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Hello :)

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Niran | 1842 comments Hey, so who do you want to be?

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Mermaid of course :P haha

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Unless you really want to be the mermaid...then I would ve nice and let you be the mermaid xD

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Niran | 1842 comments Really? Well thanks :)
Can you make your character first?

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Sure! who is the mermaid?

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Niran | 1842 comments Can I be?

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Sure thing.

I'll make mine in a sec :)

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Niran | 1842 comments Okay :) you can do the basic name, age, appearance and personality.

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I will after school!

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Niran | 1842 comments Sure thing :)

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Name: Gideon
Age: 25 (To old?)
Personality: Gideon is a rugged get stuff done kind of guy. He is the most stubborn person you will ever come across, he has never taken no for an answer and never will. He is also very intelligent, even though he lacks manners. He is a great sailor, and one of the best captains you could get. It is very hard to become his friend.

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Niran | 1842 comments Nope, not too old :)

Name: Syrena
Age: 23
Appearance: Blonde haired one

Personality: Syrena's always open to adventure and discovering things. She is a curious person who constantly seeks answers.
She's stubborn, brave, sarcastic, funny, smart, quick thinking. But she is also clueless about some of the world above the sea, and her fascination can sometimes get her in trouble.
She is more than what meets the eye.

Can you start?

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Gideon stood on the tall deck as he watched his crew work. He shouted out a few orders but left most of it to his first mate, Kendi. He looked down at his scarred, callused hands and then out to the large blue expanse that surrounded them. He breathed in the salty air.

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena had been following this ship for a while now, and they had never caught her. She wanted to go on land, and for that she needed to did land. The ship was her way to what she wanted, so she followed it, she would until her breath stopped.
She was behind it, so no one could really see her. Usually she was under the boat, mermaids could breathe under water so it did not matter.

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Gideon went into his cabin and sat down at his desk. He looked over the map. He poked his head out his door and called his first mate whom immediately ran over. Sylas brought him into the room and showed him the map. "I am thinking of going slightly off course, and stopping at this island."

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena still followed the ship, keeping course of the men and the ship itself. She hoped there would be an island near by soon enough, she was becoming tired and hungry. She had not slept nor had she eaten. She could hear the captain and the second hand talking, the window of the captains room was open.
"Perfect", she sighed gratefully.

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Gideon walked out, "Take all the sails down! We have a change of plans!" he yelled out across the deck, ordering the crew.

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena had become aware of the ship and its sudden speed, she grabbed onto on of the statuettes on the edge of the ship as they gained speed.
There was no way she could have kept up with them. She looked on deck sneakily and then hid slightly as someone started to her direction.

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Gideon looked out over the stern of the ship, trying to gauge how fast they were going. After about two hours going the speed they were at, land came into sight. The captain heard one of the crew members call out, "Land Ho!"

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Maybe the captain could see the mermaid and capture her?))

Syrena lifted her head up, she was visible and completely unaware because she had finally seen land. She could finally be able to walk on land, but neither had she realised how stupid and foolish she had been by not paying attention to herself and her surroundings.

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((I was thinking he like sittong on a dock at night and he sees her, and then for the next few days he becomes paranoid and his like "what the heck" and stuff))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Oh yeah that's cool! Maybe we could skip to that bit though?))

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((Yeah sure.))

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((So sorry!))

Gideon walked out of the fishing town and down to the empty dock. He reeked of achohol, having been coming straight from the bar. He breathed in the salty air and sat at the edge of the dock, watching the distant ship rock with the subtle waves.

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena sat at the rock that seemed to near the dock, she was careful to see if anyone would come out. But she could not stay in the water for much long, for she had grown quite sick of it. She sat on the rock running her fingers through her long hair, her tale slightly exposed. No one was here, so she was safe.

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Gideon turned his head slightly, looking out at the rest of the wide expanse. A little in the distance he spotted a large rock coming out from the ocean floor; it was very oddly shaped and looked as if something was perched on top of it. He peered deeper into the darkness trying to distinguish what the creature was.

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena brushed her fingers through her hair and hummed a lullaby, unaware of the attention that seemed to be gaining on her. She was glad that no one had caught her yet, what mermaids said about humans were true. They were naive.

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Just as Gideon's eyes began to shapen the creature on the rock, two drunken men stumbled around on the nearby dock, talking loudly about their recent gambling losses.

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena heard drunken men coming from the bar, she quickly slid down the rock and into the sea. She hid and stayed just above the water so that she could hear the chatter.

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Gideon quietly cursed as the figure vanished from the rock. He stayed staring off at where the creature had been sitting for a few more seconds, and then turned, heading back to the inn. ((skip!))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Skip to where?))

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((When the ship is back on course or sonething?))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Okay sure))

Syrena had been following the boat for a while now. But for some reason the boat had made a slow and steady stop, now drifting ashore. She stayed near the back of the boat, sinking to the water whenever she heard someone approach.

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Gideon paced back and forth on the deck. The figure he had seen the other night on the rocks kept returning to his mind. "Captain, do you want us to open both sails yet?" Gideon looked up at his second mate and then looked out at the ocean, "Wait just a little more," he said, "wait until we get past the waves. It is too choppy."

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Niran | 1842 comments Syrena looked up at the boat, why had they stopped? What was happening?
She looked around and swam under the boat to see a few of the fish swimming around, she made her way back up and looked around again. She was oblivious though.

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