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Ananya (ananyashenoy) | 1360 comments The bridge above the Thames.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Harley put her bag down on the ground, leaning over the railing. She looked over the city of London with a smile. The city night lights were exquisite and she couldn't help but admire it's beauty. I wish you'd came with me Suri. Harley thought to herself.

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Caden blevins -Darkheart walks up leaning into the railing just a few feet from Harley hood over his head staring at the water as he stays quiet thinking to himself the wind blowing watching the water movements flow-

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Harley looked at the sudden figure, not that far from her, out of the corner of her eye. She got a sudden unnerving feeling in her gut, but she fought it down. Im sorry mother. She continued thinking to herself, I wish you were here to see this. I'm sorry.. I couldn't save you.. her eyes watered up before she quickly blinked the hot tears away.

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Caden blevins Darkheart slightly turned his head looking over at Harley watching her.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Harley clenched her jaw, slowly moving to grab her bag, she through it over her shoulder before turning to walk further down the bridge. He hasn't been following me has he? I don't remember seeing him in New York. Maybe I'm being paranoid. She reached into her pocket, pulling out a map. The night sky was growing to dark to fast. Squinting hard, she fought to see the map enough to figure out where she was going.

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Caden blevins Darkheart closes his eyes for a few seconds then opening them he decides to walk slowly looking down so that no one can see his face hood covering his head in his street clothes he follows Harley to see where she is trying to go.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Looking up, she read the road sign, feeling frustrated more than anything. She went to take a step forward but froze when she realized someone was following her. She slid her hands into her pockets, right hand wrapping around a small knife. Adrenalin began to kick in as different thoughts swirled in her head. It better not be another leach. As soon as she stepped off the bridge Harley slipped around the corner into the darkness.

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Caden blevins Darkheart puts his hands into his jacket pockets as he walks up to the corner slowly walking around it

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) With quick speed Harley pulled the man into the shadows, pressing him up against the wall. Her knife pressing into the soft skin of his throat. "Make any sudden movements and I'll end you," she spoke into his ear. "Why are you following me?"

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Caden blevins Darkheart slowly gazed at Harley. quietly speaking "i noticed you were having trouble with your map"

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) She dug her elbow into his side, pressing the knife in a little more. "Please, spare me the bullshit. You were staring at me long before I pulled out the map. Now," Harley twisted the knife a little, "why are you following me?"

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Caden blevins Darkhearts eyes close as he talks quietly but soft spoken. "okay." eyes opening looking Harley in her eyes. "you looked like someone i can you take your knife off of my neck"

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Studying the mans face, a few moments passes in silence and no sign of her moving away, finally she pulled the knife away from him.

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Caden blevins Darkheart walks away into the crowd disappearing

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Harley watched him walk away, a chill running down her back. Something didn't sit right with her. Maybe I should follow him.. she started to wonder before changing her mind. Turning in the opposite direction, she started towards the direction of town.

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Caden blevins Darkhearts eyes open as he lets a gasp out and sits up from another nightmare about his brothers. he breaths heavy as he turns sitting on the side of his bed with his head down. he then shakes his head standing up and gets dressed..only not in his street clothes he puts on his armor his pants and boots. finally he stands in front of the mirror looks at himself as he slowly puts the mask over his mouth. he blinks a few times. on the last blink his reflection turns to subzero bloody and half dead standing there. smoke looks at him and yells " YOUR NOT REAL. GO AWAY YOUR DEAD. I'M TRYING MY BEST " he punches the mirror shattering it into pieces. he turns and walks up to the door stops right before he opens it he mumbled "I'll find him" and then he walks out the door.

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Luka was bored of watching the humans for once. She made her way over to the bridge and looked out over the water. She puffed out her cheeks. It was such a beautiful night.

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Luka got up and started walking away. She was thinking again. She really shouldn't think while out. Because she never heard them. And by the time she did, it was too late.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Harley walked across the street moving towards the bridge. Why did I come here? I should have stayed in New York. Forced Suri to come with me. To find a cure. She thought to herself.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Walking across the bridge; she stopped short, dropping her bag, and sat on the cool cement ground. Pressing her back against the railing, Harley pulled out the old warn-down photo of her and her family.

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Luka had rushed to change into a formal knee length white dress. It had a flattering square neckline and pretty flowing straps that were wide. She was wearing short heeled white heels with a black leather jacket. She stood by the railing of the bridge watching the water. She wasn't wearing any make-up and her hair was loose but she had put in beautiful mother of pearl pins.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James walked through town, hands shoved in his pockets. He whistled softly, keeping his head down. A lot of different things were on his mind all at once. He slowed to stop half way over the bridge, looking up at Luka. "Hey."

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Luka turned and smiled. "Hey, took you long enough. Shall we go?" she asked with a head jerk towards the other side of the bridge.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Where are we going?" James asked looking to the other side of the bridge. He hasn't been to the other side, and wasn't so sure it would be a good idea to start crossing now.

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Luka smiled brightly. "If I told you then that would ruin the surprise." She could see the hesitation on his face. She gave a smaller smile and said softly, "Come if you want to know. Don't and just forget it." Luka turned and started walking over the bridge.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) He watched her walk away. Feeling the edge to turn back and go home, he pushed himself forward. Moving across the bridge, he slowly caught up with her. Looking back from time to time at the bridge. "You better not be planning anything funny. I don't care what you say, I did save your life."

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Luka looked at him and smiled. "Oh yes. I am planning something very evil. You will regret following me yet. I will make you wish you were never born!" as Luka said this her voice took on a funny tone meant to sound evil. Instead she just sounded funny. She laughed and reached out with her hand, lacing it with James's hand.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James suddenly felt his heart flutter against his chest releasing butterflies into his stomach. What the heck? He thought to himself, looking down at their conjoined hands. "Oh I know you are. I could hear it in your voice when we talked on the phone," he smiled at her.

