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* Student Name: Egoza Montate.

* Student Age: Eighteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Fourth year.

* Personality: Egoza is very diligent and intelligent, taking the most difficult courses with relative ease, though he is very vulnerable to stress and often had panic attacks when he was younger. He is very cold and distant to strangers and new acquaintances, but warms up dramatically to a very considerate and affectionate friend that will not hesitate to go the extra mile.

* Appearance: Egoza is 5'10, but very slim and lacks any prominent muscle. His black-coloured hair is very thick and often messy from lack of concern for his appearance. His eyes are small but very bright, the shade of a forest in the summer. His facial features are very smooth and carved, and his skin is awfully pale.

* Powers: Egoza holds the ability to possess others, though this is very unpracticed. He prefers to use a more subtle form of his power: mind control, which is used to make others take care of trivial matters he doesn't concern himself with, or to stop people that want to harm him and his loved ones.

Sibling(s): He is the very youngest of four children, with three older sisters. In age from younger to oldest: Selena, quiet and petite (aged 21), Bella, boisterous and obnoxious (aged 22) and Trixxa, cold and power-hungry (aged 25)

Friends: He's well acquainted with Nellia and her family, but doesn't tend to make any friends outside of who he's known so far.


* Student Name: Diane Cassimir

* Student Age: Fifteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) First year.

* Personality: Diane is a rather shy and reserved person that prefers to be alone rather than to interact with strangers, on most occasions. She is surprisingly loud and talkative when she's comfortable with the people she is with, however. She is awfully clingy to those she cares about, and always supports and understands them no matter what. She has a very active imagination and is highly intelligent and mature for a teenager.

* Appearance: Diane is rather tall for a girl, being about 5'10. She is a little on the chubby side, and is very sensitive about this. Her hair is brown, brushed vigorously to be smooth and soft to the touch. Her eyes are a rather unattractive shade of brown. She has plenty of beauty marks on her torso and arms.

* Powers: Diane can become invisible at will, with little to no effort. However, her ability to control this is very attached to her emotional state. Should she become disgruntled, parts of her body may become visible or invisible on their own accord.

Sibling(s): Diane has a younger brother she doesn't intend on speaking about, aged ten. He is very, very talkative and supposedly far too intelligent for his age.

Friends: Diane enjoys spending time with her friends Tobias, Quinn, Ethan, Esther and Eleanor, and is rarely seen outside proximity of them.


* Student Name: Rumia Quinn.

* Student Age: Fifteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) First year.

* Personality: Quinn is awfully polite and very formal to almost everyone he interacts with, including friends and family. He is well-rounded in his emotions, only allowing himself brief expressions of sadness, and often found with his signature smirk of pure content. He is extremely conscious of every aspect of his life.

* Appearance: Quinn is easily mistaken for a female, because of his soft and feminine features, and especially for his long and dark brown hair, which comes down to his waist, and is very wavy from the large amount of products he uses. His skin is lightly tanned and his eyes are a cross between a watery aqua and a light green.

* Powers: Quinn has the ability to control the weather, but chooses to not be open about his power and hasn't utilized it since he was very, very young in fear of being a bother to another person.

Sibling(s): Quinn is an only child.

Friends: Quinn is most often seen with Ethan or Diane, his two closest friends. He is also well-known to be a pacifying force to Tobias, though these two are far from friendly.


* Student Name: Tobias Vandal.

* Student Age: Fifteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) First year.

* Personality: Tobias is very, very aggressive in his actions and emotions. He is quick to anger, especially when it involves insults. He is known to take many risks, and is an emotional typhoon, ranging from rage to depression within minutes.

* Appearance: Tobias was short at the start of the school year, at about 5'3. He suffered a massive growth spurt around Halloween, growing to be 6'3. He is very well-muscled from unknown activities and tends to dress ruggedly. His brown hair is very thick, and his light brown eyes are very melancholic in expression. His skin is only a touch of tan.

* Powers: Tobias is a very powerful telekinetic, lifting objects the size of cars and throwing them without effort.

Sibling(s): Tobias is the middle child of his family, and coincidentally the only surviving one. His older brother, Jackson, was twenty three when he died, and Tobi's beloved sister, Aya, was only seven.

Friends: Tobias is extremely sensitive about declaring his friendships, but it is well-known regardless that he, Diane, and Eleanor get along positively.

