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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Here we go :)

So you said you're already doing a step brother one and a prince/peasant?

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Yeah! So I guess all there's left is, like, best friends. Romeo/Juliet. Rich/Poor. Prince/Knight. Or any other idea, really! I wouldn't mind doing the step-brother one though, so far I'm really enjoying it. ^-^

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments I like them all so much! Argh! Decisions, decisions!
I'm up for any of them to be perfectly honest, and if you wanna do another step brother one, I'm more than happy to do that to :)

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I'd say between the step brother or the prince/knight because I really have been wanting to do one of those as well.

Your choice! :D

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Yeah of course! I'm thinking that they can be, like, seventeen-ish? :) And would you want your brother to be from the mom's or dad's side?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Great :D Seventeen works perfectly for me :D
Hmmm I'll go from the mom's side :)

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Cool beans, well I've already got a character ready if you're taking the mom's side. ^-^

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Name: Dallas Avery Mitchell
Age: 17
Personality: Where to begin with this guy? I suppose it's safe to say that he's definitely the jokester type; always harbouring a trick up his sleeves or planning a prank to pull on someone, he's that guy. He's a pretty colorful guy, in more ways than one. For starters, he's always got energy to do something, even when he shouldn't. He loves to eat and might have an addiction to violent video games, he claims he's preparing himself for the apocalypse when it's been over three consecutive hours of staring at a screen and using his fingers to maneuver a remote. On top of that, he's artistic, he loves to paint, it's his one true passion and he's well aware that he's one of the lucky ones. It's not everyone who finds their passion at the age of three. To put it briefly, Dallas is the boy next door type of guy, always there if you need him to kill spiders or borrow sugar from him; whatever it is, he most likely can do something about it.
Other: He's got three ferrets: Bear, Gizmo and Ricky: http://24.media.tumblr.com/e0b28dc3c6...

((I'm more detailed in the roleplay, I promise!))

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Okay :) You can upload him now if you like :D

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I did :)

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments He's great! I love him :D Mine may take some time, but I'll do my best to be as quick as possible.

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Oh, just a question. Are the guys going to already be a couple, or...?

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Yep, that's one of the premises I wanted. :) But obviously it's a secret.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Thought so, just double checking :D

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Name: Aiden Spencer Mitchell
Age: 17

Personality: Unlike his step brother, Aiden is more of the quiet; suffer in silence kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, he does enjoy the occasional party, but he sure as hell would not be the life of one. The young teen prefers to keep to himself and just enjoy his days lounging around his bedroom, either reading a good book, studying for school, or like every other guy, playing his favourite first person shooter video games. Aiden is a pretty energetic kind of guy, always full of energy, but he disposes of this energy in a very different way to his brother. It’s safe to say they are complete opposites. Aiden isn’t very talented when it comes to art, but he defiantly got the writing gene in the family and is always working on his latest novel. Of course he’d never let anyone else read it and hence, never get them published, but writing still makes him happy, even if its just for his own eyes. He isn’t the jokester of the household like Dallas; he’s just the quiet one who enjoys his time alone. There are perks to him not being as outgoing as his brother, because he can keep a secret, and has been for most of his life. He doesn’t socialise much with his step dad because he’s convinced himself he hates him, and usual only gives him the grunt of a ‘good morning’ in passing before he heads of to school. Aiden is a really intelligent guy, loyal to people he cares about, and as stated before, full of energy, making him excel in the athletic pathway at his high school.
Other: He has a downright stunning German Shepard, named Bongo.

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I can't see his appearance. :o But I like him!

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments There we go :) Sorry he took so long, and I hope you like him :D

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How should we start this?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments I'm not to sure, I'm hoping you might have an idea?

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Aaahh, I don't. Do we want them to start off home alone or with the parents?

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Cool, so we could just start one of them anywhere and go from there, haha.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Yup sure :) Would you like to start?

