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Three Desperate Days
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA, read in the 80's, Action/Drama, Teen and Grandmother driving home for the holidays, car-jacked. [s]

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Valerie (veegood) | 199 comments For some reason I'm having nostalgic flashbacks to books I read (and re-read) in my teens. This one flashed into my head the other day.

A teen girl, who has just got her licence, is driving home (from college? from a relative's house?) with her grandmother in the car. I can't quite remember how it came about that only the two of them were in the car - there may have been something about the parents/older brother having to fly back earlier than planned due to a family emergency?
Anyway, it was a trip through a couple of states, and somewhere along the way they are car-jacked. The car-jackers are criminals? on the run? and need to get to another state.

I believe it was a female author, I think there may have been a drawing on the cover of the girl's face, seen through the windscreen of the car, with an expression of fear on her face.

I'm sure I read this book more than once, and the title is right there, but I just can't retrieve it .... Can someone help?

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bookel | 2322 comments http://www.librarything.com/work/9999...

Three desperate days by Hope Dahle Jordan. See link for cover and summary.

Valerie (veegood) | 199 comments Yep, that's it! I knew as soon as I saw the title. I kept thinking it had something like 'fear' or 'terror' in the title. Well done, thank you.
Three Desperate Days

Valerie (veegood) | 199 comments I've added the book to the bookshelves, am I supposed to link it to this thread somehow?

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