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Role play

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Ok so how do you want to start?

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Hmm well any specific plots??

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Only if you have an idea

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Maybe a prince and knight romance??

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Kay. Can I be the prince??

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Okay. charries?

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Back sure so I'm a knight ?

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Yup. I'll post mine in a second ^-^

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Name: Zander Tolsia
Nickname: Zane (rarely lets people call him that)
Age: 21
Sexuality: Pan

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Name: Xavier Donald

Age ( your characters age)


Personality: really caring and ready to put up a fight when ever needed, knightly, the rest is to be rp'd

Other: usually wears his armour but when he isn't he is wearing pants and a loose top that shows his masculine build

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Okay so i was already thinking they should be in a relationship, but they keep it a secret 'cause of what people would think, and Xavier's possible execution.

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Ok sure that sounds great do you want to post first?

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Yeah sure. Also could it be liked Xavier's coming back from a long battle or something so they have a celebration at the castle.

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Sure just a celebration with the two if them or the whole castle ?

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Ok then, you post first :)

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Zane rolled around lazily in his bed, the sun just setting in through his windows. He ran a hand over his face trying his best to wake himself up, but failing miserably. He threw his arm out to the side, opening his eyes in surprise when he saw a girl laying to his side. Letting out a small groan he was forced to sit up in bed... He's must've had too much to drink last night. He got up slipping on some clothes as a small smile spread across his face. This morning Xavier would be coming back and he couldn't wait to see him, it had just been simply too long.

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Xavier was riding his horse on a dirt road that lead to the castle he lived in and the person he loved. He rode on thinking about him, he probably can't even get out of bed, he chuckled at the thought. The journey he just took was a long one and coming back to his home was a relic but don't being able to show affection to his beloved was sad and aggravated him. He saw the castle coming into view.

He got of his horse Bella and walked into the doors of the castle

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Zane sighed softly as he went into the bathroom to fix himself up. Once he was done he saw the girl was awake and he sent her on her way. Not to long after he left his room walking downstairs to breakfast. He paused in the hallway as he noticed the castle door's being opened his heart leaping out of his chest as he spotted Xavier. He quickly scanned the halls making sure no one was around before rushing up to him and wrapping his arms around him.

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Xavier embraced Zane hugging him tightly " I missed you so much" he said quietly so no one could hear him " be careful my armour my pinch your skin"

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Zane smiled at his words, shaking his head. "I bet I missed you more." He murmured softly before pulling away from him. "I love how you're, always so worried about the littlest of things." He said poking his nose. "I'll be done in the dinging hall, come down when you take all this metal off." He said, pressing his lips to Xavier's cheek before heading off in a different direction.

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" I'll be there soon" he said to Zane. He walked of to his quarters and changes out of his heavy metal armour and into a loose long sleeve shirt that showed his Abs and some pants with shoes. When Xavier was done he walked down to the dining room and sat opposite Zane, trying not to attract attention. " here I am" he said as he sat down and took a price of fruit and took a bite from it

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He smiled slightly as Xavier entered the room, wishing he'd sat closer than just across the table. He sighed softly, rolling his eyes as his father went on to talk of marriage, and how they should be forming some sort of alliance through Zane. He sighed softly eating a piece of bread as he looked down at the table waiting for the conversation to stop. He couldn't wait to be alone with Xavier.

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Xavier was a polite person so he said his hellos to the king, queen and prince. Trying not to act suspicious. He took another bite if his fruit and over heard the king and queen talk about Zane's marriage, he sighed and felt sad and lonely inside but put a normal face on the out side

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Once he was done finishing his food his parents dismissed him allowing him to leave. He rolled his eyes at the thought, looking back at Xavier as he left the dining hall and retreated towards his room. He sighed softly as he laid down on his bed and buried himself under the covers.

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Soon after Xavier dismissed himself from the table and walked down the hallway to Zane's room checking he wasn't brig watched when he entered the room " hey there sleepy head" h said with a bit of a smirk " how did I know that I would find you here?"

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Zane smiled softly at the sound of Xavier's voice, pulling down the covers a little so he could look at him. He shrugged his shoulders, opening his arms in invitation. "'Cause it's only eight in the morning." He told him with a duh expression.

