Plague was also reckless but to stoop as low as this surprised him.

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(( XD You DO love me :D ))

As Ty saw Levi's vision become unfocused and his eyelids flutter he realized how exhausted he actually felt. Ty closed his eyes and slumped, until realizing how... how he must look. He scrambled to his feet, knowing Levi couldn't move his limbs by now. "So cute" He purred. And then, in the confines of the buildings on either side of him, he picked Levi up bridal styled and shimmied sideways out the other side where his car was waiting.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 1376 comments (( XD TRUE))

Levi cursed inwardly since he didn't have the strength to open his mouth. With his vision gradually dimming, Levi could only make out seeing a flash of Hibiki's clothes before everything was dark. Unfortunately he heard what Ty had said and without containing himself, he lightly blushed and it was gone when he was unconscious.

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