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Student Name: David

Student Age: 16

Year: Second year

Personality: He is shy, but he warms up to people quickly. He has some social anxiety so he may start shaking if you come too close to him when you first meet him.

Appearance: http://www.cityofbonesmovie.com/wp-co...

he wears:
with black dress pants and shoes.

Powers: He can see into the past and communicate with the dead. He can also summon spirits to attack his enemies and sometimes he lets the spirit possess him and he gains a bit of their powers.

History: He went through human school. People made fun of him because of his style and, since he is sensitive to spirits, made fun of him because he would scream in the middle of class when one appeared. He lived in a tree house he built himself and used the parents his parents(now passed) left him.

Sibling(s): None

Friends: He hasn't made any new friends at the school yet.

Strengths: He can summon any spirits

Weaknesses: If he gets possessed, he will pass out for a bit.

Other: He is a no body in the school. He gets good grades, but no one ever really acknowledges him.

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Sa-Human rights! | 9 comments Student Name: Sabah Mistwood

Student Age: 15

Year: 1st year

Personality: She's kind, nice and generous. However she's stubborn and has a short fuse, and once set on an idea won't change her mind. She's stable and calm, but her harshness comes out when she wants it, so you can see her as extremely moody. She's very neat and organised, and is crazy when it comes to academics. She doesn't like people who are jerks, obnoxious and get on her nerves. She's also neurotic. Very, very neurotic. But that's only when she loses control of her powers. She's afraid of hurting her sister and people close to her, and prefers isolation over company. She's regal and very proper, despite being younger by a few seconds. Her sister, however is the complete opposite in attitude and outward appearance. Sabah also wants to be free and accepted for who she is, as her powers sometimes had other people deem her as a monster. She's composed also.

Appearance: She has jet black hair which is long and reaches midback, slightly wavy at the tips. She has very pale skin and her arms and legs are tanned from going on many outdoor activities. She's has dark brown eyes which can turn green when her elemental magic is at it's best and has a athletic, slim figure. She also has small nose and lips, along with high cheekbones. She also has grass green highlights in her hair.

Powers: She's an earth elementalist, able to control anything in soil and can communicate with animals and nature.

History: She's lived a normal life doused with bullying and a lot of painful experiences, along with her parents early divorce, but she's stayed strong. Other than those events, she's lived normally.

Sibling(s): Her sister is Salem, but their parents divorced a few months after they were born.

Friends: She's most likely seen in the forest with animals, so her only friends are animals. Unless someone forces her to communicate, she'll communicate, but she has friends in the normal world who she has close bonds and ties with. Here? She'll be happier in the forest.

Strengths: She's very understanding and her powers are at a high level. She also is very composed.

Weaknesses: Misunderstood easily and is deemed a monster in some normal towns, and most of the time lets her emotions run amok and allows her fears to take over her.

Other: She is based off Elsa from Frozen, and her sister is based off Anna from said film.

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Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 23 comments * Student Name: Tsukasa Yakumo

* Student Age: Appears to be around 17

* Year: Third Year/Senior

* Personality: Kind (enough), tends to avoid crowds (but he’s popular, and most people are drawn to his looks), protective of his sister Ame, doesn’t talk much unless it’s a one-on-one conversation. However, he is a manipulative person behind the scenes, so don’t be fooled easily by his kind act. He appreciates others’ kindness, but he won’t do things out of his way unless he deems that the person deserves it. He would be a role-model student, but he’s too lazy to study (even though he maintains his grades well) and he is very respectful to others.

* Appearance:

* Powers: He is a Dragon Slayer that draws upon the power of the Cloud Dragon.

History: Yakumo and Ame were born as dragons 5000 years ago and were the crown heirs to the Kingdom in the Sky. However, because there was a revolt in the kingdom, the two were ‘murdered’ but reincarnated as Dragon Slayers and sent to the academy in order to learn and train to become stronger. Yakumo has some memories of his past, but Ame doesn’t have any memories of the past. The two were reborn into the earth as children born to the strongest yakuza group in Japan. However, they don't claim to have ties with the yakuza group if anyone asks (according to Yakumo).

Sibling(s): Tsukasa Ame (sister)

Friends: [OPEN]

Strengths: He likes using the katana and playing card games. As long as he puts his mind to it, he can excel at anything.