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Luka laughed. She led him over the bridge. They walked a few blocks into a middle class London. Eventually she stopped and turned. She said brightly, "Well here we are!" she looked at James and said creepily, "You're doom awaits!". In front of them was a old building beautifully decorated and brightly lit. It was a Italian restaurant called Magnifico's.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) He studied the building, taking in the little details all together created something beautiful. "I thought you were going to tell me your name. Not take me out for tea time." The corner of his lips curling up into half smile.

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Luka snorted. "Tea time my ass. Come on." Luka tugged on James's hand and headed inside. It was even more beautiful on the inside. Soft lighting with a live band playing ethnic Italian music. Of course Luka never understood a word of it but she understood the beauty of it. The tables were covered in white fabric and each held a bright but small bouqet of flowers. Each table had two long candles that were lit. The plates were a plain white but the food on them was anything but. There was a smell in the air that spoke of Italy and promise ofine cousine for the evening. It was smaller inside but it was a quant cosy small and very romantic. Luka had worried about that, but she took James there for the stmosphere and the food, not exactly because of the romantic mood. Besides, she didn't decorate the place. The Italian owner did. Italians hey. She moved through the crowd and took him to a private table at the back were it wasn't that crowded. She let go of his hand and took a seat, motioning for him to do the same.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James slid into the seat opposite her gracefully. "It's very.. cozy.. in here," he cocked another smile. "So are you going to tell me what we're doing here?"

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Luka smiled then laughed. "For a hunter you sure are behind. I thought it was obvious. Dinner, one me. You can order anything you like and as much of it. Eat until your stomach is about to burst." Just then a waiter came by and handed the two a beautiful set of black velvet menu's. The waiter before he left bowed at Luka and said regally, "Miss Junior, it's a pleasure to have your presence this evening." He then smiled and took off. Luka picked up a menu and started studying it.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Huh, never would have thought her last name would be Junior. James looked at her from behind the menu. Studying it, while taking time to study her. "I seem to have been off my game the past week now. That could stem from the lack of sleep." He finally set the menu down and leaned back in his chair. Hands folded behind his head, his eyes wondering over her as she studied the menu.

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Luka snorted. "You seemed on your game when holding a knife to my throat." She looked at the menu a bit more and put it down. She looked at James, "So are you ready to order or are you just going to keep staring at me all night?" Luka smirked. Silly human, I notice everything.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "I'm ready when you are Miss Junior," he looked towards the front of the room. Wondering how they were going to get someones attention from way back here.

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Luka only smiled. A mischevious look in her eyes. She snapped her fingers and a waiter appeared out of no where. She looked at him and said, "Alfred I believe my guest for the evening is ready to order. I shall not be having my usual tonight. And please tell Alphonse that I'm here." The waiter returned her smile and said, "The master already does madame. And of course I shall notify cook not to bother." He turned to James and said, "What shall it be this evening sir?".

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "I'm in the mood for a good old American cheeseburger." He lifted up his menu handing it to the man. His face blank, holding no emotion, not even from the sudden appearance of the waiter. James looked back towards Luka.

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The waiter blanched and Luka laughed. The waiter got his composure back and said, "Very good sir." He ttok both their menu's away. Before he left he looked at Luka and raised a eyebrow. Luka just winked at the man and he gave a slight nod before heading towards the kitchen. Luka turned to James and said with a smile and a laugh, "You horrible man! You're going to give cook a heart attack! Not to mention you just hurt Alfred's finer feelings most decidedly."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "How am I going to give the cook a heart attack?" He laughed, "Maybe your going to give the poor guy a heart attack bring a shadow hunter into your home."

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Luka laughed. "This is an Italian restarant you silly! And you just ordered a cheese burger! And who says this is my home?" she looked at him mischeviously.

message 44: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "I believe that you can order anything. Despite the restaurant theme," he said with a cocky tone. "And I'm just taking a stab in the dark considering the conversation you just had with that waiter," he shrugged.

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Luka smiled. "You can order anything but it's a silent rule to order Italian dishes. And as to that..... well I know the owner and I'm a silent partner slash investor in this little place." And you could have just asked you know."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "If that were true you would have told me your name when I asked. However, you don't seem to go by those rules since you dragged me out here." He give her a smile, leaning forward in his seat.

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Luka sighed. She smiled and said shyly, "My name is Luka Kai Lebeth. Now fess up, who are you?".

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Luka Kai Lebeth," James said slowly, trying out the name on his tongue. "Well Miss Lebeth.. I'm James Warren."

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Luka nodded. "James huh?" just then the food arrived. But the person who brought it was not the waiter. He set the food down in front of James and then went over to Luka, "My darling Junior!" he held out his arms. Luka smiled and got up hugging the giant of a man who was broad and muscled, standing at 6'5. The giant wrapped his arms around her and lifted her easily into the air and spun her around. Setting her down he kissed both of her cheeks. Luka only smiled and sat back down. "Alphonse, this is my friend and guest for the evening, James Warren. James, this is the owner and my partner and friend Alphonse, just Alphonse." Alphonse looked from Luka to James and said in a billowing voice, "My little cream puff what has possessed you to bring a Shadow Hunter to my little abode?" he looked at James and gave a fanged smile.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James stood to great the man on the same level, holding out his hand. "I was just wondering the same thing Alphonse." He would have added on that it was a pleasure, but James wasn't one to lie unnecessarily.

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