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Xavier walked away from the door closing is tightly behind him, locking it. He say on the bed with him and embraced him, there lips touching each other's now and then.

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Zane smiled lazily as he cuddled closer towards his lover, clinging onto his shirt. He never wanted him to leave again, but he knew it was his duty. He sighed softly shaking his head as he closed his eyes, his head buried in Xavier's chest.

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Xavier pulled Zane closer to him not ever wanting to let him go " I love you, you know that" he put Zane's chin in between his thumb and index finger making zane look at him. He gave Zane the most passionate kiss he had given him in a while hoping to he tone back

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Zane smiled into the kiss, wrapping an arm around Xavier's neck to deepen the kiss as he stepped close towards him. He pulled away only for a second. "I know. I love you too." He murmured softly before bringing his lips back to his.

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Xavier putt his hands at Zane's waist. He pulled him in closer so there was absolutely no space between them at all " good" he said breaking of the kiss for a slight second to get some air. Then he went back to it kissing his lips roughly, he licked the bottom of Zane's lip, while still kissing, asking for entry.

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Zane liked the roughness his knight provided for him, knowing he'd never find such sexual pleasure or happiness with a girl. It was just him. He gasped softly allowing him entrance as his tongue explored Xavier's mouth, intertwining with his. He hooked a leg over his moaning softly.

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Xavier entered Zane's mouth, his tongue exploring every single inch if Zane's. He found so much pleasure with Zane, no girl could be a as good as him, never. When Zane put his legs around his waist he moved his hands from his waist to his thighs, squeezing them tightly ever now and then, he gasped for air" the doors...locked" he said in between pants

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Zane shivered softly everywhere Xavier touched him, giving him a small smirk as he heard what he said. Slowly he ran his finger down his lovers chest, going lower and lower until his hand met the small bulge in his pants. "So what do wanna do with me?" He purred seductively as he rubbed him through his pants gently.

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Xavier moaned quietly as Zane rubbed him " things, naughty things" he said whispering it into his ear, his lips just touching Zane's skin. He slowly slid his hand from Zane's thigh over his bulging below the slowly up his shirt

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Zane shivered in anticipation, nuzzling Xavier's neck slightly as he moved his hand away from his bulge and tangled his fingers through his hair to look at him. "Well I'm all yours." He murmured with a small chuckle, relaxing under his touch as he leaned farther back into the bed.

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Xavier chuckled at the thought, all to myself. He smiled a wicked smile. He rubbed and pinched one of his nipples and with the other he put in his index and middle finger in Zane's mouth moving them around to Zane's pleasure

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Zane gasped in pleasure as he felt his fingers, arching slightly closer to his touch as he closed his eyes. He moaned softly around his fingers, already beginning to love the feeling of being dominated by him. He ran his tongue along them as they moved in his mouth.

((PM? Or skip??))

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(( yeah let's just skip))
Xavier dropped next to him on the bed gasping for air " do you think anyone heard?" He said looking at Zane now, he always looked so delicate after they did anything like this.

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Zane laughed breathlessly. "I don't know. You were making me scream pretty loud, and you weren't too quiet yourself." He told him with a teasing wink as he cuddled closer towards him and closed his eyes as he let out a relaxed sigh. He was already beginning to feel sore, but knew it was only 'cause they hadn't done it in so long.

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" well yeah I guess we were loud" he said turning over to look at Zane in the eyes. He played with Zane's hair " it was really good though" he said thinking about it. Xavier gave Zane another kiss, he rubbed Zane's cheek. Xavier could tell that Zane was sore and he was too.

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Zane laughed softly giving him a small smile and relaxing into his touch. "It was." He agreed with a nod of his head, he smiled softly at his touch, tracing patterns along his arm as he buried his face into Xavier's chest.

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Xavier put his face in Zane's beautifully messed up hair, he missed that kissed him on the top of the head " I have to go" he said with a Sweet smile on his face " I have to do some work ' round the stables "

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Zane pouted slightly shaking his head as he wrapped his arms around him. "I don't want you to leave." He murmured continuing to shake his head as he ran his hands over Xavier's bare chest.

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