Weaknesses: His sister’s wants, and his laziness.

Other: He has two fairies that live in his and Ame’s apartment called Enma and Tsuna.
[image error]
They live on the sugar that Yakumo and Ame buy, and they’re kind of like chibi guardians of the house. Yakumo likes sports and gets really competitive. Yakumo is an experienced Dragon Slayer and knows a lot of martial arts since he learned it at the palace.


* Student Name: Tsukasa Ame

* Student Age: 14

* Year: First year

* Personality: Cheerful, sometimes shy, a really good listener. She tends to speak her mind about things, but she is always careful about what she says. She is drawn towards boys a lot, but Yakumo doesn’t really like her hanging around guys all the time, so she has some girl friends too. She is easily taken advantage of, though, since she’s not really good at discerning friend and enemy. She doesn’t like violence and hates seeing people disappointed or sad. She has a really obsessive hobby of boxing since she started when she was younger.

* Appearance:

* Powers: Ame is a Dragon Slayer that draws upon the power of the Rain Dragon.

History: See Yakumo’s above.

Sibling(s): Tsukasa Yakumo (older brother)

Friends: [OPEN]

Strengths: She likes using a metal fan and knucklers. She hasn’t learned a lot about being a Dragon Slayer yet.

Weaknesses: She has pity on everybody.

Other: Ame loves any sweets with strawberries in it. She is usually the one chosen by friends to be dressed up and such because she’s cute and childish. She likes wearing traditional Japanese clothing to big events. Even though she really likes boxing as a sport, she doesn’t join the team or any events due to Yakumo’s concerns. She doesn't understand as well as Yakumo as to how to use her powers. She can cause a rainfall and such, but she doesn't know how to use actual moves as a Dragon Slayer or anything.


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Sa-Human rights! | 9 comments * Student Name: Salem Mistwood

* Student Age: 15

* Year: First year

* Personality: She hates socializing like Sabah. Despite her sister desiring isolation and wanting to be free, Salem desires to be grounded and wants to be surrounded by people she cares and loves about. Despite a gloomy outlook, she's pretty cheerful (Ironic because of what she manipulates) and socially awkward. She yearns for love, and falls in love easily. She is peculiarly naive, and even though being cold during the first few talks with her, she warms up and begins to go crazy and show her true self, a socially awkward necromancer. She enjoys pulling pranks, and will enjoy doing such things on her peers. She's also spunky and not composed and regal like her sister, and more wild and free.

* Appearance: She has midnight black hair and dark brown eyes, but can turn midnight black when she's using her powers at full strength. She has a petite, skinny figure. She has sheet-white skin and she has bags under her eyes, since she enjoys staying up late. She has white streaks in her hair and also has the small nose and outh with high cheekbones.

* Powers: She's a necromancer, but somehow, people don't fear her but her sister. Most likely because her powers haven't hurt anyone, but instead had aided people.

History: She and her sister were separated when they were little (Will add in Sabah's bio), and they reunited two years ago. Other than that, she had a pretty normal life.

Sibling(s): Sabah

Friends: In the normal world, yes, lots. Here? She's still trying to find a friend.

Strengths: She's cautious and she can communicate with dead spirits at ease.

Weaknesses: She can say offensive things without thinking about them first, and is incredibly impulsive.

Other: Her personality is based off Anna from Frozen, while her sister is based off Elsa from said film.

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Altoliva | 42 comments Mod
* Student Name: Ian Pidget.

* Student Age: Sixteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Second year.

* Personality: Ian is a very individualistic person, holding true to his values of freedom and pursuing happiness. He has a lovely sense of humor and is perpetually optimistic, though this can become a burden when he underestimates. His carefree personality hides relative intelligence and good wisdom.

* Appearance: Ian stands at about five and a half feet tall, and is rather scrawny for a boy of his age. His hair is scruffy and colored a dirty blonde. He is blinded in one eye, which has turned a deep grey, but his other is a piercing blue. His face is perpetually pecked with stubble.

* Powers: Ian is a very adept and fluid shapeshifter, into the forms of animals. He doesn't prefer his human form over that of birds and small mammals. His senses are carried over between forms, granting him superhuman hearing, sight and smell, depending.

Sibling(s): Ian is an only child.

Friends: [OPEN]


* Student Name: Terran Magnum

* Student Age: Seventeen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Third year.

