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So, what was your idea?

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umm.... i really dont know :p

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what kind of rp would you like to do ?

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Hmmm. I have an idea. Maybe we cam try it.

How about this:
My charrie has Leukemia. Your charrie and him have been together for a while. You try to keep his spirits up, but its really stressful. For you and him. Just when you think he starts to get better, he becomes even worse. Sadly worse comes to worse and he passes away. Three years later you are with this guy, cause my charrie wantednyou to move on. He then proposes to you and you gladly say yes. Then on your wedding day, my charrie mysteriously comes back from the dead. He comes back with a message. The end is coming, really soon, and you end up being the key to earths very survival.

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omg omg i love it sure ! though it reminds me of Legion :P

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Yay, you like it. So you wanna start really quick?

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hehe ok um I will use Bella age 26 and I will post a pic soon

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I will use Derrick as always lol.

Derrick was in his bed at the hospital. It was his forth time this month. He hated he had to go so much, but he did it for Bella. As he laid there in his bed, he waited for Bella to show up. This was always the highlight of his day. Seeing her, thats all he has ever wanted. Her. He hoped she would arrive soon. Derrick felt bad in a way, cause he knew its been hard for her, even if she wont admit it, he could tell.

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haha lol ok np

Bela let he office early as always.Being the bose had its own privileges she could say.She drove really fast to the hospital which was near their house across the city.Which used to take 0.5 hour if she din got stock in traffic.She pulled the radio up listening to the stock-rate as she drove to the love of she life.No matter how painful it might get to see him in pain she never gave up.Thats what she was known for She never gave up on anything she loved.

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After a little while of waiting, Derrick soon fell asleep. He was weak anyway. Plus he wouldnt hear the end of it, if Bella knew that he hasnt been resting like he needs to. As he slept he dreamt of them. He had all his muscle and weight. His skin wasnt pale either. He was dreaming of their first date. He ended up smiling in his sleel.

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Bella rushed to the hospital and ran towards his room.She knew all he wanted right now was her her sitting beside him as always.She walked into the room and found him asleep.She wanted to wake him up and tell she was there but din. Instead she sat next to him and held his hand with love.Kissing it tears fell down her cheek.
She knew she needed to be strong as she was his strength so she whipped of her tears and kissed his forehead.

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Derrick felt the kisses and mumbled softly before waking up. At first he thought he was stil dreaming, but hs started regaining his senses. As hr blurry image came to picture, he smiled at her. "Hey sweetheart, how are you?" He asked with a smile and sat up. He scooted over and patted a spot next to him, wanting her to sit right beside him.

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"First tell me how are you honey "she asked concerned and sat next to him curling up on his chest and hugged him "I am so sorry I couldnt come any sooner I I wanted to but" She trailed off

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"Im doing a lot better now that you're here. I understand you couldnt come sooner. I mean, you're the boss of the company, you dont have much time as you used to. But I completely understand." He told her with a smile, "Now tell me how you're doing" he asked her a she hugged her as tight as he could, but he was weak so it wasnt as hard as he wanted it to be.

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((wait whts wrong with him ?))

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((He has Leukemia. Cancer of the blood.))

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oh ok thnks

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she held him close to her and din fell him how she was as she cant lie to him nor could she tell him the truth.she just kisses his chest interlocking their fingers together. "shhh..... love lets just live the moment and no more questions ok please " she requested him in a low loving voice.

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"I hated wanted to know how your day was. Fine, I won't talk" He told her in a hurt. voice he let go of her and laid down next to her

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((I meant just wanted to know

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