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message 1: by Olivia (new)

Olivia McCloskey (brewingupbooks) | 2470 comments Mod
Working toward a certain goal, but find yourself in need of some encouragement? Post it here, or simply support others to help them reach their goals.

message 2: by Madeline (new)

Madeline (madddyyy3) | 1 comments Writing A Book Is One Of My Goals.

message 3: by Mpiggy (new)

Mpiggy Same here, Madeline! Have you got an idea for a novel yet? Because if you do, I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I've got an awesome idea I want to write, but I can't seem to start it. It doesn't help that I have no time, although I read a quote once that said, "If you don't write when you don't have time, you won't write when you do." I really kind of think that's true and really applying to me right now.
This is my personal ideas about writing a novel. I think it seems taunting, writing such a big story, especially if you're only used to writing short stories. I think thinking about how many chapters there is makes it harder as well. But I think, if you think of each chapter as one short story, it makes it easier.

message 4: by Janessa (new)

Janessa | 517 comments Mod
I too am start to write mainly short stories and poetry right now. Then I plan on move towards a book and a full length play. One idea that may help you guys is to read some books on creative writing or how to motivate yourselves to practice writing. Or you could try a class in creative writing. And all ways keep a notepad with you, you never know when a lightbulb may go off:)

message 5: by Mpiggy (new)

Mpiggy Yeah! I have two writing books. I haven't really looked at them yet, but I will when I get the time! And I always have a pen with me, and most of the times a notebook as well. If not, I'll just use a napkin :P

message 6: by Kennedy (new)

Kennedy | 236 comments I'm kind of writing a book right now, i got off to a really good start but now i haven't written anything in about two weeks I guess i just got stuck but i'm going to start again soon i hope. I feel like it's terrible though. I'm planning on posting some of it on Goodreads when i get a chance and maybe get some feedback.

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