* Personality: Terran is entirely unnapproachable, with very little respect for life and property. He rarely speaks to others and expresses himself through body language. He is reportedly a very hard worker, with no care for recreational pursuits. Very little is actually known about his personality or his past.

* Appearance: Terran stands at six feet exactly, and is a honed and built wall of muscle. His thick and dark blonde hair is a little long, tied back into a tail with slim red ribbon. His eyes are a piercing pale brown. His skin is entirely without blemish.

* Powers: Telepathy, used for the necessary communications. Psychic abilities. Usually reserved for combat purposes (the focusing of psychic energy into tangible objects and tooks).

Sibling(s): Terran is an only child.

Other: Distant cousin of Ian Pidget and even furtherly distant relations to Diane Cassimir.

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Student Name: Alexandria(likes to be called Alex)

Student Age: 17

Year: Second year

Personality: Very fun and out going. She is kind to everyone around her and cares for others. If you mess with her brother, she will snap. You really don't want that to happen.


Powers: She has metal parts inside her that she can extract at any time. She can have wings that can cut(like, made out of knives and clock parts) or she can have long claws to attack others.

History: She grew up just like her brother until she got mad one day at school in elementary school and accidentally killed one of her classmates. She was taken away and her and her brother just recently saw each other again.

Sibling(s): David

Other: She needs to keep maintenance on her metal parts or they may fall apart.

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Liz. | 8 comments * Student Name: Eclipse Ross

* Student Age: 16

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Second Year

* Personality: Eclipse is usually a happy person, and she's very friendly. She tends to be confident, and
carefree, although she can be blunt and forgetful. Eclipse can be quite mischievous, and tends to drag
her friends into trouble. She's apologetic and trusts easily, although she doesn't forgive as easily and she has a bit of a short temper. She's protective, loving and respectful when she wants to be.

* Appearance: Eclipse is petite, standing at 5'1 and very skinny. Her eyes are either cold blue or a stormy grey, depending on her mood. She has long, mousy brown hair with white streaks in it due to an incident which she refuses to talk about. She has freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, and prominent dimples when she smiles.

* Power: Eclipse has the power to see auras, and read the future.

History: Eclipse's family was the picture perfect families you see in commercials near Christmas. At least in public. Her mother despises her, going out of her way to make her feel bad about herself, and her father died when she was 12. She doesn't let it get to her, although when she talks about it, she blames herself for it. Her sister Jenna insults her every morning, and frequently gets violent with her. The only person she knows really cares about her is her brother Xavier.

Sibling(s): Xavier Ross, Jenna Marshall.

Other: Eclipse is great at ukulele, and takes her anger out on her drums. She's rarely seen without her skateboard and drumsticks. She is fluent in French, Italian, and German.

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Liz. | 8 comments Student Name: Xavier Ross

Student Age: 18

Year: Fourth year

Personality: Xavier is a bit of a know-it-all, and likes to be correct with everything. He tends to be snobby and rude, ignoring anyone he thinks is unintelligent. He's rude to the people he cares about, which has caused him to lose a lot of people.

Personality: Xavier is tall and slim, at 6'5". He has shaggy black hair with specks of white. He wears black frames, and although he has smile lines, he rarely smiles. He has pale skin, peppered with freckles like hia younger sister. He has mahogany brown eyes.

Power: Xavier has the ability to speak to animals.

History: Xavier's life was relatively the same as his younger sister's although he is his mother's pride and joy- unwillingly. He's spent his life protecting his younger sister, and whenever she's around he's smiling.

Sibling(s): Eclipse Ross, Jenna Marshall

Other: Xavier knows piano, guitar and violin, and is never seen without a book. He's an okay singer, but chooses to only sing to his sister. He's fluent in Irish Gaelic, French, Italian, and Korean.

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Cheyenne Student Name: Aquamarine Rose

Student Age: 17

Year: Third

Personality: Aquamarine is nice happy person. She loves meeting new people.

Appearance: Aquamarine has blond hair. Her eyes are blue. She slender and has a sun kissed tan. She is 5"6.

Power: Aquamarines main power is water manipulation she can do other things like telekinesis, fire manipulation, visions of the future.

History: She was always marked as a trouble child. Her parents never believed her. So they gave her up and she eventually end up here as a last resort.

