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Yay! Sorry for the late reply by the way...we had some bad family news and we all had to cope with it for a little while :)

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Historic or apocalyptic?...or both?

I don't know, what would you like to do?

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Yeah of course, there has to be romance :)

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So do you want to do historic? I have an idea.

If not then we must make a new idea, unless you have one.

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Two nobles/royals are forced into an arranged marriage. They hate each other, but grow to love each other?


A royal/noble befriends a peasant who helps them escape the life that they hate, and while on the run they fall in love?

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Okay! Would you mind if I was the girl? I haven't been the girl in this idea yet :o

If you want to be the girl that is totally fine thougj

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Sure :)
Do you want to just do name, age, and appearance? And then the rest can be Rp'd

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Name: Celaena Adarian
Age: 19
Appearance: (Ebba Zingmark if you want to see her at different angles)

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Okay which one of us is royal?

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I will then..Would you like to start?

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Sure :)

Celaena sat in her garden amongst the rose bushes and lavender stalks. A book lay open in her lap and her eyes skimmed over the words that were strewn across the worn pages.

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Celaena looked up after a while, "Gardener, would you lend me your shears so that I may take a rose for my chambers?" she asked him.

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She took them, "Thank you." she walked over to the most modest of the roses and clipped it. Then she returned the shears to him.

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"Do you think you could also plant a plum tree? They are so beautiful when in bloom, and I love the sweet fruit." she said..

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"Really? You asked for a plum tree too?" she smiled kindly at him, "Yes, I think I will do that."

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She shook her head, smiling, "I would never. It'll be our little secret." she said. She bowed her head slightly, "Well good day kind gardener, thank you again." she said and headed back to the castle. Little did she know she forgot her book on he bench

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Teagan was already inside the castle. The large marble walls made it hard to hear what was going on outside so she continued walking. She walked up the stairs, through the grand maze of halls, and to her bedroom

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((Sorry! No notifs!))

Celaena sat on her bed. Her lady-in-waiting shuffled into the room, "I picked a dress out for your dinner tonight, would you like to view it?" the old lady asked. Celaena nodded, "I suppose so." she responded.

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Celaena looked up at the man, "Can I jelp you?"

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Celaena looked at the book in his hands and gingerly took it, "Thank you, dear." she said, and offered him a small smile

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Celaena looked at the book and then looked back up at him. "Wait! You're are bleeding!" there was blood sleeping through his tunic.

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"No, no. You did something for me, now I will for you. Come here." she said waving him over.

Her mother was a famous healer and had taught her everything she knew since she was little. Celaena even had a special herb room in her chambers.

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"That is an order, gardener." she said sternly. She met his eyes and beckoned him over once more.

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Celaena took him to her herbal room and sat him on the bench in there. She got a pillow, set it on the bench, and told him to lie down.

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"You are doing this under my order." she reminded him. She walked over and lifted up his shirt to see what was bleeding. Ther was a gash running through his skin. Celaena grabbed a bottle of achohol, "This will hurt but I have to clean it." she said. She handed him a bit of leather to bite down on.

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Celaena opened the bottle and slowly tipped, making some of the liquid spill out over the wound.

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Celaena quickly took a jar down from one of the shelves. In the jar was a green paste made from various herbs. She scooped some out and put it on the wound, making sure to cover every inch of it. The paste was used to cool the wound, keep it from infections, and heal it. She took out some bandages and began to wind his torso. Afterwards she got a mini jar and filled it with the paste, "This is for you. Every twenty-four hours apply some more." she instructed him.

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