Matilda Matilda question

Matilda the Musical or Matilda the Book?
Janet Bowhay Janet Nov 23, 2013 08:33AM
What is better? Book or musical? Decide!!


Matilda the musical is amazing

I did not see the musical but I did see the movie and read the book. I have to say the book was just a little better than the movie. Although I think that's because they did a good job with the movie. Bye!

I think the book is just a teeensy bit better than the musical

I can't say, because I've read the book but not seen the musical, but judging from the responses, I definitely want to see it.

I have not seen the musical and from some of the answers herein, I'm guessing it's sensational. But the one thing no musical, seen or unseen, can par itself with is Roald Dahl's writing style - it singularly adds flavour to the story of Matilda itself, so I'll go with the book. :)

Am for the book :) Guess nothing can replace the creativity of Dahl's style of writing :)

I love the book and the movie but the musical looks awful. I saw a piece of the musical during the Thanksgiving Day Parade and to me, it felt like the spirit of Matilda wasn't there. It bothers me how every childhood classic is being made into a musical.

I agree with Ella the book does look better the the play. But the movie seemed good

Wait... there's a Musical?

Ruth Santiago yeah I think it is going to be in Europe or NYC
Dec 30, 2013 05:59PM · flag

i don't really have a good opinion because i haven't seen the musical but i have seen adverts and to be honest the book looks a bit better

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