Siblings: No

Other: She is really smart. She loves singing and kick bad guys butt.

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Altoliva | 42 comments Mod
* Student Name: Martin L. Umbra

* Student Age: Sixteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Second.

* Personality: Martin is a genuinely sweet person, but a past of being constantly overworked and having important secrets held from him have rendered him very cynical and painfully shy and almost innocent as his life is quite unfulfilled despite his family's high wealth. He values order, composition and a strong sense of honor.

* Appearance: Martin is standing at about 5'9. His body is thin but fit, and his skin is a nice tan. His hair is thick, dark and curly, and is rather short in length. His face is cleared of all stubble and blemishes. His eyes are a rich chocolate.

* Powers: Martin can plunge his body into stasis that will preserve him indefinitely. He is also highly resistant to physical damage and injuries. His needs as a human being, eating, drinking, sleeping, are minimal.


* Student Name: Ellis L. Kepler

* Student Age: 16

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) First.

* Personality: Ellis is very reckless and more interested in amusing himself than making something of his life and his relationships with others. He's a very charming, but also very smug person. He enjoys laughing and being lazy, both of which he does often.

* Powers: Ellis can store electric power in his body, and is learning to expel it in the form of lightning bolts.


* Student Name: Petra I. Nix

* Student Age: Sixteen.

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) Second year.

* Personality: Petra is a strongly sensitive individual, but masks it with physical aggression and a stern, but entirely false personality. She prefers her own company, because she has poor trust in strangers.

* Appearance: Petra is average height for a girl, her hair is short and straight, a dark brown that appears more black than anything. Her eyes are just as brown, and tend to be soft and sleepless. She is covered in muscles from rigorous exercising.

* Powers: Petra can assume the physical appearance of any other human being of any gender or size.


* Student Name: Leiselle A. Scott

* Student Age: 15

* Year: (First Year, Second Year etc.) First year.

* Personality: Leiselle is a kind and generous person with a purely good heart. She is avidly selfless when the matter at hand is of personal significance.

* Appearance: Leiselle is a redhead but with fewer freckles than one would expect. She is of average height and only lightly slim

* Powers: Leiselle can control the growth of existing plant life, and speak with animals.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* * Student Name: Rejia

* Student Age: 16

* Year: first

* Personality: hot-headed and likes to get her way. She prefers to work alone and when she does have friends she tends to take advantage of them. She does what she wants and hates school.

* Appearance: anime woman photo: anime woman animewomandarknessmystery.jpg

* Powers: dragon tamer

History: her parents beat her regularly when she was but a child. men came and took her away and placed her in a new home, and they recognizing her powers sent her to school.

Sibling(s): younger brother (Crow), younger sister (Raven), older brother (Oz)

Other: She owns one young dragon:

• Mirth - M - young dragon photo: young SaraJane level_41.jpg

Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) | 23 comments Kanda *it's me Yoite* *soul of a dragon, heart of a chief* wrote: "* Student Name: Rejia

* Student Age: 16

* Year: first

* Personality: hot-headed and likes to get her way. She prefers to work alone and when she does have friends she tends to take advantage of ..."

YAAAY, now you can play with meee! //le glompe

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* XD *huggles*

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Name: Hannah Frost
Age: 1653937 looks 15-17
Gender: Female

Year: First

Personality: Hannah is and quiet, but friendly. she extremely sick of people who try to act who they aren't for some guy or friends. She sick of the fake smiles, the fake love, fake everything. she wants people to act for who they are let it be the nicest person alive or the meanest. Hannah is kind and caring and will point out the obviouse. she not afraid to say no or give a real opinion. Hannah is also street smart and likes for everyone to be happy.


Powers: She can create ice and snow at will. Fly up to speeds 140 mph. Feel other people's feelings.

History: Hannah only remembers waking up in a forest where humans found her, they were scientist and took her. They tested on her, toured her and did... many things to her. Not until after 32 years of living like that when they were found out and Hannah was brought was freed. She remembered a face of the Canadian solider who saved her. He had purple eyes and blond hair with a awkward curl. After 20 years of getting street smart she was adored by a normal family who adopted her. She lived with them protection them, she got dragons by mistake when she found them in the forest abandon.

Family: (all adopted)

Pet: to young dragons name Sky (White) and Flame(Red):

When they are older:


Other: Nope :P

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