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Have any plots for the FF?

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Hum, no straight on incest (step-siblings are fine with me)

aaannnd no master/slave or student/teacher

aside from that, I'm all good with anything. :)

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I like the second one! :o

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Yay! Who do you want to be? :)

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Yay, I wanted to be the other girl. ^-^

I kind of had a small background and tell me what you think of it, alright?

What if the girl ran away because she came out of the closet and got completely disowned bu her friends/family and stuff? So she just decided to get away? And then she meets my character who's always got assholes of boyfriends but she's pretty nice so she invites your character to stay with her and then your character likes my character after awhile and my character's always been bicurious so there could be cute/awkward moments and whatnot and...yeah...

just spitting stuff out. :/

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Coolio, so how old do we want them?

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Yeah that works.

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Name: Esmeralda Rose Pontiac
nickname - Esme, Emmie, Rose
Age: Nineteen
d.o.b - 30th of September
Personality: Always has and always will be a devoted daddy's girl, Esme is a princess at heart. She's all about the dresses, the makeup and more importantly, today's fashion. She's your girl next door, always ready to have some fun while always maintaining that bit of responsibility. Sarcasm doesn't come so easily to her which sometimes means she'll either take a comment seriously or think of it in another fashion. On top of that, she's a fun ball of energy and has been raised to offer to others what she has. In other words, Esme is a kind girl, more than willing to put someone else's needs before her own. In fact, it's a terrible habit of hers.
Other: Jason, her current boyfriend - (view spoiler)

I'm too lazy to do the history. >.>

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Hum, would you like to start? Since Tessie(mwuahahaha) is the one running away? I don't know where she'd end up, haha.

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Take your time, dear. :)

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The sound of heels clicking and clacking against the pavement seemed to only boost the blonde's happiness level. She always found that it brought a sense of confidence when she walked the streets with her favourite pair of heels; she truly felt like the woman she was becoming. In college to become nothing short of a lawyer because that's what her father wished, the girl was convinced that contentedness was right around the corner. Her headphones were also plugged into her ears, her music playing loud enough to drown the everyday sound of New York's hustling and bustling. This city might as well never sleep; day in and day out, there was always something happening, which was why Esme had first fallen in love with the city when she first moved here. Much too caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice the person turning the corner at the same time as her, which resulted in an accidental collision, sending herself tumbling back. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." Came her automatic response, her eyes wide as she pulled the buds out of her ear. "Are you okay? I totally wasn't watching where I was going..."

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The blush on the other girl's cheek somehow made Esme's nerves calm down considerably. At least she wasn't mad, right? That was a small start, even though the blonde still felt the guilt inside of her. The assurance that she was alright made Esme relax even more, a smile curving on her face. "Believe me, I'm totally fine." The girl assured, keeping her face friendly as she studied the pretty blonde. Not that Esme was a judging person by all means, but it was clear as day that this stranger was definitely not New Yorker. "I really am sorry." She mumbled sheepishly, running a hand through her hair briefly, wishing it would simply stay out of her eyes. Once again, Esmeralda focused her gaze on the blonde, her smile widening as she picked out more features that appealed to her. "You new here?" She asked, gesturing to the duffle bag with a manicured hand, her head tilting to the side in a friendly manner, resting her weight on her hip as she waited for the girl to answer.

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Esme followed suit with the girl, knowing how cranky New Yorkers could be, especially if someone stood in the middle of the sidewalk; they were easily offended, city people. The blonde smiled, leaning her head back and laughing softly. "Sweetheart, don't worry about it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. What are you doing in New York? Who are you visiting?" She asked before the introductions were made in which she heartily shook the girl's hand, noting how soft it was. "I'm Esmeralda but that's kind of really long to say everytime so feel free to call me Esme or Emmie or whatever you want, really. I'm not all that fussy." She babbled, a faint blush lighting her cheeks, realizing that faint butterflies were swooning the pit of her stomach. "You have really pretty hair."

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Esme smiled, though it faltered when Tessa mentioned not visiting anyone in particular. "Oh? Where are you staying then?" Yeah, the girl was a nosy one, but she had yet to learn her lesson about minding her own beeswax. Nevertheless, she grinned at the girl's blush, finding it adorable. "Why thank you, I kind of think it's long." She babbled, absentmindedly smoothing a hand over her scarf. "No need to thank me, hun, I'm just speaking the truth." She replied smoothly, a giggling bubbling out of her for no reason specifically.

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"What? You can't be spending your first night in New York City in some cheap motel and God forbid you spend a fortune on a five star hotel." Esme shook her head and bit her lip, wondering if Jason would be alright with it. Oh, what did it matter, it's not as if he was living with her anyway. "Tell you what, I can leave you my number and address and if you don't find a place to stay by the end of tonight, feel free to come on over, alright?" She said, slowly pulling her phone out as she waited for Tessa to answer her. Once more, with Esme's bluntness, this didn't seem like such a big deal, but more as an offer and act of kindness.

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"Don't even worry about it, you don't look like a creep, which is why I'm making the invite." She smiled before she went ahead and gave her phone number to Tessa as well as address. "So, where did you plan on going now?" The blonde inquired innocently, looking around, in search of nothing in particular other than it being simply a habit of hers ever since she did move to the big city; it still caught her off guard how beautiful everything and everyone was here.

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Esme smiled widely, loving hearing the girl laugh; it meant she wasn't making a complete fool out of herself. Sometimes she found that she was much too blunt with those who were more reserved, but then there were people like Tessa, whom she knew she'd like from the moment she ran into her. It was a good sign, right? At the idea of her having lunch, the girl nodded. Though what she hadn't been expecting was the invitation and the blabbering that followed afterward, making Esme giggle, shaking her head. "No, no, I'd love to have lunch with you; I was just heading to my favourite food stand. I can bring you there, if you'd like?" She inquired as she took a step beside Tessa and then a small step forward, wondering if the pretty blonde would follow after her. "Unless you heard of a place, in which case I'd love to bring you there if you'd like." She added, not wanting to pressure Tessa into doing anything she didn't wan to.

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Esme grinned, nodding her head along to Tessa's statement. "That is true." She laughed softly under her breath, her smile reaching her eyes as they began making their way down the busy street of New York. At the innocent inquire, the blonde had no problem going on one of her blabbers. "I've been here for a good eight years now. I think it's been eight..." In her head, she counted in her head for a quick moment, as to make sure. "Yeah, eight years; I was eleven when I moved here with my dad." She claimed, turning a corner instead of crossing the busy street. "But I recently got my own apartment so it's super exciting." Once more, her eyes shone bright as she happily divulged the information. "What about you? Where are you from? How is it over there?"

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The blonde nodded her head, agreeing, "Cool is a pretty decent word to sum it up." She listened to Tessa's small speech, a stand coming into distance with quite a long line but Esme never minded waiting. "Oh cool, I've always wanted to go to Seattle." She admitted, fixing the strap of her purse as they soon arrived at the long line. She led Tessa to the back and the two soon began waiting. "New York is the most beautiful city in the world, I think. It's got everything you can think of. Except maybe a countryside, but that's not what New York's about." She told Tessa, looking up at her, noting that this angle made the girl look that much prettier. "How long do you plan on staying?"

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