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EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Any ideas?

message 2: by Gabriella (new)

Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments Idk...what kind of RPs are you usually interested in?

EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments I don't really know. Sorry.

EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Are going to continue this?

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments We should. Any ideas?

EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Romance?
School Romance?

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments We could do a kidnapping-romance...

EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Okay. Can I be the girl? Do you want to make your charie first?

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments Can't :( have work...could you? I'll make mine when I get back.

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EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments ((Are we going to continue?))

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments Sure :) can u make ur character first?

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EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Do you want it detailed or it dosent matter

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 698 comments Doesn't matter :)

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EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments Okayz

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EYE CANDY KITTEN | 238 comments

██████████▐▐▐▐ ▬ ♠ ▬ ▌▌▌▌██████████

Basic Information

Lucille (view spoiler) Doberman
Lux(view spoiler)

Female ♀

Date of Birth:
October Twenty fourth
Place of Birth:
Long Beach, California

██████████▐▐▐▐ ▬ ♠ ▬ ▌▌▌▌██████████

Personal Information:

Lux is generally a nice, bubbly person, er, Faery, but if you rub her the wrong way, you might want to watch out. She’s nice to most people and will return respect if it’s given to her. She’s defensive of herself, and protective of her friends or people she feels like are being discriminated against. Lux is good at a lot of things and embraced her talents two different ways: normally she tries to be subtle and not make a big show of it, but if someone’s really annoying her, she has no problem showing them up. She has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh, though sometimes it’s at other people or their misfortunes. Lux has a secretive side to her; she likes to keep some things about her a secret, and close to nobody knows them. Like her real name, for example. She doesn’t let many people in and doesn’t get close with them, but she’s still friendly with a lot of people nonetheless. She's a bit of a flirt and doesn't like being wrong or not getting what she wants.

When Lux was at a young age, around a few months old, her mother died from cancer. She has no recollection or memories of her mother, so she doesn’t miss her that much. Her father, a player, always had women on his arm, so Lux was never short of a mother figure, despite how high or low some of the women’s morals were. Her father was also very fortunate, so she was never lacking what she needed or wanted. However, the thing she wanted most was never granted to her; her father’s attention. He always seemed busy and involved in work or with one of his girlfriends, so Lux usually kept to herself or tended for herself, shaping her into the independent girl she is now today.

██████████▐▐▐▐ ▬ ♠ ▬ ▌▌▌▌██████████


Single; open
None; open


Rebecca Doberman: (Mother; deceased)

Jonathan Doberman: (Father; alive)

██████████▐▐▐▐ ▬ ♠ ▬ ▌▌▌▌██████████


»Eye color: Soft medium brown
»Hair color: A light blonde
»Skin complexion: Fair; unblemished
»Weight: An average of one hundred fifteen pounds
»Height: Five foot four inches

██████████▐▐▐▐ ▬ ♠ ▬ ▌▌▌▌██████████

Ups & Downs:

→Cold weather
→Competition/ challenges
→Being right
→Getting what she wants

→Being wrong
→Annoying people/ know-it-alls
→Dirty/ unorganized things
→Homework/ work in general

→Bugs/ arachnids
→Loved ones getting hurt or killed

¬To be at the top

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