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Uh, sure. I have a bunch of crap to do so I don't know if I'll get up a reply up tonight because I'm so slow with first posts.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Thats okay, I'm happy to wait :)

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If you want, you can start if you have the time though.

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments As Aiden stood by his bedroom window on the second floor of their home, he crossed his arms over his chest, observing closely as his mother and new step father made their way to their silver Maserati, ready to enjoy a romantic evening at an expensive restaurant. To be perfectly hoenst, it made Aiden sick. How could his mother marry such a pig? He always thought that money was the answer to everything and that he could win both his mothers love, and her only child’s by throwing expensive gifts at them both. His mother fell for it, but Aiden sure as hell didn’t. There was just something about that man that he just didn’t like, or trust. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he knew that there was something odd about him. Despite his concerns about his new step dad, Aiden didn’t refuse the gifts because that would just be rude. The new playstation he was given, laptop and the new car that was on its way were all things he really liked and used often, but he still didn’t trust him. Aiden continued to stare at them, watching as he opened the door for his mom, then getting into the car himself and reversing swiftly out of the driveway. Huh, he always thought he was so smooth, it was even apparent in his driving. Well despite all the theories Aiden had on him, something good had come out of the marriage, and in all honesty, this was the only thing that made him 100 percent sure that he wouldn’t change the relationship for anything. His step brother, Dallas. There was just something about him that made living here a dream, and made keeping the secret he had held onto for so long, just much more worth it.
Aiden knew that being gay was nothing to be ashamed of, and that he should just be able to come out so simply to his mother and step dad, but there was more on the line then just his feelings. He knew his mother wouldn’t accept him for being gay. He loved her a lot, but she wasn’t very supportive of the whole situation, especially when it came to others. He would never forget the day when he was walking with his mother to the store and he saw a couple kissing on the bench by the sidewalk.

Honestly, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. That is just disgusting. As if their sexual choices were disgusting and inhuman enough, but do they really have to share their terrible and foul lifestyles with everyone else? I mean seriously. How rude. I think I might be sick

It had stuck in his mind for a very long time and he would never, ever forget that day. The day where he knew that if he came out to his mother, he would never be accepted, and she would most likely kick him out. Oh god, if he was kicked out. He shook his head, snapping himself back into reality and stepping away from the window. There was much more at stake now then just his relationship with his mother, but the fact he was romantically involved with his step brother. No one would ever accept it, that’s why he kept it a secret. Aiden ran his hand through his hair as he walked towards his bedroom door, opening it, “They’re gone!” He called to Dallas with a smile.

((So I started us off, hope the post is okay :))

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((it's halfway done! I'm just debating on a few things xD))

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((aha okay, what cha debating on?))

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((debating as to how Dallas should react and what it'll ensue afterward and how it's going to affect the future posts :P))

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((ahaha well dont let me stop you from debating this :) ababa xD))

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((I just have to make sure -- are you alright with cussing? >.>))

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((Okay, sorry for the suckinesss ahead of time, I'm seriously not used to third person anymore Dx))
Dallas' day consisted of doing nothing but lounging on his bed and playing online games. Of course, he finished all of his homework, as it was to be expected of him otherwise he would get an earful from his father and probably his step-mother. He despised her more than anything, though he'd never dare make his dislike toward Aiden's mother as strong as Aiden showed his hatred toward his own father. He found it was more respectful to keep his feelings on the particular subject at bay rather than openly express it. None of it mattered at this moment anyway, for he was immersed in a round of Black Ops, cursing away in his microphone because of a damn hacker ruining his current game. He realized that puny noobs decided to do it more often, as if it would bring them a sense of satisfaction to lower everyone's character stats as well as general mood. "Fucking retard." Dallas muttered, making one of his online friends grumble in understanding.

"Sorry, I can't do this." Was his final mutter into the microphone before Dallas exited the game and shut his laptop with a rather loud thud; the sound more than satisfactory to his pissed-off mood. He threw the device beside him onto his bed and swung his legs over the side, heaving himself up with a groan. Slowly, the boy stretched his limbs, sighing in relief as his muscles complied happily to the amount of comfort it brought.

