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Silver For discussing the last chapters of the book. Please be aware that if you have not completed the reading there may be spoilers here.

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Deborah (deborahkliegl) | 4452 comments Mod
I just finished the book. This book made me think of so many things. Our humanity and inhumanity. What we have done to damage our environment. The possibility of chaining destinies. Would Weena have died had the traveller not been there?

Another interesting note, I recently watched a BBC America special show that was a physicist who was talking about the scientific possibility of time travel. It was using the show Doctor Who as an example. From what this gentleman said, it is theoretically possible to travel forward in time, but not backwards. Of course, you'd have to be able to harness the energy of a black hole! Still, it was intriguing especially while reading this story.

I think I would have been like the dinner guests - not sure whether it was a dream or the traveller had indeed lost his mind. A great read.

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