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Kei Walker | 21 comments This is a story about a girl who is able to see the truth of an individual which comes out bluntly not making a popular girl. when she moves to a new school due to an incident at her old school she will learn to make friends and yeah... (sorry for the lame summary and warning semi-spoilers)
i have a mixed feeling about this series. on one hand the emotions are very potent and the drawings are consistent. the main lead is interesting but i don't know i kind of get a hopeless feeling of the world whenever she reveals ugly. and some of the characters "redeemed" i still don't like and the entire school is just very mean spirited. i get the point is even if your ugly your beautiful but gosh this series leaves me a bit bleak after i read it. of course i like the third wheel because he is just honestly a fun and supportive and consistent characters. even after the reveal of his personality there is no bleak disappointment b/c he is just a nice individual
honestly i don't find the m.c crush interesting and he's a bit bland though he does get more development later

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