Dallas realized that Aiden's door suddenly flew open and within moments, his own was opened, revealing an ecstatic boy standing at his doorway. Almost immediately, a smile uplifted his countenance as he made his way over to him. His eyes glanced up and he smiled, still not saying anything but only reached for Aiden's hand and pulled him into his room, shutting the door behind the two of them. "They're gone." Dallas repeated, watching as he twined their fingers together, his eyes growing warmer with ever second they spent in this small moment. "What happens now?" He asked, looking back up at Aiden, a teasing smile stretching on his face as he awaited for the answer. "Why are you so happy that they're gone?" Dallas rephrased, his tone rather sarcastically teasing as he brought Aiden's twined hand up to his lips and kissed one of his knuckles before bringing their hands back down.

((I lost my post earlier so I typed it up really quick again. x.x So sorry it's awful.))

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((That’s okay, sorry about just assuming with the third person thing. I just honestly cant be that detailed in first D:))

Aiden let out a soft chuckle as he leaned against his door fram, his arms folded across his chest and looking down at the ground, hearing Dallas’ faint mutters. He must have been playing his video game. He usually got pretty hot headed when things didn’t go his way. He knew for a fact that he would quit and exit the game, its what he always did when he knew he’d lose, and in all honesty, Aiden did it to. He hated to lose. That being said, his thoughts soon drifted back to his step father, knowing damn well that Dallas disliked his mother as much as Aiden disliked his dad, of course, out of Dallas’ respectful ways, he never called his mother out on it, or expressed his feelings, not like Aiden did to his step father. It was the way things went though, wasn’t it? Its how it worked all the time. The parents got married and the two kids hated their new step parent, only wanted their biological one back in their lives. But this feeling wasn’t the case for Aiden. Not with the past he and his dad had. The night his father, Caleb, had died, was when Aiden told him the biggest secret he had ever had to keep. Somehow, the young boy manged to build up the courage to explain to his dad what he was really like and who he really was. His appaled and disgusted father left the room in a furry, getting in his car and speeding off. He smashed his car ten minutes later, dying instantly on impact into the poll, and the truth of Aiden’s secret dying with him. Since then, he knew he had to keep it to himself, and he also felt responsible for his dads death.

Aiden snapped back into reality when he saw Dallas coming towards him, his eyes sparkling with excitement as he smiled at him seductively. He grinned with another chuckle, nodding at Dallas’ repitiion of what Aiden had told him. “Yes, they are,” He grinned, holding his hand gently as his fingers entwined with Dallas’ and he followed him into his bedroom, grinning as he moved them both to sit on the edge of his bed, looking at him, “I’m happy they’re gone because I get to have a night without worrying about them disowning me if they knew the truth,” He shurrged, leaning forwards and planting a gently kiss just below his ear, “And besides, it means I get to have ome time with you, finally,” His voice was gentle on his skin and he kissed under his ear once more before pulling back, a cheeky look in his eyes as he looked at him. He loved being able to do this with him, he just hated how it had to be a whole secret.

((Tis fine, its not awful :))

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((No worries! Many people are more comfortable with 3rd person. :)))
Dallas' biological mother was a person the boy rarely spoke of. He never spoke her name in front of Aiden either, never dared utter the words of which haunted his every dream. Of course, the last he's seen of her was a good five years ago, but it hurt, nevertheless. She was still alive as far as Dallas was concerned. Alive and uncaring of him. He was convinced that she had broken her promise regarding her coming back and whisking him away from his father he - back then - hated due to some rather dark experiences he never spoke of either.

