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Kmart recently announced that, unlike other retailers, it won't close on Thanksgiving or simply open for a few hours on Thursday afternoon--it's asking workers to give up the holiday entirely. Kmart is planning to open up stores at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and stay open for 41 hours straight.

Thanksgiving isn't just the day before holiday shopping begins. It's a day when most Americans gather together with friends and family and give thanks -- some traveling thousands of miles just to celebrate the day with loved ones.

Traditionally, most businesses have respected their workers and closed their doors for the day, or at least allowed employees to take a few hours off to enjoy an afternoon or evening meal with family. Businesses which choose to stay open often allow workers to choose if they want to work on the holiday. But Kmart doesn't respect workers enough to even give them that choice.

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Shelley | 48 comments Only workers who choose to should be given this shift, and they should be paid triple time.

They need a union.


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