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message 1: by Howard (new)

Howard white (drwhite22) | 3 comments I am a recently retired ,fanatic reader of most topics in print. I have always been curious about "the other Howard" and recently checked out a collection of his short stories from my local library here in Columbus Ohio. I'm curious as to which of HPL's stories his fans recommend ? Thanks.
Howard D White

message 2: by Todd (new)

Todd (hpl_geek) | 14 comments My favorites - it can be hard to pick - are probably his standards: The Call of Cthulhu, At the Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow over Innsmouth. The Rats in the Walls and The Color Out of Space are excellent as well. Some argue the latter is one of his best tales. I've been reading Lovecraft and the Mythos for 30 years now. I'd really recommend trying to find a volume with Joshi's corrected texts if you run across them. I'm reading the Library of America edition H. P Lovecraft Tales. For me, reading the corrected texts are like reading Lovecraft again for the first time. The modern editions of his Arkham house collections have these versions as well I believe (6th+ printings).

message 3: by Howard (new)

Howard white (drwhite22) | 3 comments Todd; i see a lot of other authors,that were influenced by Lovecraft have written their own versions of Cthulhu
; are there any of those authors works that are better than others ?
Howard white

message 4: by Todd (new)

Todd (hpl_geek) | 14 comments I'm also a big fan of Robert Howard. He wrote some great Mythos stuff - see The Black Stone, The Fire of Asshurbanipal. Other personal favorites: Robert Block (Notebook Found in a Deserted House is one of my all time favorites), Robert Price, W. H. Pugmire, Ramsey Campbell. Brian Lumley is a little controversial in that he generally writes very pulp-era adventure style Mythos stories. Some are very good, though - see The Fairground Horror and Rising with Surtsey. For me Lumley, like many successful Mythos writers, took the classic Mythos tropes and mixed them with their own favorite genres for a new experience.

Other notables in the genre: Clark Ashton Smith, Robert W. Chambers, August Derleth (very controversial approach, but saved the Mythos from obscurity), Henry Kuttner, Frank Belknap Long, Richard A. Lupoff.

China Miéville and Neil Gaiman made less contributions, but their Mythos stories are excellent in my opinion.

Over the last 80 years (!) there have been a lot of writers interested in the Mythos and Lovecraftian horror. Take a look at :

message 5: by Howard (new)

Howard white (drwhite22) | 3 comments Todd; I have printed out the page of Mythos authors from Wikipedia,and will use it when I next visit our local library. Thank you for the link.!!

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