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ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Do you got an idea?

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um not really what kind of rps do you do in romance ?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments I do have an idea... its a medieval romance one

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments A village girl is taken from her loving home, along with others from different villages, to the palace where their loyalties lay. The girl was brought there to be one of the candidates for the crowned prince's bride. The prince is mean to all the girls and is forced to spend time with each girl. The girl on the other hand is trying to get back to her home and isn't interested in the snobby prince. With her attempts to escape rose, so did the guards who'd watch over her.... on one of her attempts she runs through the palace and somehow ends up in the prince's room.... from there it goes on to how we want it... I'd like to be the girl please.

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i love it and sure you can be the girl

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Thanks.... so characters?

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