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Kevin Lucia | 15 comments Mod
Two and half years ago I spent an awesome evening hanging out with F. Paul Wilson, Tom Monteleone and Stuart David Schiff (the editor and creator of WHISPERS magazine). I won't go into the particulars; here's a blog entry all about it:


Not too long after that, at the first annual AnthoCon, Brian Keene delivered this keynote address:


Along the way, I read both Noel Carroll's fabulous work analyzing the horror genre THE PHILOSOPHY OF HORROR and Stephen King's seminal DANSE MACABRE, and I realized that I was writing "horror" and seeking publication in the "horror" genre, but I had very little understanding of the genre's history and its development, and that as a writer, my own reading diet (in horror, anyway) was woefully shallow. To remedy this, I decided to explore the history of the horror genre informally on my blog.

And after reading these initial blogs, Larry Santoro of Tales to Terrify approached me, wondering if I'd be interested in hosting a segment on his show dealing with a critical analysis of the horror genre. And thus, Horror 101 was born.

http://talestoterrify.com/tales-to-te... - Full Tales to Terrify

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvcmS8... - standalone

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Alex (Metallit) | 1 comments thank you for the invitation, Kevin. This looks totally up my alley.

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Jo-Anne Russell (jo-annerussell) | 1 comments Thank you , Kevin. This will be great. :)

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Larissa Glasser (larissaglasser) | 2 comments Anthologies have been a very efficient way for me to catch up with both classic and contemporary. Yay libraries! ;)

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Horror 101: Studying the Roots of the Horror Genre

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