His thoughts faded away as Aiden’s sweet words invaded his mind, making a smile uplift his features, his eyes brightening slightly. He readjusted his position on the bed, making himself more comfortable. It was a secret as well that Dallas’ sexuality oriented toward specimens of his own; his father was convinced he would grow up and become and international athlete, marry a successful model or lawyer and have exceedingly bright children. Now, he was aware that he was feeding his dad nothing but lies which piled onto the weight he carried on his shoulders. He was aware that it was his fault that his dad was determined he was so good at sports or that he'd marry a socially beautiful lady because, well, he kind of indirectly fed him those excuses in order to push down the truth. It was all part of the game, he supposed.

The gentle tingles rooting from Aiden's lips below his ear made him close his eyes. He squeezed their twined hands gently, his smile broadening at his secret lover's words. "Finally." He murmured in agreement, disappointment flooding through him when Aiden pulled away. Truth be told, Dallas sort of enjoyed having to sneak around in order to hold his boyfriend. He felt quite rebellious and gained an unexplained sense of satisfaction, knowing that his father or step-mother did not know any of this. It was their own little secret to cherish and nurture.

It made everything between the two of them more special...more...sincere.

"I've missed you." The blonde murmured, his hand resting on Aiden's cheek, stroking it gently before leaning in and capturing the boy's lips in his for a few, sweet, moments before pulling back. "I mean, I missed you as much as two people in a house can miss each other." He grinned, tilting his head to the side with a faint chuckle. He dropped his hand onto the bed and looked around, realizing that there really wasn't much they could do in here.

"So...I think we should take my dad's liquor and get drunk."

An appropriate way to spend an evening for two teenage boys, no?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((Thanks :D eehehe))

In all honestly, Dallas’ mother was something Aiden always wanted to know about, but out of respect to the boy he loved more than anything. Dallas had never ever spoken about his biological mother in front of him, and that just made it all the more clear that the topic of his mother was off limits. And her story was none of his business anyway. And besides, he had secrets too. Dallas didn’t even know about what happened to his father, his mother didn’t even know. All she knew that he died in a car crash because he lost control of the wheel. That aside, part of Aiden really wanted to know about Dallas’ mother. If something had happened to him as a kid, he wanted to know, to try and make it better for him.

As Aiden saw his lover’s features uplift, it made his heart pound in his chest, and butterflies flutter in his stomach. God, the things this boy did to him with just a smile, and he didn’t even know it, or realise it for that matter! It just made him so happy, it made him know that the secret he was keeping, was worth it. His mother had always spoken about her views on gays and how she’d disown them if she was their mother. It hurt a lot to hear her say that, of course she didn’t know about his orientation, but the fact reamied was that he actually really believed her. It was something she’d do. Alana, his mother, had always spoke highly of what his life would be like, successful with a wife who adored him and three beautiful and healthy children. But it wasn’t the life he wanted, or the life he would have. He wanted Dallas.

Aiden chuckled at his words, “Finally,” he breathed back huskily to him, making himself comfortable on the bed, shifting his weight back and forth until he found the perfect position. In all honesty, Aiden didn’t like the sneaking around as much as Dallas. Of course, he thought it was fun, disobeying his mother’s wishes of what she wanted and doing what he wanted. It was sometimes a fun game, but other times it came to his mind that it wasn’t a game. It was his life. And he wanted more than anything in the world, wanted more than having his dad alive again, was to be able to walk down the street with Dallas, hand in hand and not ashamed.
Although, not being able to do that have him a real perspective on how important Dallas was to him, and how much he valued their relationship.

“I’ve missed you too. It’s so hard to not run up to you and kiss you when they’re home,” Aiden murmured with a soft chuckle. But he meant it. It took a lot of strength and resistance to not touch him and kiss him when their parents were home. He wished they went out for the whole night more often. He grinned at him, returning the kiss for the few sweet moment, gently caressing his cheek before pulling away when he did. His face lit up when he mention raiding the liquor cabinet. It was a wonderful idea. He jumped up off the bed and took his hand, helping him off too, “One of the best idea’s you’ve had all day,” He teased with a mischievous grin.

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